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Friday 30 October 2015

Juicing for Health Book Launch By Sara Ding ~ MPH Masterclass Kitchens Series @MPH BookStores Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur

Juicing For Health
 MPH Masterclass Kitchens Series
Book Launch
17 Oct 2015

Juicing For Health Book Launch

To mark the launch of this book, MPH and Kuvings Sdn Bhd hosted the Juicing for Health Party on 17 October 2015. Guests can learn how juicing transformed the author’s health and discover insight into natural healing potential of fruits and vegetables.

 Good Talk & Great Work By Famous Juicing Evangelist ~ Sara Ding

I was truly inspired by the talk given by Miss Sara Ding, a juicing evangelist as she led us on her juicing journey and her discovery of a brand new healthy world on the benefits of juicing for health. She shared with us her story of of poor health many years ago that lead her to self-healing to improve her health by making juicing a lifestyle.

My blogger hubby, Uncle Hong who came along for this book launch was won over by the many amazing benefits of the juicing. There was a live juicing demonstration session with Kuvings, a well-known whole slow juicer brand from Korea. And ever since he returned from the launch, he has been hunting for the suitable juicer for our family, seriously considering juicing as an option for the whole family to maintain good health.

Research has proven that drinking freshly-extracted juices is an effective way for our bodies to absorb nutrients. And for those who are not into fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way to include them into your diets.

Sharing Her Juicing Experiences With Her Fans

For many years, Sara Ding had been in poor health. Looking at the multitude of pills and medication she was taking, she wondered if there was a better way to get healthy. Thus began her juicing journey.

Juicing for Health, part of the MPH Masterclass Kitchens series, contains recipes for a selection of juices for some common ailments: anaemia, the flu, diabetes, gout and high blood pressure, as well as those that boost bone health and improve skin complexion.

“Our bodies are designed with a built-in intelligence that knows how to self repair, self-heal, self-build and self-regenerate,” Ding, the certified Health Coach and Nutritional Consultant, writes. “Our duty then, is to feed our bodies with the right nutrients for it to do its job well.”




Ding introduces us to the types of juicing machines available out there and explains why some are better than others. She also sheds light on the curative properties of some fruits and vegetables, and outlines the protocols of proper and safe juicing.

Full Of Nutrients - Spinach, Lemon & Green Apples Juice

“The beauty of these juice recipes is that they are also designed to taste delicious, so that you can drink them for preventive health maintenance, even if you don’t have the ailments for which they were created to alleviate,” says Ding. “I hope this book will convince you to make juicing a lifestyle.”

Sweet-tasting Beetroot, Green Apples & Lemon Juice

Ding also stressed that, while drinking fresh juices is absolutely beneficial to our bodies, she does not advocate that one should just drink only juice and not eat whole fruits and vegetables. Drinking juices is encouraged because it provides almost immediate absorption of high quality nutrients for the body. When it comes to fiber needs, it is important that one should also consume whole fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Vegetables & Fruits For Juicing

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Brand At The Launch

At the book launch, we were also treated to some beetroot, lemon, green apples and spinach juices courtesy of  Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, the world's first wide mouth slow juicer. We were both quite fascinated with the functionality of the amazing juicer with a wide feed chute that allowed whole apples to be fed in which  minimize nutrient loss (less cutting and air exposure).

  Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
  World's First Wide Mouth Slow Juicer In Action

On top of that, this patented Kuving's low-speed system extracts more juice while preserving the natural taste of the fruit or vegetable. I like the quiet operation of the juicer, almost zero-noise and vibration unlike my high speed centrifugal juicer I had at home.

Memorable Photo With Warm & Friendly Sara Ding

We both received a personal signed copy of  Sara Ding's "Juicing for Health" books and just can't wait to embarked on our own juicing journey. Her book is great with easy to follow straight-forward recipes and even includes specific juices for healing of certain ailments.

Besides that, what I like most about her book is that the ingredients are all easy to find and purchase from our local market. Simple day-to-day types of fruits and vegetables like green apples, pineapples, watermelon, lemon, ginger root, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, celery, spinach, lemongrass, bittergourd and many more. 

I would recommended Sara Ding's book for juicing beginners like myself. You see, I am more of a "Prevention-Is-Better-Than-Cure" person; advocating healthy eating to look good and feel good. I always make sure my family consume a balanced and varied diet through my home-cooked meals. Well, with the book now I would want to introduce my children to the benefits of raw fruits and vegetables in form of juices, get them going fit and healthy as always.
Happy Me While Sara Ding Signs My Personal Copy 

Get your personal copy at all MPH stores nationwide. Juicing for Health, part of the MPH Masterclass Kitchens Series, is available at all major bookstores nationwide such as MPH for RM 39.90. You can also purchase it online through mphonline.com

Sara Ding is a certified Health Coach and Nutritional Consultant. She is the author and owner of a very successful and comprehensive website on juicing. Visit her at: Juicing-For-Health.com

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