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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ri Yakitori Bar Kozara Ryori Lunch Set Promotion @ St Giles The Gardens – Grand Hotel & Residences

Ri Yakitori Bar
Set Lunch Promotion 

Here I am again, back for a second review at Ri Yakitori Bar at St Giles The Gardens Hotel. With their new Japanese chef on board, I was delighted to try out his creative and authentic Japanese cuisines which he had crafted for this Kozara Ryori Lunch Set promotion. Armed with his 35 years of culinary training, skills and knowledge of Japanese cuisines, he shall takes diners on an adventure of taste right here!

Ri Yakitori Special Menu

The Kozara Ryori set consist of 7 dishes including a rice set and dessert set. The set made up of Sakura Ebi Dashimaki, Shashimi Salada, Chawanmushi, Braised Radish with Saba Fish, Chicken Sautéed, Rice Set and Dessert Set.  

Let Auntie Lilly takes you on a amazing gastronomical adventure consisting of 7 courses of classic Japanese dishes from here....
Sakura Ebi Dashimaki

Japanese appetisers are a selection of artistic and beautifully prepared, bite-sized appetisers to start the meal. Beautifully served on a glass plate with classic Tamago egg, chicken rolled with Chinese cabbage, and tomato mozzarella skewer.

Tamago egg is a classic Japanese folded omelet sometimes called tamagoyaki. I always enjoyed eating these tamagoyaki for its soft and light texture. The chicken roll was tasty and they paired up wonderfully with each other. 

On the other hand, I cannot say the same for the tomato mozzarella skewer. The mozzarella cheese has a distinct and full of milky flavour and you need to have an acquire taste to really like it. Well, in my case I ditched this fresh buffalo cheese and ate the cherry tomato instead.  

Shashimi Salada 

An ocean fresh mixed platter of fresh greens topped with ebiko and served with 2 selections of fresh air-flown fish of the day with either maguro (tuna), salmon and tako (octopus).   


Chef's selection for Steamed Dish (Mushimono) is the special Chawanmushi (egg custard) with fresh mushroom and crabstick. I will always enjoyed savouring Japanese steamed savoury egg custard for its silky smooth texture and taste.

Braised Radish with Saba Fish

Crispy well-fried boneless Saba fish resting on top of braised radish over a clear and mildly sweet flavoured dashi soup.

Chicken Sautéed 

A combination of chicken wings, thigh and breast for the Sauteed Chicken dish served with broccoli and cauliflower. 

The skinless breast was steamed while the chicken wings and thigh were lightly seasoned with salt and pepper before being pan-fried. All three parts were grilled lightly for the flavour right before serving. Chef explained that the breast had little fat content and is better steam than pan-fried to avoid the meat getting dry and tough.

Dipping Sauces For Sauteed Chicken

The accompanied sauces consists of sweet, sour and saltish taste. These are housemade sauces of Shibazuke (sweet), Yakiniku (sour) and sesame salt (saltish).    

Rice Set with Soup

Rice set comes with starchy Japanese rice served with edamame ghohan, a bowl of warm osumashi soup, and some pickles.

Dessert Set

For the final act, we were presented with Dessert Set made out of a sticky matcha mochi, moist chocolate mousse, and sourish fruit compote of strawberry, kiwi and orange juice. Truly a good end to our 7 course lunch meal with its bland, sweetness and sourish in this joint of 3 different flavours. 

Sticky Matcha Mochi with Honey

Moist Chocolate Mousse

Thumbs Up For Executive Chef Takashi Kimura

All-in-all, I had a great tasting of Kozara Ryori Lunch menu, with praises and thanks to Executive Chef Takashi Kimura who is leading the brigade's of chefs at Ri Yakitori Bar. An impressive showcase of Japanese cuisine, priced at a special introductory price of RM 78 nett per set for limited time. This promotional set lunch is available on every Friday from 12noon - 2pm, from 16 Oct 2015 onwards.

I have to say that this is one of the best dining deal you can find at any Japanese Fine Dining. Besides that, patrons will be able to enjoy free corkage for wine and liquor brought in during this promotion. 

Other than monthly special promotions, Ri-Yakitori Bar also offers Ladies Day on every Wednesday. Ladies will get complimentary dessert when dining at Ri-Yakitori Bar and lucky diners will also get a chance to win a mystery gift. 

Opens from Monday – Saturday at 5.00 pm till 1.00 am and closed on Sundays. The menu is available for orders up to 11.00 pm daily. 

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To make a reservation or for further inquiries, please call Ri-Yakitori Bar at 03 2268 1188 (ext. 6323) or log-on to: www.StGiles.com

Ri-Yakitori Bar
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Tel : 03-2268 1188 ext 6323

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