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Saturday, 3 October 2015

SHOGUN2U Affordable Chef Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door For Lunch & Dinner

"Great Food, Xpress Delivery"
Right At Your Door Steps 

SHOGUN2U is a new on-line food platform for ordering tasty and affordable meals prepared by top chefs. SHOGUN2U makes it easier for people with busy work schedules, adventurous palates with household budgets by oredering meals online.

Spread Of Good-Tasting Menu To Order From

With the convenience of SHOGUN2U pre-booked meals now, you can order and indulge in delectable chef-prepared meals at the comfort of your home or office with affordable prices. It is in fact the best of two worlds where one can have high quality dishes with fresh ingredients enjoyed at households budgets.

Imagine yourself of sometimes having to finish off late and stay back at office or got home late with no time to prepare your meal. Feeling hungry and tired, with no more drive or energy to cook for yourself or family.  Fret not, SHOGUN2U is here to provide tasty food, affordable and convenient at the same time, bringing to your doorsteps chef-prepared meals.

 Mains Offerings with Rice Selection

Tired working mom, busy corporate people, hardworking students or anyone else can choose to eat healthily from SHOGUN2U  as there are a wide selection of delicious and affordable menu to choose from, delivered to your home or office.

Besides that, SHOGUN2U offers a range of weekly menu that saves the hassle of deciding what to eat every day. There is even a PRE-BOOKED MEALS arrangement where customers can schedule and book their meals in advance from the ever-changing range of dishes.

Dato Sri Michael Chong (2)
SHOGUN2U Team of Awards Winning Chefs  

The dishes are all specially prepared by Shogun Saisaki's head chefs and their culinary team using only high-quality, fresh ingredients and menus delivered directly to your doorstep with only a click of a button.

Baked Salmon Salad created by The Naked Lunchbox
RM 21.90

Jack & Rose Salad created by The Naked Lunchbox
RM 15.90

SHOGUN2U are proud of their menu that ranges from a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Nyutori, Beverages and not forgetting some sweet treats of Desserts for everyone to enjoy. They also boasted of their brand new addition to the menu - wholesome and nutritious Nyutori meals.

Appetising Nasi Lemak Combo with Dessert, Sides & Drinks

Price ranges from as low as RM 1.80 up to RM 99.80 that comes in a combo set suited for the whole family. Small eater can also opt for their mains while those looking for the healthier menu can choose from the Nyutori's Baked Salmon Salad or Jack & Rose Salad created by The Naked Lunchbox. 

RM 9.90

RM 16.90

RM 28.90

For those with a bigger appetite should order the Meals Sets that comes with main, dessert and a drink. All these meal sets are priced from RM 24.80 to RM 33.90 and with the main affordable priced from RM 9.90 to RM 28.90 for their delicious Spicy Red Curry Mutton rice. There  are desserts, sides and beverages to complete your dining experience with SHOGUN2U.

RM 7.80

RM 11.80

Watch out for their offers and discounts with promotions codes that are always up for grab for customers to enjoy attractive discounts. Currently, SHOGUN2U is having a 40% discount off total bill with Promo Code YES40 Valid till 15 October 2015!

Limited Edition Of Cute Panda Bear Sushi Set

To celebrate SHOGUN2U RM1 Million Sales in three months, they will be releasing a limited edition sushi set. These sets will only be available to the first 500 customers at shogun2u.com  

Website: shogun2u.com
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  1. I just tried out #Shogun2U food delivery service yesterday & found them top-form from the assistance given to me during my on-line ordering process from the Online Chat Help to good-tasting meals my family & I ate.

    Serving portions were generous & good-size, food was still warm and best of all, delivery was super fast & efficient. From the time I confirmed order at 7:15pm, the delivery boy arrived at my doorsteps at 7:50pm, all these just took a mere 35 minutes to process. Thumbs to #SHOGUN2U, keep up the good work!

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