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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SHOGUN2U Food Delivery Dining Experience

Dining Experience

I just tried out ‪#‎Shogun2U‬ food delivery service recently and found them to be top-form from the assistance given to me during my on-line ordering process from the Online Chat Help to delivering to me my delicious, warm and nutritious meals. So today I would like very much to share my dining experience with my readers here as good food and good things are to be shared. :-)

Great Food, Xpress Delivery

Last month, I was invited to SHOGUN2U Launch Party to check out their latest brand new on-line food platform for ordering tasty and affordable meals prepared by their top chefs. I was pretty impressed with the variety of dishes available delicious and affordable menu to choose from, delivered to your home or office. On top of that, I was presented with a token of RM 50 Credit to spend on the delivery meals.

At The SHOGUN2U Launch Party

SHOGUN2U are proud of their menu that ranges from a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Nyutori, Beverages and not forgetting some sweet treats of Desserts for everyone to enjoy. They also boasted of their brand new addition to the menu - wholesome and nutritious Nyutori meals.

Good Food - Warm & Appetising 

Serving portions were generous and of good-size, food was still warm and best of all, delivery was super fast and efficient. From the time I confirmed order at 7:15pm, the delivery boy arrived at my doorsteps at 7:50pm, all these just took a mere 35 minutes to process. Thumbs to #SHOGUN2U, keep up the good work! ‪#‎Shogun2ULaunch‬

 Spread Of Delectable Dishes From SHOGUN2U

My family and I were pretty excited to order some dinner over to fill our grumbling tummy that night as mummy decided not to cook and order meals from SHOGUN2U. With a wide menu which ranges from a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean, Chinese to Nyutori, my kids and I were actually spoilt for choice on what to eat that night.
Well, let's start off with my Top Dish of the Night ~ Auntie Lilly's favourite - Unagi Kabayaki
RM 23.90

Unagi Kabayaki ~ Japanese Barbequed Eel (Unagi) served with gohan (steamed Japanese rice) and vegetables with pickles as garnish. I fell in love with unagi ever since I first tasted it at PLOY food-tasting review. See my review PLOY Review. 

SHOGUN2U version of Unagi Kabayaki was pretty good on its own right. Serving portion was generous, thick and meaty. Well-marinated, not oily nor dry and the house made sauce was very savoury too. Unagi paired perfectly with the Japanese rice and the sides salad with pickles too. Thumbs up for this, now I know where to get tasty yet affordable unagi meal when my cravings starts!

RM 16.90

Chicken slices stir fried in Gochujang (Spicy Red Pepper Paste) and fresh vegetables (white cabbage, onions, carrot & chives) Serve with Japanese steamed rice, pickles and side salad in Korean sesame dressing.

Dak-Galbi (Korean Spicy Chicken)

Here's my daughter choice of meal from SHOGUN2U. Well, being a Korean food lover, it didn't take her long to decide what she would like to try as her 1st dining experience with SHOGUN2U food delivery menu.

She really loves her Korean chicken dish, citing that the sauce was pretty tasty, not too spicy and the chicken portion was HUGE. She had a very satisfying Korean dinner, just gobbling up as much chicken as she can but yet she can't finished it. Real money for value if you like Korean food.

PS: Small eater can share this dish as it is good for two pax. Just order an extra bowl of rice with 1 set of the Dak-Galbi (Korean Spicy Chicken). The chicken dish is good for sharing of 2 persons.  

RM 16.90

Tori Katsu (Chicken) was deep fry chicken fillet coated in bread crumbs comes with mayonnaise and special Katsu sauce as dip. Serve with Japanese steamed rice, pickles and side salad in Wasabi mayo dressing. 

Tori Katsu (Chicken) was my young son's choice after going to and froth the SHOGUN2U, browsing through all the tasty food pictures posted on the website. He is a foodie just like all of us as it runs in my this bloggers family of mine. Although, he is not choosy nor fussy over his choice of meal to eat, he was totally amazed with the large choices available. So, it took him awhile to decide how what he thinks he will enjoy most.      

Well, the verdict from my foodie son was damn good. He enjoyed his dinner thoroughly and was absolutely happy with the crispy and flavoursome chicken fillet. Although it was deep-fried, we found it not oily nor does it have a thick bread coating over the chicken fillet. My kiddo finished up all his salad as he likes the all 3 dipping sauces; Wasabi Mayo dressing. mayonnaise and special Katsu sauce which serves as an excellent dipping sauce for his salad and chunky pieces of chicken fillet too!

RM 16.90

Ever popular, Tori Teriyaki consists of grilled boneless chicken chops marinated in teriyaki sauce, served with Gohan and mix salad in Thousand Island dressing accompanied with yellow radish & cherry tomatoes.

Teriyaki Chicken

This was my foodie hubby's choice. Didn't know why as he is never a fan of teriyaki dishes. He is more of a seafood lovers. Maybe, SHOGUN2U did not have many seafood choices for him to check out except for the unagi and salmon dishes. Anyhow, he likes his choice of meal ordered from SHOGUN2U.

Juicy and tender thigh meat, grilled to perfection with flavourful teriyaki topped with fragrant roasted sesame seeds for the added flavour. He likes the house made teriyaki dipping sauce too and finished it up in no time. Perfect complement to his starchy Gohan (steamed Japanese rice).

RM 7.80

Go nutty with Chocolate Cashews Nut Cake. I choose to have a piece of cake as dessert. Chocolate Cashew Nut cake sounds interesting enough for me to check it out. The downside was the serving size was rather small, I expected a standard size of triangular portion just like how it serves in most bakery or cafe. The cake was dry, doesn't taste like it was freshly baked. You can bite into bits of the cashew nuts in the chocolate cream.  

Here's the delivery order bill that came with the food, with prices and listing so we can check our order again before paying the cute fella aka delivery boy!
ORDER from NOW till 15 OCTOBER 2015!

Great savings here as I utilised the CURRENT PROMOTION with 40% DISCOUNT for ALL ITEMS except the Nyutori meals. My total bill for 4 main dishes, an extra bowl of Japanese rice and a slice of Chocolate Cashew Nut cake came to RM 84.20. After the 40% Discount of RM 33.68, our nett bill was RM 50.52 and with the Credit of RM 50, we need pay only 52 cents that night.

Final Bill 


Thumbs up for 'Great Food, Xpress Delivery' Right At Your Door Steps with Shogun2U. Your excellent company live-up to the slogan with this awesome service and good-tasting meals for us all.

Real value for money, putting all the others fast-food delivery companies (aka the burgers, pizzas, pandas) in shame and losing out to you guys in terms of speed, service, efficiency & most of all, serving healthy and nutritious food, delivered in a jiffy to feed the hungry Malaysian! ‪#‎Shogun2ULaunch‬ 

No wait anymore my readers, do try out  Shogun2u.Com delivery tasty and nutritious meal while the promotion of 40% Discount is still valid from NOW till 15 OCTOBER 2015!

Also read more about the launch of SHOGUN2U right here: SHOGUN2U

Website: shogun2u.com
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