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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

SUKIYA Malaysia ~ Japan's No.1 Gyudon @Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya

A Quick Japanese Treat
Japan's No.1 GYUDON
SUKIYA Malaysia

 Japan's Number 1 Fast Food Chain Store

SUKIYA, the leading Japanese GYUDON restaurant chain by number of locations has opened its door to Malaysian early last year. SUKIYA famous for their delicious beef bowl dishes has 1,980 restaurants in Japan, its home country.

Currently SUKIYA Malaysia has 5 outlets located at Taipan USJ, Uptown Damansara, Kota Damansara, IOI City Mall Putrajaya and Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. With prices as low as RM 8.40 per bowl of GYUDON beef rice, they are aiming to provide authentic Japanese dishes at fast, good and affordable cheap pricing to their Malaysian customers.

SUKIYA Malaysia proud of having Halal certification for their main signature dishes recently, hoping to attract more Muslim diners. SUKIYA Malaysia offers a selection of more than 15 dishes with different options such as Gyudon (Beef Rice), Teriyaki Chicken Rice, Chicken Curry, Teishoku (Set Meal) and the brand new Tokyo Ramen. 

All these dishes are complemented with a variety of toppings such as spicy Ontama (half boiled egg), okra, Negitama (spring onion), cheese together with value set of side dishes like Kara-age, Seaweed salad, Seafood tofu and the healthy bites of Edamame.

 Comfortable, No-Frills ~ Fast Food Dining Concept

Order & Payment Counter 

SUKIYA Malaysia practises self-service dining concept at their 4 outlets, where diners will have to place their order at the cashier, pay and take their food tray to their table. With the exception of Uptown Damansara outlet as it was a smaller in size with waiter in service. Featuring a no-frills, friendly and casual ambiance, now tasty Japanese food shouldn't be hard to come by, made affordable and cheap for easy indulgence for any Japanese food lovers!

GYUDON Beef Rice
RM 6.40 (S), RM 8.40 (M), RM 10.40 (L)

Their best-selling item, SUKIYA's signature Gyudon Beef rice comes served with generous portion of tender and flavourful thinly sliced beef strips cooked with lots of onions. Japanese comfort food, Gyu牛 means beef and don丼 means rice bowl (with something on top), consists of a bowl of short-grained Japanese rice topped with a mildly sweet sauce flavoured beef and onion dish. 

 GYUDON Beef Rice (M)

Premium Australian grain-fed beef was used, prepared and cooked every hour to maintain the freshness of the Gyudon dish. SUKIYA practises strict food quality control to maintain the taste and freshness, so regular batches are made regularly throughout the day in the kitchen. 

I'm not a big fan of beef dishes, but this definitely made it into my favourite list. The flavours, texture of the beef and even the rice used made the dish into a comforting and addictive concoction and for once, I savoured it all. Real value-for-money, you simply cannot find beef rice at this price of RM 8.40 (Medium serving), a reasonable good portion to satisfy your hunger.

TERIYAKI Chicken Rice 
RM 8.40 (M), RM 10.40 (L)

TERIYAKI Chicken Rice is another delectable option to try if you are not into beef. A juicy and well-marinated chicken thigh meat grilled to perfection with flavourful Japanese in house made teriyaki sauce, resting on top of the steaming white Japanese rice and served with chopped spring onions. I was delighted with the slightly salty and sweet flavour, not too sweet but just right for the taste buds.

The medium serving portion was just right for me but of course, big eaters can opt for the large serving to fill their big appetite.

 GYU-Curry (Seasoned Beef)
RM 12.40 (M), RM 14.40 (L)

Diners, who want something spicier, can try the restaurant's GYU-Curry (Seasoned Beef). A great tasting dish of two dishes of beef and chicken served with rice. I was in fact reluctant to try any Japanese curry as I never really enjoyed eating it.

But Sukiya's version of chicken curry begs to differ. I was told that they fine-tuned it to suit Malaysian flavour with a mixed of spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander, clove among others making it into a very delicious Japanese fusion curry Malaysian would loved.

Most who have tried Japanese curry will find it slightly sweet and not too spicy, but the version served at Sukiya Malaysia is attuned to the Malaysian palate. They knows Malaysians love their curry and hope to attract more diners with this special chicken curry. Well-executed dish, now I loves eating Sukiya's curry dishes!  

 Triple Cheese GYUDON
RM 8.40 (S), RM 10.40 (M), RM 12.40 (L)

Sukiya Malaysia also serves up some pretty good cheese rice dishes like the Triple Cheese GYUDON. Cheese-lovers should try out this cheesy dish which comprises a mixed of three types of cheese; cheddar, mozzarella and red cheddar topping the GYUDON Beef Rice.

The flavours were rich and they were generous with the cheese. Topped with the beef strips and cheese, the rice sure hit the right spots. Give it a good stir and mix before savouring all-in-one delicious spoonful of  the beefy and cheesy goodness. 

TOKYO Ramen (with Chicken)
RM 8.40

Besides their signature GYUDON Beef Rice and Teriyaki Chicken Rice dishes, SUKIYA Malaysia introduced TOKYO Ramen dishes in their menu too. The ramen stock is basically a chicken shoyu broth, boiled for many hours with chicken. Sukiya's ramen are freshly made daily with 6 days delivery from their centralised kitchen. Comes served with poached chicken thigh and chopped spring onions.

I like the texture of their ramen but not the taste. It has a mild boric acid (kan sui) taste to it that I dislike most in noodles. As for the broth, it was on the saltier side but that was my personal preference. Well, not everyone can possibly always enjoy the same food as everyone else. And yet our tastes vary so much and so passionately. You may enjoy it all ~ with the ramen and broth, it might goes well with your palate!

GYUDON Seaweed Salad Set
RM 11.90 (S), RM 13.90 (M), RM 15.90 (L)

You can indulge in your mouth watering Japanese fare ala-carte style or order your Value Set for a more complete, filling and satisfying meal. Choose from 4 choices such as the Kara-age Set, Seaweed salad Set, Seafood tofu Set and the healthy bites of Edamame Set. All the Value Sets comes with your choice of drink and a bowl of miso soup. You can quench your thirst choosing from Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Iced lemon tea and Iced Green tea as well.

 Kara-age Set 
RM 6.50

 Seafood Tofu Set
RM 6.50

Edamame Set
RM 5.50

 Seaweed Salad Set
RM 5.50

 Sides ~ Miso Soup

 Sides ~ Vegetables

SUKIYA Simple Menu

SUKIYA Malaysia 
Kota Damansara Outlet  (Relocated with Immediate Effect)
27-1, Jalan PJU 5/15,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Selangor
Tel: 03 - 61433031

But Do Check Out Their Other ~ 3 Outlets at SUKIYA UPTOWN, SUKIYA IOI PUTRAJAYA and SUKIYA MELAKA!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sukiya.My

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