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Monday 14 September 2015


Tasty Ocean Delights
New Seafood Restaurant in Bandar Mahkota Cheras Serves Exceptional Crab Dishes 

If you have cravings for seafood, especially fresh and meaty crabs, then head over to Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Dining at Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant is easy. Simply walk in and order from its extensive seafood menu. Then sit back and wait to be pampered with freshly prepared crabs, prawns, clams, squid and fish dishes that suit your taste and fancy.

Scrumptious Spread of Dishes 

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant is a newly opened establishment, barely a month old. The restaurant adopts a simple with no-frills and comfortable seating at their ground floor while offering diners choices of 4 private rooms dining at the first floor. Besides, they have a function room made available for diners organising a seminar, talks or training prior to dining at the restaurant. Arrangement can be made with advance bookings at no-extra cost at the moment according to the owner.

I was pretty impressed with their well-furnished private rooms setting with some bigger rooms offering a seating capacity of up to 24 paxs per room with 2 dining tables complete with karaoke facilities. Certainly a great place for family and friends to dine, wine and sing their blues away while savouring some super delicious seafood dishes!

Karaoke Time For Me

Even the smaller room with seating of 10 paxs was also provided with a karaoke facilities!

Banquet-Style Dining

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant specialises in crab dishes, with the ingredients and recipes that are uniquely created by its Head Chef Choong. A young passionate chef that always looking for new recipes to whet his diners appetite with his house made sauces. He prepares crabs by selecting the best live ones which when cooked to bring out its true flavours.

I was treated to a whole lot of scrumptious seafood dishes together with some exotic meat dishes. So I shall started with the BEST and Recommended Dishes to try!
 Chef's Special ~ Seafood Pot

My favourite crab dish for that day got to be this Chef's Special ~ Seafood Pot. With a strong aromatic flavour from the crab sauce coming from generous dose of evaporated milk and coconut milk together with  Chef's secret ingredients, it was absolutely heaven. A great seafood dish infused with coconut milk and evaporated milk. Every spoonful was a delightful mix of spicy and creamy,  chock-full of fresh seafood.

This seafood-licious pot of goodness were filled to the brim with crab, fresh prawn, Toman fish fillets, squid, lala and a patty of minced meat with salted fish added for that special flavour. I have to say that this is a one great dish meal with everything thrown in, so tasty and so complete that you may not need another dish to go with your meal when dining here.

Forget about your carbs intake or diet when eating this dish as the gravy really goes well with warm rice, so flavourful with the fresh seafood.

 Spicy Style Crab

Another crab dish that begs to be tasted was the Spicy Style Crab. Cooked to perfection with lots of fiery chillie padi, fresh red chillies and home made spicy sauce, it was one of the spiciest crab dish I ever tried. Chef Choong cooked this dish with one aim; only to serve those who loved the extra hot and spicy crab dish. Remember its really not for the fainted heart to try this dish!  

Butter Crab

Next up was the Butter Crab. Well, I found the coconut milk and evaporated milk based butter sauce on a sweet side which didn't goes too well to my taste bud. Though the fresh live crabs were well-coated with the sauce, I still like my crabs to come with lots of gravy or sauce which was lacking here in this dish.   

 Grill Fresh Prawn

Next up was an excellent prawns cooked dry-style called the Grill Fresh Prawn. I loved the freshness of the chock-full of sweet prawns, each bite bouncy and firm. I think the savoury dark, caramelised black sauce comes from the light soya sauce, oyster sauce, dark soya sauce and maybe a bit of sugar. The freshness was especially prominent. So crustacean lovers, you do not want to miss this dish.

Choy Po Steam Patin Fish 

Choy Po Steam Patin Fish, another great offering from Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant you must not missed out. A wonderful combination of preserved vegetables (choy po), fragrant minced garlic and fish. The Patin fish weighing 1.1kg has a firm, moist texture and served in a savoury soya sauce mix. 

Our steamed Patin fish was very fresh, with its white flesh falling off the bone. The sweetness of the fish was accented by the light soy sauce dressing topped with a generous amount of parsley and chopped spring onions. Thumbs up again for the freshness and the skill to steaming the fish to perfection!

Choy Po Steam Patin Fish was meant to be savoured piping hot but it was our fault that we took too many photos and the dish got cold; so you make sure to savour this hot for the full pleasure effect!

Herbs Stewed Kampung Chicken

Herbs Stewed Kampung Chicken, a nutritious chicken dish. Chef Choong's selection of 7 types of herbs are steamed together with premium chinese wine, Fah Tiew wine for an hour to bring out the flavours. 

It’s all about the smoothness of the tender chicken marinated in herbs and wine concoction and steamed to perfection, making this dish utterly delectable in every bite. I like the Chinese wine flavour in the dish and the glorious smooth skin of the chicken. Hats off to the Chef Choong for this healthy dish that will goes with well with young and old alike.   

 Wild Boar Slice Meat with Spring Onions

An exotic dish of  Wild Boar Slice Meat with Spring Onions. Full of wok-hei and the lean meat was definitely tender coated with savoury sauce. It was the perfect pairing to steaming white rice.

 Minced Meat Choi Heong Tofu

Minced Meat Choi Heong Tofu was Chef Choong's signature tofu dish. The tofu was made in-house, and was silky smooth with a slightly chewy outer skin. It was perfectly topped with the minced pork, and the dish went very well both on its own and with white rice. A great protein sourced dish that takes on the wonderful minced pork without overpowering the delicate tofu.

 Salted Egg Squid

I was looking forward to the Salted Egg Squid dish with curry leaves. While the flavour of the salted egg yolk and curry leaves were strong enough, this dish overall did not impress as the squid cutlet s were quite tiny and the sauce a tad too dry. 

 Claypot Kangkung

The Claypot Kangkung was excellent too with the vegetables still having a firm texture and retaining their colour after being fried and cooked in the sizzling claypot for the 2nd time. Special prawn sauce (Hum Har) was added for that unique taste and cooked with lots of onions, garlic and pork lard. That day, I went for seconds and thirds on this tasty vegetable dish. A must-try for all kangkung lovers!

Seasonal Vegetable of The Day

Vegetables  dishes have always been my favourite, not matter how they are cooked and presented. My first trying out this Green Dragon Vegetable or better known as "Ching Loong Choy", which was paired with bean sprouts for different taste and texture they both gave. While the Green Dragon Vegetable was soft and smooth, a contrasting texture comes from the crunchy bean sprouts.   

Set Lunch Menu

Do come by to check out their Special Value Lunch Set, with pricing starting from as low as RM 98 for 4-5 paxs, RM 138 for 6-7paxs to RM 268 for 8-10 paxs.  Their lunch set is value for money with fish, prawn, tofu, vegetable and egg dishes coming to a total of 6 dishes for the price below RM 100.

Pretty affordable for family dining or even friends get-together dinner savouring decent and tasty cuisine in a air conditioned chinese restaurant. Truly great value beating all the roadside tai chow stalls that doesn't come cheap anymore with the implementation of the GST recently! 

No.50 Jalan Temenggung 15/9
Bandar Mahkota Cheras
43200 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 - 9011 8484

Opening Hours: 11am to 2:30pm & 5:30pm to 11pm
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