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Thursday, 10 September 2015

TORII Yakitori & Whiskey Bar Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail TTDI Kuala Lumpur

Have A Grilling Good Time
With Delightful Yakitori
TORII Yakitori & Whiskey Bar

FollowMeToEatLa have been checking out some of Japanese grilling food outlets around Klang Valley from up scale establishment at Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel to budget-friendly outlet, Yaki San Japanese Yakitori, Sunway Pyramid most recently. 

And my latest great-tasting grilled skewered delights was at this TORII Yakitori & Whiskey Bar Japanese Restaurant located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur. A Japanese-accented gastro-bar, dedicated to serving the twin pleasures of yakitori and divine whiskey, one-in-all under the same roof.

While featuring a wide range of over 40 grilled skewered meats, seafood and different vegetables in their yakitori menu, Torii also serves a selections of unique Japanese-inspired dishes sharing the culinary spotlight. 

Whiskey-lovers will be in awe with Torii's largest range of Japanese  single malt whiskies on offer in Kuala Lumpur; boasting of having some 100 types of whisky, sake and soju waiting to be savoured, a heaven for whisky drinkers!

Alfresco Dining

Warm & Inviting Indoor Setting

Stepping in through the cast iron swing door, you are transported back to an elegant setting of wood accented sanctuary with lovely warm lightings sets for a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.  

The name "Torii" sums up what the restaurant has to offer - it refers to yaki"tori" and Japan's father of whisky Tori Shinjiro who founded Suntory; he is widely regarded as the father of the Japanese whisky industry.

As a starter, we sampled the Japanese-fusion dishes of Buttery Shoyu Mushrooms & Scallop Broth and Spicy Miso Seafood Chowder. They are the 2 broths available in the menu.  

Buttery Shoyu Mushrooms & Scallop Broth 
RM 20

The mushroom and scallop broth arrived with a variety of fresh shiitake and enokitake mushroom cooked in the butter infused flavour. Loved the big juicy and fresh scallop served in a skewer dipped in the broth.

 Spicy Miso Seafood Chowder
RM 20

On the other hand, the Spicy Miso Seafood Chowder didn't score too well in my board as I found it too salty to drink as a soup or broth. The flavour was intense with miso, maybe miso kakies will enjoy it better than me.

Blue Fin Tuna Salad
RM 23

Next up was the refreshingly tasty chock-full of greens, Blue Fin Tuna Salad. Chunky pieces of pan-fried tuna topped the colourful salad mix of mango, cilantro, safron, cherry tomatoes with mayo dressing.

Saute Mushrooms & Baby Spinach
RM 20

Great combination of baby spinach saute lightly with fresh shiitake mushroom, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and flavoured with shoyu. Topping of the bonito flakes gives an added flavour to this tasty healthy dish. 

Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras
RM 29 

One of Torii's interesting delicacies must be their Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras. It combines the relatively expensive delicacies of two country; French for their foie gras and Japanese for their unagi cuisines. Rich in flavours and melt-in-the -mouth textures of the two ingredients all in one expensive bite! 

Avocado De La Mer
RM 19

An interpretation of fusion Japanese food at its best is the Avocado De La Mer. Heavily covered with cheese and sprinkles of shredded seaweed, avocado, seafood, mushroom and piquant miso were baked to perfection, bringing out its flavours. Never knew seafood and mushy avocado can be so delicious baked with miso and everything else added!

Sizzling Beef
RM 35

A crowd-pleasing dish; everyone at the dinner table wants to have the last rib. The perfect flavour of sirloin BBQ beef ribs, marinated with BBQ sauce and topped with crispy garlic for extra flavour. The taste goes perfectly well with a bottle of good quality sake. A must-try dish at Torii!    
Good Food Made From the Embers of Fire

Refined yakitori delicacies are grilled traditionally over charcoal in an open kitchen under the skillful hands of the chef at the grill. Usually, only sea salt is used to enhance the meat in order to show its true flavours.

Chicken Wings
RM 8 per skewer

I would recommended the chicken wings on skewer as it was delectable with thin, crispy skin to display the chef's mastery skill in grilling it. Lightly seasoned with sea salt, it came off with a smoky flavour.    

RM 15 per skewer

Beef lovers will enjoy this delicious skewer of succulent and moist sirloin, lightly seasoned with natural flavourings of sea salt and black pepper. Flame-licked to perfection, so good you can eat it on its own without any dipping sauce.

Wagyu Tendon (garlic chilli sauce)
RM 8 per skewer

I make a pass for the beef tendon as I am not a great fan of innards or tendon other than the red meat itself. I was told by my other half, hubby blogger Uncle Hong that it was good as it was chewy and flavourful with the fragrant home made garlic chilli sauce.  

Ox Tongue
RM 17 per skewer

Rock Lobsters
RM 11 per skewer

Gourmet dishes here are almost perfect like the Rock Lobsters. Firm and succulent and served with home made garlic chilli sauce, topped with chopped scallion. A slightly salty treat but wonderful accompaniment with any alcoholic drinks such as whisky, sake or beer.

Crispy Tofu
RM 6 per skewer

Simple and good, I don't know why I fall in love with the Crispy Tofu out of so many selections of the skewers items in the menu. Probably could be the nice crunch on the outside yet soft on the inside, coupled with my favourite dipping fragrant sesame peanut sauce, add on to the overall sensation in the palate.  I would have loved to hog on this whole plate to myself!

King Mushroom
RM 6 per skewer

Thick and meaty slices of King Mushroom on skewer was another great item to try. Grilled with tasty shoyu sauce which gives it a unique flavour and aroma to the otherwise bland taste of the king mushroom. You will enjoy chewing on the firm and meaty texture which was very pleasing to eat.

Sweet Potato
RM 5 per skewer

Last we had the grilled sweet potato seasoned with sea salt and butter. This reminds me of my maiden trip to Beijing where I savoured charcoal grilled sweet potatoes in the freezing temperatures of below zero degree Celsius. Taste wise it was okay cause the butter gives it a rich flavour but seriously I would not pay RM 5 just for a skewer of sweet potatoes, given so many other choices of tasty eats in their menu of the similar pricing.   
Buttery Angel Hair Pasta
RM 18

If the dainty morsels have not filled your stomach well, there are choices under the 'Wheat & Grains' Section offering rice and pasta options to satisfy your carbs intake. 

A gourmet dish of Angel Hair Pasta cooked with french butter and topped generously with a dollop of caviar, might just do the job. Add-on with RM 12 for lobster popsicle to complete the whole epicurean dining experience.
Torii Fried Rice
RM 25

If you want a rice dish, try this premium Torii Fried Rice. A glorious Japanese steamed rice fried with foie gras, chopped herbs, garlic chips  and scallions for the extra flavour. It was really good that one of my dinner guest ordered a whole bowl dedicated for himself that night. Talk about comfort food!

Green Tea Creme Brulee with White Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream
RM 24

Torii prides itself on serving a number of in-house sweet treats, such as unique ice-cream flavours of Whiskey-N-Raisin, Calpis Lime, White Chocolate Lavender and Dark Chocolate Sorbet among others. These are paired with delightfully tasty dessert of  Green Tea Creme Brulee and Robataya Banana.  

Green Tea Creme Brulee

An unusual rich tasting creme brulee made from green tea powder, topped with plentiful of cut fruits of kiwis, strawberries and blueberries. Goes well when paired with the mild-tasting White Chocolate Lavender.    

Robataya Banana with Dark Chocolate Sorbet
RM 24

Chocolate and banana are wonderful combination made in heaven. An unassumingly simple combination of grilled banana drizzled in chocolaty sauce and roasted coconut, the dessert sure hits the right spots. Flavours was rich from the Dark Chocolate Sorbet; and the sweet finish wrap-up our dinner with a satisfying filling end. 

TORII Yakitori & Whiskey Bar 
Japanese Restaurant 
30 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1

Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
(Same row as Tadika Diyana, next to Presto Grocers)
Tel: 03 - 7733 9309 / 012 - 668 4399
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 5.30pm till late, close on Sundays.

Website: Torii Yakitori & Whiskey Bar
FaceBook: Torii Malaysia

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