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Thursday 3 September 2015

Grand Harbour Restaurant MOONCAKE MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL 2015 @Fahrenheit 88 Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived, bringing with it a wide variety of mooncakes. From the traditionally baked moon cake filled with lotus or red bean paste, with one or two yolks, these delicacies have evolved with the times.

Grand Harbour stays true to tradition with its classic mooncake flavours but also gets creative when it comes to new recipes. Healthier mooncake selections include Snow Skin Yam Paste, Fruits Nut Mixture and Black Sesame with White Lotus would go well with the health-conscious customers. 

The restaurant has also prepared some very beautiful-designed gift boxes which can fit four moon cakes. Sold in a box of four, the moon cakes are priced from RM 51.20 onwards.

Limited Edition Corporate Gift Box

In addition to the many mooncake varieties, check out Grand Harbour's special limited edition Corporate Gift Box, consisting of Sakura Chrysanthemum, White Lotus Double Yolks, Fruits Nut Mixture, White Lotus Paste at RM 128.80. These make ideal gifts for loved ones or business associates in its classy presentation. 

Sakura Chrysanthemum
RM 18.80 per piece | RM 75.20 per box

My favourite pick would be Grand Harbour's newly created, Sakura Chrysanthemum. Loved the mild fragrant of chrysanthemum in the mooncake. I like this one as it was not overwhelmingly sweet but just nice for the taste bud. Good choice for the younger generation.

Shanghai Mooncake Single Yolk
RM 17.80/pc | RM 71.20/box

Many would still enjoy timeless selections such as Shanghai Mooncake Single Yolk. The yolk was fresh with a layer of oil and blended well with the lotus fillings.

Snow Skin Yam Paste
RM 16.80/pc | RM 67.20/box

Snow Skin Yam Paste was a delight. The skin was soft and melted into a creamy texture of sweet yam flavourful fillings.

Black Sesame with White Lotus
RM18.80 per piece | RM75.20 per box

Following are the pricing for the rest of Grand Harbour's selection of mooncakes .....

White Lotus Double Yolks 
RM19.80 per piece | RM79.20 per box

White Lotus Single Yolk
RM18.80 per piece | RM75.20 per box

White Lotus Paste
RM17.80 per piece | RM71.20 per box

Fruits Nut Mixture
RM18.80 per piece | RM75.20 per box

Jade Lotus Single Yolk
RM18.80 per piece | RM75.20 per box

Red Bean Paste
RM12.80 per piece | RM51.20 per box

Snow Skin Yam Paste
RM16.80 per piece | RM67.20 per box

Grand Harbour Malaysia
Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur: 03-2141 1660 / 1763
Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur: 03-2283 3398

Website : Grand Harbour Malaysia

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