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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Behind the Scenes Tour & Superstars of Magic 4 @ Resorts World Genting Highlands Pahang

Behind the Scenes Tour 
Superstars of Magic 4 
Resorts World Genting

Get to know more about Genting with the all new Behind the Scenes Tour! The tour is an eye opening experience which focuses on the Genting International Showroom, First World Hotel laundry, new See Do Eat workshop and Horizon 50.

The Genting International Showroom lets you in on the backstage work that goes on while you enjoy a show. Learn more about the lightings, sound system and the amount of preparation done before and during a show. It's a once in a lifetime experience to get involved in the technical side!

The seating capacity of the Genting International Showroom which can host many events such as conferences, talks and private shows.

The lighting console which have various features, looks so complicated but for the first time, we got a hand at it. 

Check out the blue and purple lights. Yes, you guessed it right, we changed the lights by ourselves. Pretty cool!

Some of the stencil templates you can design for your events. It's quite simple, these designs will be projected on the floor during your performance.

The audio console which is basically the sound system.



I've never been into a laundry plant and the size of this place is amazing. Spanning over 26,000 sq. ft., a total of 38 tons of linens is produced daily. Here, you get an insight on how your laundry gets washed, dried, ironed and folded. 

The blue bags which contain dirty linen ready to be dropped into the washer.

This is how they iron the sheets here. Basically, every step have a particular machine designated for it.

I get to have a hands-on on how to operate the automated folding machine! 



Those who love to design and always have a creative side to them will absolutely enjoy this session. Here, you get to decorate your own doughnuts with your own toppings or fillings. If doughnuts are not your thing, you can choose to make your very own 'bento' set

Kids will have a field day and this is definitely a great form of healthy entertainment. Who knows, you may even spot some real talents out there with this workshop!

Made Myself a Sushi Bento Set
Auntie Lilly Masterpiece



Horizon 50 is a journey through Genting's past, current and some of its future development. For those who have always been curious on how a simple mountain could flourish into a resort, take this opportunity to learn more through this tour. This is the One Stop Venue for tourists to learn the history, operations and construction of the various projects which made Genting what it is today. 

Some inspirational quotes you can find along the wall inside Horizon 50.

This tour is priced at RM 28 per pax and RM 25 for Genting Rewards Member. 



Asia's largest magic show, is currently in its fourth year and indeed, this year's show was not a disappointment at all. Featuring some of the world's renowed magicians, this year's theme is East meets West with the highlight being the comparative view of magic in different culture. 

What's interesting is to view how magic has evolved over the years with more advanced technology coming into play. First off, there's Germany Alana Moelmann in which her performance involved producing life human hands right out of her jacket! How is that even possibly achievable?

The next magician is from Taiwan and is fondly known as Jeff Lee. Jeff's performance showcases taking things out from a TV. It is interesting to watch how literally anything could be removed from the TV console. Next was Ted Kim from Korea who was dressed up in a quirky costume because his performance was about video games and utilises the modern screen mapping and LED projector technology.

One Gun, who hails from Korea as well put on a great and entertaining act by changing his outfits in just one swipe. I wished it could be done in real life though, then you can just change clothes in the blink of an eye, how convenient! 

A magic show isn't complete without some doves. The Godfather of Dove Magic, Joseph Gabriel's performance was the classic dove act we were all familiar with. Next was Jay Mattioli from the States who is a finalist magician on America's Got Talent. His charm and jokes really created the right atmosphere for the show, 

Shawn Farquhar who is the International Brotherhood of Magician president was here to play some card games. His swift movement with the cards as well as the cued music in the background was indeed a mesmerising and an unforgettable performance. 

Nice Shot with Ted Kim from Korea

Auntie Lilly with famous Jay Mattioli from the States

Thumbs Up for Joseph Gabriel's great Dove Magic!

Memorable Family Shot with Ted Kim from Korea

 The Whole Gang ~ Msian & Spore Bloggers

Tickets are up for grabs now at RM 248 (VIP), RM 148 (PS1) and RM 98 (PS2) for adults, while for children, its RM 98 (VIP), RM 68 (PS1) amd RM 48 (PS2).

Check out their Websitewww.rwgenting.com for more information and details!
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting

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