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Sunday, 7 June 2015

RAMEN KANBE Restaurant @ Empire Damansara Damansara Perdana PJU8 PJ ~ Ramen From Kobe ~

Real Taste Of Ramen
From Kobe

A new star has flown in from the land of rising sun. All the way from Kobe, Japan ~ Ramen Kanbe opened up its first outlet in Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya in late February 2014 last year.

Kobe or Kanbe is a modern city in Japan where gourmet people gather and famous for its delicious custom-made soy sauce or shoyu. Ramen Kanbe made their authentic soy sauce or shoyu using only the high quality kelp from Hokkaido with a mixed two kinds of the finest brewed soy sauce for that special flavour.

Ramen Kanbe have their menu trim and simple, focusing only on serving the best to patrons. Having choices of soy or shoyu based ramen, spicy ramen, cold ramen, fried rice with sides of karrage chicken, Otsumami Charsiu and gyoza too. Diners order extra toppings for ramen dishes such black fungus, bean sprout, wantan, boiled eggs and charsiu to complete the delicious eats at Ramen Kanbe.

Ambience at  Ramen Kanbe is cosy and comfortable setting with an eye-catching red chandelier decorating the restaurant. Spacious indoor and outdoor seatings are also available for their patrons. Ramen Kanbe is perfect for a quiet meal if you're looking for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Modern & Cozy Interior

Hidden away in Empire Damansara, you probably have to look out for Ramen Kanbe's banner place strategically at the open air well area in the mall. Walk pass Boat Noodles and you will find Epique Coffee right opposite you. Look out for the small lane beside it to lead you to Ramen Kanbe, just behind it.  

Outdoor Dining Seating

Reasonable Pricing ~ Tiger Beer 
RM 10

Charsiu Ramen
RM 21

Slurp-worthy: The gloriously topped roasted pork belly slices, chopped scallions, black fungus and bean sprouts make the perfect Charsiu Ramen.

Charsiu Ramen is a must-try dish at Ramen Kanbe. It's their signature dish of Japanese Barbecue Pork Ramen. Comes served with the original recipe from Kobe for the only shoyu-based ramen soup. The distinctive flavour comes from the long hours boiling of umami extracted from vegetables and chicken bones and seasoned with rich flavour from the custom made soy sauce. 

Ramen Kanbe also house made their own straight noodles with flour specifically chosen for the Ramen noodles. Good and firm texture with right springiness, the noodles does not goes soft when left soaking for long in the the broth. No artificial colourants were used  and made fresh daily with simple ingredients.  

 Mini Fried Rice
RM 9

If you want a rice dish, try this Ramen Kanbe's Fried Rice. A glorious Japanese steamed rice fried with chopped chashu, onions, carrots, egg and scallions in shoyu for the extra flavour. Full of wok-hei, rather surprisingly coming from a Japanese restaurant, it tasted just right off like from the 'Tai-Chow' stall. 

There are 2 type of serving portion of this dish as you can order a small bowl like this just for trying out at RM 9 to eat together with the other dishes or the one below for a larger portion of this super  duper addictive dish! 

Highly Recommended Dish of Fried Rice
RM 12

Do remember to try out this Chef's special smoky soy-flavoured, light and guilt-free super tasty fried rice dish!    

Sorry, I simply cannot resist posting several shots of my favourite dish taken at different angles here .....

Kanbe’s Spicy Ramen 
RM 21

Next is the  Spicy Ramen, with broth and noodles having their Japanese touch. The same soy-based broth is cooked with sake, tobanjan, tenmenjan, garlic, sesame oil and red chilli pepper for that spicy kick. This heavier and oily based soup is served with tasty minced chicken and pork with some chives. 

Not overly spicy but a level well bearable, I was actually quite addicted to the fragrant broth. Sharpness of soup is pleasing – piquant to say, tasting akin to the 'ma-lat' flavours of a Szechuah dish. Meant to be savoured piping hot, just slurp your way into delicious goodness of this flavourful noodles dish!

Reimen (Cold Ramen)
RM 21

The third type of ramen is the Reimen ~ Cold Ramen. It is literally a plate of cold noodles, complemented with julienne lettuce, egg, black fungus, chillies and charsiu strips. Rich flavour of shoyu is drizzled over the noodles and should be mix together before eating. Good dish to eat especially when you are looking for something light to eat on a hot sunny day!    

Torisoboro Rice
RM 10

Another rice dish from the menu which didn't fare very well in my happy eats list. It's a simple Japanese steamed rice topped with spicy chicken and pork mince. Found it quite dry, lacking in sauce or gravy needed when eaten mixed with the white rice. Could have been better if the spicy meat are more moist with added pork belly in it.

Spoonful of Minced Meat Rice

Following are the sides offering from Ramen Kanbe to eat with your rice or noodles dish or just simply as an appetisers to go with a cold bottle of Tiger Beer priced at RM 10 only!

RM 10

Tasty bites of well-marinated boneless chicken thigh in special house blend sauce and spices, fried to perfection. An appetising side crisp juicy snack that goes well with the beer!

Lettuce & Mayo Sides 

Otsumami Charsiu
RM 10

Made from shoulder pork loin with a good balance of fat and meat, it's stewed with Ramne Kanbe's ramen suce for an hour for the flavour to fully seeped in. You will enjoy savouring every single piece of this flavoursome and tender charsiu with the bean sprouts and scallions with your beer again.
RM 10

Last but not least, these pan-seared gyozas are of the right balance with the meat filling and a nice thin wrap. I especially dislike eating those gyozas that are not meaty and comes with a thick and floury skin wrap.

Ramen Kanbe 
Value For Money 
Set Menu 


ATTENTION : Ramen Kanbe shall be running a Promotion from 25 June to 1 July 2015 for only 7 CRAZY DAYS  with EVERYTHING IN THE MENU SLASH to 50% Off { Except Beer } the menu prices from noodles, rice, sides and drinks too!


G28 Block Empire Retail
Empire Damansara
No 2 Jalan PJU 8/8A
Damansara Perdana PJU8
47820 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 016 - 202 5812

Website: ramenkanbe.com 
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/rk.empire.damansara

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