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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine Ramadan Buffet 2015 at Suria KLCC | Pavilion KL | Alamanda Putrajaya

Ramadan Dinner Buffet
Tantalizing Tastes Of Thailand
Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine has rolled out a delectable Buffet spread in conjunction with Ramadan. Themed 'Dinner Buffet ~ Tantalizing Tastes Of Thailand' with a good mix of local and Thai delicacies to suit everyone's palate. Diners can choose to dine at any of Chakri Palace famous outlets at Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL or Alamanda Putrajaya. 

Break fast during Ramadan in a splendid way with Chakri Palace, The Royal Thai Cuisine as it presents an interesting spread of traditional Thai and Malay cuisine with a unique twist, in two different menus. 

Available from 20th June 2015 onwards, secure your seat and buy online now to enjoy the great promotion and discounts. Early Bird Offer for purchase before 19 June 2015 (min 2 persons) and Special Group Deal of 'Buy 10 FREE 1' (Alamanda Putrajaya) or 'Buy 5 FREE 1' (Pavilion KL/Suria KLCC). Remember it pays to plan and book early for great sumptuous savings!

Chef Sollahudin Nutto

Thanks to a team of chef-led by head chef Sollahudin Nutto who will be overseeing the entire Ramadan promotion this year. Featuring a colourful spread of more than 50 authentic Thai and local favourites by Chef Sollahuddin Nutto that will definitely satisfy your hunger and treat your taste buds to the max! There will also be several speciality live-action Thai hawker stalls to check out ~ TomYam, Ikan Bakar, Satay and Ais Kacang.

Pleasant and charming Chef Sollahudin Nutto charms his way with the media and diners sharing with us his culinary experience while showing us how to wrap and savour the special Thai appetizer - Mieng Kham.

Elegant & Stylish Decor

Pleasant and Contemporary Place to Dine 

Starting off with the Malay traditional dishes themed 'Citarasa Malaysia', you can expect to sample flavours of local dishes with a Thai touch, thanks to Chef Sollahudin Nutto, who hails from Thailand. 

~ Must-Have Ramadan Dish ~ 
Rendang Daging Tok

Rendang Daging Tok

~ Mouth-Watering ~
Ayam Kapitan

Ayam Kapitan

Two very savoury vegetables dishes that goes well with Malaysian are the Pajeri Nenas and Pajeri Terung.
Pajeri Nenas

Pajeri Terung

Nasi Beriani

Highlights for the Chakri Palace Ramadan Buffet are the Thai menu of 'Aroma Thailand' comprising a wide choices of seafood dishes such as Butter Prawn With Salted Egg, Fried Sliced Fish with 'Tiga Rasa' Sauce, Sauteed Squid with Garlic Sauce to mention a few.

Creamy & Buttery Prawns Dish

Butter Prawn With Salted Egg

Lamb In Thai Green Curry

Crispy Fried Sliced Fish

House Made  'Tiga Rasa' Sauce 

Special mentioned must be given to this flavourful sweet, sour  and spicy sauce made in house. It really go well with any fried dishes as a dipping sauce. Thumbs up for Chef !

~ Must Try ~
Fried Sliced Fish with 'Tiga Rasa' Sauce 

Chewy and Tender Squid Dish

Sauteed Squid with Garlic Sauce

~ Spicy Delight Lala Dish ~

Stir Fried Lala with Tomyam Paste

Sauteed Beancurd with Minced Chicken

Stir Fried Mix Vegetables

Chakri Palace's Must-Try dish is its signature Tom Yam Soup, making an impressive appearance with loads of seafood together with variety of noodles to satiate any Tom yam lovers. Remember to leave space for at least two bowls of this deliciously awesome spicy soup in the buffet. 

Gerai Sup Tom Yam 

My Bowl of Fragrant Seafood Tom Yam

Prawns & Squid Add-Ons

Bouncy Fishball & Surimi

Selections ~ Meehoon, Yellow Noodles (Mee), Kuey Teow for the Tom Yam soup

Do check out the others Live Action Stalls of Ikan Bakar Ikan Keli and the Malaysian's favourite of Satay Ayam and Daging to complete your Ramadan experience.
Ikan Bakar 

Satay Ayam

Satay Daging

Sides of Sliced Onions & Cucumber

Another eye-catching dish was the Thai traditional appetiser called 'Mieng Kham'. A fresh wrap of daun kadok with fillings from roasted peanuts, chopped onions, lime, chilli padi, young ginger, roasted coconut and dry shrimp, drizzled with house sauce. Chef explained that its a truly healthy ulam filled with right ingredients which help to dispel wind from our body. 

Mieng Kham Fillings

Mieng Kham - Ulam Daun Kadok

As this is my first time trying it, I was not sure what to expect but the flavour sat really well with my taste buds despite there being some many ingredients in the Mieng Kham Ulam wrap. Love the taste and texture from the coconut, peanut, ginger and everything else being thrown in, it can be addictive and I kept going back for more!

Chef Sollahudin Nutto graciously making his signature Mieng Kham for the diners 

To complete the traditional Thai experience, there is a spread of appetisers ( Pembuka Selera) such as Kangkung Goreng Ala Thai, Onion Ring Goreng, Acar Timun, Ulam-ulaman and many choices of mouth-watering Kerabu to choose from.  

Kangkung Goreng Ala Thai

Onion Ring Goreng

 Samosa Goreng

Acar Timun

Diners can look forward to savouring some appetising cold, refreshing kerabu salads such as Som Tam @ Kerabu Betik Muda,  Kerabu Ayam Cincang,  Kerabu Mangga Thai and Kerabu Glass Noodles.   

Appetizing Kerabu Spread

My personal favourite was not one but namely 2 types of guilt-free kerabu which was the papaya and mango kerabu. Crunchy and simply refreshing with the sweet, sour and spicy flavour it gives with every mouthful !

 Som Tam @ Kerabu Betik Muda 

 Kerabu Ayam Cincang

 Kerabu Mangga Thai

Kerabu Glass Noodles 

 Ulam-ulaman With Sambal Belacan

Sauces For The Ulam

A buka puasa buffet is not complete without a platter of dates or commonly known as 'Buah Kurma'. 
 Dates ~ Buah Kurma

I finished my meal with some delightful famous Thai dessert of  Red Ruby Water Chestnut or Tub Tim Krob as I called it. I indulge myself to this favourite dessert of mine with 2 large bowls of extra toppings of the reddish jewels ~ Red Rubies (water chestnuts). Yummy!

 Red Ruby Water Chestnut 

Apart from this, the buffet line included other exquisite desserts such as Pulut Mangga which was a hit with most of the diners that night. My blogger husband just loved the fragrant glutinous rice or nasi pulut eaten with the sweet mango drizzle with creamy coconut milk or coconut santan over it.

 Pulut Mangga

 Kuih Muih Melayu

 Aneka Jelly Thai

Memorable Dining Experience with Chef Sollahudin Nutto 

 Sawadee Ka - Welcome to Chakri Palace

You can Buy Online now for the Early Bird Offer by visiting: berbuka.chakri.com.my

For more info and details to the Chakri Palace Rotating Ramadan Menu, please click: www.chakri.com.my

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine
Suria KLCC Tel: 2382 7788 / 0887
Pavilion KL Tel: 2143 1141
Alamanda Putrajaya Tel: 8890 1616

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