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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

EDO ICHI Japanese Restaurant @ Nexus Bangsar South Kuala Lumpur


When it comes to food, nothing can beat the Japanese in taste, freshness and presentation. And Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Nexus Bangsar South is where some of the finest Japanese cuisine you can have when looking for the classic Japanese dishes to eat.

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant is located right at ground floor facing the frontage of the mall. You can never missed it as you enter from the main entrance. A lovely looking and modern high-end Japanese restaurant with a massive menu to choose from such as salad, sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki to teriyaki, hot pot, deep fried or grilled items too.
Auntie Lilly's Happy Eats at Edo Ichi 

Chef At Work In The Sashimi Bar

Sleek & Contemporary Interior

Nice Ambiance with Comfortable Seating

Assortment Imported Sakes 

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant, a newcomer in Nexus Bangsar South but somehow they have the crowds coming in by the sheer virtue of its good food and good atmosphere. I was pretty impressed with the efficient service and the warm, friendly wait staff too.

Our evening's dinner started off with the amazing platter of the mandatory Sashimi Platter. Pretty impressive with presentation and plating, truly a fresh and tasty Japanese way to dine in class that night. 

( 2 to 3 pax ) RM 155
( 3 to 4 pax ) RM 205

Honjitsu No Tokusei Sashimi Moriawase is the Chef’s Special Selection with 8 kinds of assorted air- flown raw fish platter. Featuring eight kinds of sashimi with ocean-fresh sea urchin, live scallop, pink shrimp, tuna belly, salmon belly, yellow tail, large-scale blackfish and striped pigfish.

 Beautifully Presented ~  Edo Ichi Sashimi Platter  

The sashimi was good - top notch in quality and freshness. Prepared with fresh premium air-flown directly from Japan to ensure absolute freshness and quality. Keeping the sashimi lovers in mind, the chef carefully hand picked and select the eight delectable variety for our Sashimi Moriawase.

Sea Urchin 
~ NAMA UNI Sashimi ~

Live Scallop
~ IKE HOTATE Sashimi ~

Salmon Belly
~ SHAKE HARASU Sashimi ~

Tuna Belly
~ TORO Sashimi ~

Large-scale Blackfish  
~ MEJINA Sashimi ~

Yellow Tail
~ HAMACHI Sashimi ~

Pink Shrimp 
~ AKA EBI Sashimi ~

HOUBOU Fish Head & Fin

Striped Pigfish
~ ISAKI Sashimi ~

RM 27

For those that prefer to start with something green, Edo Ichi's selection of salads is equally tempting. The Soft Kani Karaage to Shake Kawa Sharada for instance, is a beautiful mix of salad topped with deep fried Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin serve with house sesame sauce.

 Fragrant House Sesame Sauce for the Salad

Simple yet bursting with flavour and texture, the salad relies on its fresh flavours, by throwing in salad greens, cherry tomatoes, zuchini, julienne carrot and crispy slices of soft Shell Crab and Salmon skin with sesame dressing.

RM 32

Crispy Eel Sushi Roll with Cream Cheese & Cucumber

If you have a yen for sushi, the Unagi Crispy Roll is bound to win you over with its delectable morsel of crispy eel with crunchy cucumber and cream cheese all nestled inside fresh Japanese rice inside a blanket of nori. Loved this fried sushi roll as it was soft and flavourful on the inside with a crispy outer layer on the outside. Yummy !

RM 25 for 3

Grilled Oyster Topped With Cod Roe, Mayonnaise & Cheese Paste 

Next up: Oyster. Edo Ichi patrons should not miss out is the Kaki Mentai Cheese Yaki, which simply means Grilled Oyster topped With Cod Roe mayonnaise and cheese paste.

The chunky piece of oyster remained tender and juicy after seasoning  under heap of cheddar cheese melted over the crustacean. The cod roe beneath was equally delicious adding depth to the overall dish. If you are an 'oyster addict', you can always add-on another one for price of RM 8.50 per piece!    

RM 25

Leading us to the deep fried items, the chef had also prepared Ebi No Hotate Cheese Tsutsumi Age (Deep Fried Prawn & Scallop Rolled with Cheese). These gloriously fried seafood of five huge pieces, is worth splurging on. The unbelievably large prawns taste almost like lobster, though the latter is much firmer and sweeter. You get more value for money as the prawns here are served with the fresh and succulent scallop.  

I skipped the sweet dipping sauce as I guess it sort of masked the true taste of the prawns and scallop. Special imported panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) makes Edo Ichi's fried food crisper as the breadcrumbs are in larger flakes. Highly recommended you like love the firm texture and sweet, gratifying taste of prawn with scallop!
 RM 38

Assorted Seafood and Vegetable in Hot Pot 

If you find yourself hesitant to be a sashimi daredevil, Edo Ichi has a range of seafood hot pot dishes such as Chanko Konabe. It's a tantalizing hot-pot with generous servings of prawns, clams, lala, tofu. mushrooms and assorted vegetables in clear broth of shoyu paste.   

RM 26

Steamed Short Neck Clam with White Wine

An addictive clam in wine dish. Serving portion was small and good enough for two pax. I enjoyed eating the fresh and succulent in the flavoursome soup but not the parsley. It has a strong and pungent smell and taste once you bite into the stem.   

RM 24 

 Grilled Japanese Whole Squid

Rounding off to the last dish that night was non-other than the Surume Ika Sugata Yaki. Grilled to perfection epicurean dish for seafood lovers. Simple and good grill squid dish served in chunky slices is good on its own without any dipping sauce. Chewy and tender, one must take the time to bite and chew it slowly, savour the taste before swallowing the delicious squid meat. 

 Honey Dew Juice
RM 13

Green Goddess 
Fresh Avocado & Kiwi Concentrate
RM 16.50

We washed the meal down with honey dew juice and Signature drink of Edo Ichi ~ Green Goddess which is a fresh Avocado & Kiwi concentrate drink. 

Ice cream dessert followed next - it was Macha Parfait and Strawberry Parfait.
RM 19.50

Macha Parfait ~ House Green Tea ice cream with condiments

RM 17.50

Strawberry Parfait ~ Strawberry ice cream with condiments

RM 17.50

Do check out Edo Ichi Tempura Mochi ~ Crispy Tempura Japanese rice cake with choices of single scoop ice-cream for something different besides the usual Japanese desserts. Chewy and soft mochi coated with flour before being deep fried to be served with Matcha ice cream and azuki beans on the side.

RM 16.50

Golden brown breaded red bean filling rice cracker with a side of sweet azuki beans and Matcha ice cream may seem a little trite, but there is no denying they are a satisfying end to a heavy and flavourful meal at Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant!

Nexus, Bangsar South Unit G-4
Ground Floor, Nexus Bangsar South, 
No. 7 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : +603-2242 2022
Fax : +603-2242 2622 
Email : nexusbangsar@edoichigroup.com

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  1. The food here looks so good and tempting! Definitely going there soon to try it out! btw, great shot aunty lilly! Love it! :)


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