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Monday, 3 August 2020

PASSIONE RISTORANTE ITALIANO Presents Farm To Table Berkshire Black Pig New Menu

Presents Farm To Table Berkshire Black Pig New Menu
CALLING ALL PORK LOVERS! Presenting Passione Ristorante Italiano with their Farm to Table Berkshire Black Pig New Menu. Recently, my family and I had the chance to review and enjoy great-tasting authentic Italian fare with a proper culinary journey, not just to fill up our stomach, but an experience of good service and good food. 

Sneak Peek Into Passione's New Menu Video

Passione Ristorante Italiano
No 19 Jalan Radin Bagus 9
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 9055 3833 
WhatsApp 018- 202 3973
Open Daily 
12noon to 2:30pm 
3pm to 10:30pm 
Passione Ristorante Italiano has never failed to impress me with their scrumptious dishes and I always look forward to dining in one of my favourite Italian restaurants as they are bound to have new dishes specially curated to tantalise our senses.

They're proud to offer their specially curated creations; with their latest revamped menu focusing on serving pork and seafood dishes supporting local produce to delight your palate. Those who enjoy best cuts of the premium, highest quality of pork might find something to their liking on Passione's menu.

Passione Ristorante Italiano is making a change this 2020 supporting local small business which is a win-win in coronavirus times to 'Eat Local, Stay Local & Support Local' in view of the recent coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

'You are what you eat: A healthy Berkshire, a healthy man' - Totally a good tagline for Berkshire Black Pig. Why chose Berkshire (Black Pig) instead of normal White Pig? Do you know that the black pig is one of the finest pigs available to man, fed with a balanced and nutritious diet is the most natural way; free from antibiotics, growth hormones and muscle drugs. 

The best part of Berkshire is that they have a higher degree of tenderness, better water-holding capacity with lower drip loss, darker and richer meat colour, higher quality and juicer loin and with a high percentage of intramuscular fat.
Passione's pork dishes takes the centre stage with their pocket-friendly affordable and delicious cuisine that goes really with their long-list of jovial beverages such as whiskey, wines, cocktails or beers. 

We were treated to a piggylicious dining experience with the scrumptious spread of mainly pork dishes starting from Berkshire Pig's Belly Salad (RM 25), Concentrated Pork Soup With Rolled Cabbage Dumpling (RM 25) to mains of Spaghetti Carbonara With Berkshire Bacon (RM 28), Berkshire Ribs (RM 36) & Berkshire Pork Tagliatelle (RM 35) among others. 

Berkshire Pig's Belly Salad 
RM 25

For a total porky experience, start your meal with Berkshire Pig's Belly Salad, tasty and addictive appetizers before your mains.

Irresistible bites of freshly roasted crispy chunks of Berkshire pork belly peppered with secret spices and served with a mixed green salad in spicy glutinous rice dressing. Mind you, these delightful cracklings roasted pork belly was demolished by everyone at the dining table as soon as it arrived. 

 Concentrated Pork Soup With Rolled Cabbage Dumpling 
RM 25

If you really need a tummy-warming food to start up your appetite, do check out the Concentrated Pork Soup With Rolled Cabbage Dumpling. An excellent choice with comfort food quality with its rich heavenly full-of-porky flavour broth that's bound to win you over. 

You will enjoy the smooth and gelatinous pork bone soup that was cooked in high pressure to extract out all the natural pork flavour. Served with Rolled Cabbage Dumpling topped with Black Ebiko.  

Berkshire Ribs 
RM 36

The highlight of the day was the popular Berkshire Ribs, loved by diners. Extremely tender and juicy, roasted to perfection, the taste of the Berkshire's ribs took centre stage with its nicely charred thick chunk of meat, providing a toothsome bite. A must-try dish for all pork-lovers!

For an absolute indulgence of finger-licking good pork dish, you just have to try this Berkshire Ribs. The baby back ribs are glazed in herbs and spiced butter which utilizes the best cut from the ribs was succulent and juicy fork-tenderness. These amazing pork ribs come served with housemade spiced mayonnaise.

 Spaghetti Carbonara With Berkshire Bacon 
RM 28

If the Berkshire Ribs is too much to handle, pork-lovers can check out the Spaghetti Carbonara With Berkshire Bacon. 

A delicious pasta dish on the menu, where chef churns out a cream-free classic Italian pasta mixed with sauteed Pancetta Italian Bacon, eggs, black pepper and Pecorino cheese.

RM 50

Veering off from some pork dishes, seafood lovers should try the Bouillabaisse, a steaming hot clay pot of tomato fish stew that comes with a variety of seafood.

One of the more popular dishes from the 'Boat To Table' menu, you get to savour a combination of juicy and fresh clams, Baby abalone, Threadfin fish fillet, prawns and squid cooked in a flavoursome broth bringing out the freshness of the fresh local seafood.

Moving on to their Set Lunch Promo, do you fancy having some Piggylicious Set Lunch for RM 25 only

 Come and enjoy pocket-friendly happy eats lunch treat of RM 25 that comes with Soup Of The Day + Main Course + Beverage. Choose from 8 delicious main course selection of pork or seafood to go with pasta or rice.

Roasted Cracklings Berkshire Pig's Belly

My TOP PICK is their porky-licious Roasted Cracklings Berkshire Pig's Belly and Berkshire Pork Tagliatelle which is really money-for-value!

Set Lunch Mains of Roasted Cracklings Berkshire Pig's Belly ~ Crispy Berkshire Pork Belly accompanied by a honey mustard sauce and served with your choice of either rice or housemade pasta.

 Berkshire Pork Tagliatelle

If you must have pasta, then Berkshire Pork Tagliatelle might be an excellent choice for more piggy-licious dining. 

The homemade tagliatelle pasta, prepared with marinated and braised Berkshire trotter in tomato sauce, is another offering that sits in well with meat aficionados like me.  

Overall, Passione's pork dishes takes the centre stage with their pocket-friendly affordable and delicious cuisine. Those who enjoy best cuts of premium, highest quality ~ Berkshire Black Pig might find something to their liking on the revamped menu.

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Diners are spoilt-for-choice with their offerings of meats, pasta, pizzas and Italian desserts - just perfect just for grazing and the ideal accompaniment to a pint of the freshest brew or glass of wine. Do drop if you are around the vicinity and try out my recommendations of all the piggy-licious dishes!

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