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Wednesday 19 August 2020

Nguyen's Vietnamese Restaurant At 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

Nguyen's Vietnamese Restaurant
Making Waves With Authentic Vietnamese Fare
Street Food, Pho Noodles, Vietnam Coffee Popular Choices At Family-Friendly Restaurant
Greetings from Nguyen's Vietnamese Restaurant! Malaysian craving for Vietnamese food need not go far in search of it as the Vietnamese Restaurant, Nguyen's is bringing the authentic and original Vietnamese cuisine to the local folks in Klang Valley, right here at 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur.

163 Retail Park
8, Jalan Kiara
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03-6412 3750
Opening Hours 11am to 10pm Daily

Nguyen's aims to bring the real authentic taste of the true Vietnam, to excite your senses through Pho, Goi Coun, Nem Ran, Banh Mi, Bun Bo Nam Bo and many more. Oh yes, this newly opened Vietnamese restaurant features than 50 delicacies of the Vietnamese fare taking its diners on a gastronomical journey of the rich and exciting flavours of Vietnam specially crafted by a Vietnamese Chinese Chef Lim Yam Hee using his old family heritage recipes from his homeland.
 Nguyen's Vietnamese Restaurant At 163 Retail Park Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur
Auntie Lilly had a wonderful dining experience at Nguyen's 163 Retail Park checking out their authentic Vietnamese cuisine. It was my weekend indulgence enjoying a delectable selection of their highly recommended signature dishes, known for their distinct use of fresh, fragrant, and aromatic flavours.

Fabulous Vibes Always At Nguyen's

I have always loved Vietnamese food as there's a balance of sweet and sour, spicy and cooling, fresh and salty flavours. I'm sure you will also enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine as most of the Vietnamese fare is fresh, healthy, and light, truly impressive from Nguyen's for my first maiden visit recently.

Quick Tour Checking Out The Settings At Nguyen's

Dining here, I also discovered some of the tastiest Pho, Banh Mi, Rice dishes and Dry Noodles which were totally satisfying and incredibly delicious gourmet dishes to savour. Do check out the Link here: FULL MENU

Lovely Ambiance With Spacious Dining Area

Featuring some of my TOP PICKS - Highly Recommended dishes to try when dining at Nguyen's from their selections of starter, pho, dry noodles, rice dishes, mains to drinks to try!

Nguyen's Viet Rolls
RM 12 For 2 pcs

Nguyen's Viet Rolls is a must-have when dining here. Tasty bites to enjoy; warming-up for your appetite before the mains. Absolutely refreshing, healthy and light on the tummy, these freshly made-to-order Vietnamese rice roll comes wrapped with large fresh prawns, Vermicelli noodles, vegetables and fresh herbs in silky thin rice paper. 

Served with their signature dipping sauce made from crushed peanuts, oyster sauce, coconut milk, green beans together with some other secrets ingredients for the extra oomph. Loved the peanut sauce for the flavour and crunch, these classic rolls are just perfect for a great starter, light lunch or healthy snack.   

 Nguyen's Summer Rolls 
RM 12 For 3 Pcs

Next, we were treated with the fried version of Rice Rolls - Nguyen's Summer Rolls. Good choice if you like the crispy version of the original smooth Vietnamese rolls. 

A clever combination of fresh minced chicken with vegetables wrapped in rice papers and deep-fried to crisp perfection. This time, these crispy delights are served with housemade sweet, spicy, and savoury fish sauce that complements the overall taste of the dish. 

 Nguyen's Chicken Wings
RM 12 For 3 pcs

Nguyen's Chicken Wings ~ Best choice for chicken wing lovers! Highly recommended, these sinfully delicious chicken wings are well-marinated over long hours using premium fish sauce from Vietnam among other ingredients to be deep-fried to perfection without drying out the juice within the chicken, leaving a crispy skin with juicy and flavoursome meat within. 

Chef added that the secret lies in making these authentic Fish Sauce Chicken Wings in using the right kind of fish sauce sourced from his homeland which is not too salty with that special taste of freshness of the fish flavour. Be warn first as one plate is never enough and not recommended for sharing too! 

Australian Beef Pho
Ribeye Slice
RM 26
What is Vietnamese cuisine without the Pho? The dining experience at a Vietnamese restaurant would not be complete if you have not tried the Pho, the national dish of Vietnam. Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup is a simple staple noodles dish that is found in all major cities in Vietnam. Basically a street food, you are bound to bump into a crowd of hungry patrons slurping delicious noodles at a makeshift pho stand in Vietnam! 

Nguyen's rocks with their Pho dishes ~ offering a wide selection for Pho lovers to choose from. Take your pick from Australian Ribeye Slices (RM 26), Australian Beef Slice (RM 21), Handmade Beef Balls (RM 20) and Beef Internal Organs (RM 20).

Australian Beef Pho
Beef Slice
RM 21

Simple but flavourful noodles dish consists of a beefy broth, fresh rice noodles, topped with fresh herbs of basil together with your choice of meat toppings such as their house-made beef balls, internal organs, and generous slices of tender beef slices.

The part of all is that they only use premium Australian beef to create a supreme beef broth simmered with roasted onions, ginger, shallots, and traditional Vietnamese herbs and spices. 

It took more than 8 hours for the richness to be fully extracted from the beef ingredients of beef neck bone and a whole load of spices. Loves the light and clear sweetness of the beefy flavour definitely goes well with many beef lovers.

Nguyen's Signature Beef Noodles
RM 19

Next, its Nguyen's Signature Beef Noodles ~ more beefy goodness for beef lovers. This is the dry version of noodles if the soup ones do not appeal to you. I had this Dried Beef Noodle Salad, known a Bun Bo Nam Bo for 65,000VDN at Hang Dieu Street The Old Quarter in Hanoi Vietnam last year. 

Equally delicious on its own right. This dish comes loaded with a generous portion of the stir-fried Australian beef and onion topped onto a bed of fresh Romaine, carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts together with Vietnamese vermicelli, deep-fried rice roll and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts for the extra bite.   

If you're looking for a healthy dish, this is one good dish to try as it's filled with tonnes of lettuce, fresh herbs, stir-fried beef slices and other condiments too. Oh yes, remember to toss and mix it well with the sauce and let everything soak in before you dig into this amazing bowl of Vietnamese beef salad! 

Nguyen's Pork Chop Noodles
RM 19 

If beef is not your cup-of-tea, then you should check out Nguyen's Vietnamese Pork Chop Noodle which is equally delicious. Springy egg noodles served with fragrant fried minced pork and chunky piece of whole pork chop, topped with spring onions. 

Nguyen's Signature Stew Pork Knuckle
RM 26

Pork lovers can check out Nguyen's Signature Stew Pork Knuckle. This dish is quite similar to the Chinese version of Stew Pork Belly - it does taste pretty amazing too. 

Served with greens and egg, the pork knuckle is flavourful and fork-tender with the tender meat falling off the pork skin. The sauce, on the other hand, is fragrant with herbs and spices and goes well with a warm bowl of rice. 

Nguyen's Signature Crabmeat With Curry
RM 39

A Stir Fry Dish ~ Crabmeat In Creamy Fragrant Thai Curry Sauce

Nguyen's Signature Fried Omelette With Oysters
RM 16

Beef Banh Mi 
RM 13

Nguyen's Speciality Traditional Vietnamese Coffee
RM 10 (Hot)

No dining experience is complete in a Vietnamese restaurant if you have not tasted their famous coffee. So wrapping up the meal is none other than the Vietnam Coffee, a drink synonymous with Vietnam cuisine. 

Nguyen's Speciality Traditional Vietnamese Coffee
RM 12 (Cold)

Remember to order their aromatic Vietnamese Coffee when dining here for the first time. Take your time to enjoy and sip the rich and strong intense coffee that comes with a chocolate aftertaste. You can have it either on hot or cold version but I like mine hot and strong in flavour. 

Location Of Nguyen's 163 Retail Park

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