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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

MARRYBROWN Launches Sensasi Ohsem Smokey (SOS) BBQ Meals from 21 Aug to 5 Oct 2020

Special SOS ALERT for Marrybrown fans to enjoy! 
Rejoice And Be Rescued Malaysians! Greeting from MARRYBROWN ~ Malaysia’s largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain is here to SOS with a mission to satisfy the taste buds of millions of Malaysians with their delicious Sensasi Ohsem Smokey (SOS) BBQ Meals from 21 August till 5 October 2020!

Sensasi Ohsem Smokey (SOS) BBQ Meals

Marrybrown is excited to offer their latest most 'Ohsem' meals totally packed with the best balance of flavours, bringing one’s palate on a gastronomy adventure where the perfect blend of sweet and smoky is well-infused in their juicy charcoal burgers and tender drumettes. 

Malaysians across the nation can expect to experience Marrybrown’s sensational SOS BBQ Meals in not one or two but three different ways as they have the option to sink their teeth in the juicy S.O.S BBQ Burger Combo Meal or the mouth-watering S.O.S BBQ Drumette Combo Meal, both deliciously paired with a generous serving of Potato Wedges and crispy Onion Rings. 
For fans who would like to have an overall experience, the third option, S.O.S BBQ Box would be the best pick as it is a combination of the S.O.S BBQ Burger, S.O.S BBQ Drumette with the well-loved MB Crispy Chicken, and Potato Wedges. 

MB SOS BBQ MEALS Menu includes:

S.O.S BBQ Burger (with Potato Wedges, Onion Rings and Coca-Cola) 
• S.O.S BBQ Drumette (with Potato Wedges, Onion Rings and Coca-Cola) 
• S.O.S BBQ Box (Burger, Drumette, MB Crispy Chicken, Potato Wedges and Coca-Cola) 

Charcoal Bun is only meant for West Malaysia. East Malaysia will come with the plain bun.

Marrybrown's S.O.S BBQ Burger

Bet burger lovers will be delighted with S.O.S BBQ Burger that comes with those juicy and tender crispy chicken patty sandwiched in between the soft charcoal bun drenched in the addictive and tasty BBQ sauce.

Marrybrown's S.O.S BBQ Drumette

Marrybrown's S.O.S BBQ Drumette will definitely go well with those Chicken lovers too. These saucy Marrybrown's S.O.S BBQ Drumette is bound to please even finicky eaters with the perfect balance in the sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ sauce.

Potato Wedges

Both offerings go hand-in-hand and well-paired with flavoursome and crispy Potato Wedges and Onion Rings.

Onion Rings

“When planning for this menu, we wanted to ensure that the sauce complimented our local taste buds through the perfect mixture of sweet and smoky with the right texture that will not overpower the meals or leave us feeling overwhelmed by the taste,” said Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown. 

“We invite all Malaysians to try this decadent barbecue sauce integrated into our charcoal bun which complemented the smokiness of the sauce as it elevates the smoky taste in our burgers, leaving a hint of spice when indulged. Fans can also enjoy the sweetness in our sauce while savouring the unique taste on our drumettes.” 


Priced from RM 16.90 and above, all three combo meals are served with a cup of Coca-Cola to quench one’s thirst. 

“Throughout our years of service, Marrybrown has released a variety of flavoursome and delicious goodness for all our fans. However, one thing that has not change is our goal – to continue serving our fans something different yet delicious and enjoyable for all, such as our latest SOS BBQ Meals,” concluded Dato’ Joshua. 

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience. 

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