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Tuesday 4 August 2020

NEW THAI CHEF TEENA Presents Tasty, Fast & Affordable Thai Cuisine At Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City

Presents Tasty, Fast & Affordable Thai Cuisine
Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City
AROI DEE THAI RESTAURANT, PALM GARDEN HOTEL at IOI Resort City has managed to capture the essence of Thai cuisine, which is known for its extreme flavours - from tongue-scorching spiciness to simple yet decadently sweet desserts. 

Opening Hours
Lunch 12noon - 2.30pm 
Dinner 6.30pm - 9pm
Tel: 03 8943 2233 / 010 3676101

Auntie Lilly was excited to be back here at Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City for some Thai-Licious satisfying Thai cuisine again over the weekend recently. Many thanks to Thai Chef Teena for her great-tasting brand new menu selection at affordable prices starting from RM 8 onwards. 

Short Video Of Our Lunch Treat At Aroi Dee 

Thai food is often associated with spicy Tom Yam but there's a wider selection of dishes than just that. At  Aroi Dee Thai Restaurantdiners can enjoy a wide range of dishes with their Thai Chef Teena helming the kitchen now.

Be spoilt for choice with their authentic Thai small bites of Tod Man Pla ~ Thai Fish Cake, Gai Ho Bai Tey ~ Thai Pandan Chicken, Hoe Mok Tha-Le ~ Thai Seafood Otak-Otak, Miang Kham ~ Betel Leaf Wrap to mains of rice, noodles and soup dishes such as Geng Keaw Wan Gai ~ Green Curry Chicken, Near Phad Kra Pow ~ Fried Beef With Basil Leaf, Gung Phad Nui ~ Thai Butter Prawns, Pla Merk Neang Ma Nao ~ Steamed Squid With Spicy Lime sauce among others.

My amazing gastronomical Thai-licious dining started off with a colourful appetiser which got me hooked. The eye-catching dish, a Thai traditional appetiser eaten with Betel Leaf called 'Miang Kham'.

Miang Kham - Betel Leaf Wrap 
RM 10

A fresh wrap of daun kadok with fillings from roasted peanuts, chopped onions, lime, chilli padi, young ginger and dry shrimp, drizzled with house sauce. I was told that Miang Kham its a truly healthy ulam filled with right ingredients which help to dispel wind from our body. 

The flavour sat really well with my taste buds despite there being some many ingredients in the Miang Kham Ulam wrap. Love the taste and texture from the chilli padi, peanut, ginger and everything else being thrown in, it can be addictive and I kept going back for more!

Gai Ho Bai Tey
Thai Pandan Chicken
RM 16

For chicken appetisers, you just have to try my all-time-favourite Thai Pandan Chicken. Another winner for it's juicy and well-marinated chicken thigh meat. 

This is one of the must-have dishes you have to try when dining at Aroi Dee. Juicy chunky and well-marinated chicken wrapped in the fragrant pandan leaves given a light quick deep-fry for the extra crispiness and charred bits on the outside. 

Tom Kha Gai
Tom Yam Chicken With Creamy Coconut Milk 
RM 18

Dining at any Thai restaurants is never complete without trying their Tom Yum. Well, at Aroi Dee, they have not one of four selection of Thai soups including Tom Yam Nam Kon/Sai ~ Red or Clear Tom Yam with either chicken, prawn or mixed seafood, Tom Kha Gai ~ Tom Yam Chicken With Creamy Coconut Milk and Geang Jerd Woon Sen ~ Clear Chicken Soup With Glass Noodle.    

We had Tom Kha Gai ~ Tom Yam Chicken With Creamy Coconut Milk. Aroi Dee's version was creamy and rich with coconut milk and this super Tom Yam pot of goodness had plenty of herbs, chunky chicken meat, mushrooms, tomatoes and spices within.

Keang Som 
Steamed Red Snapper With Hot & Sour Sauce 
RM 48

Another fascinating dish was the Keang Som ~ Steamed Red Snapper With Hot & Sour Sauce. Aroi Dee fish dishes come with two choices to choose from; either Siakap or Red Snapper. 

This is Thai spicy and sour fish dish was thoroughly steamed, with soft, tender that tasted delicious when infused with the tangy lime sauce.

Pla Merk Phad Khai Khem
Fried Squid With Salted Egg 
RM 26

Next, on the menu was Pla Merk Phad Khai Khem ~ Fried Squid With Salted Egg. A hot favourite for salted egg lovers.

Loved the pure Salted Egg, juicy white squid deep-fried to a golden crispy, before generously coated with the salted egg sauce, giving a nice tender on every bite. Recommended ~ A MUST-TRY dish

Mixed Vegetables In Thai Shrimp Paste 
RM 10

The Mixed Vegetables In Thai Shrimp Paste, on the other hand, just the perfect dish for people who love the vegetables. A simple but tasty stir-fry dish in Thai Shrimp Paste (Phad Khra Pik) with a combination of Petai, brinjals, chilli, onion and long bean that compliments the overall taste of the dish.

I enjoyed it most with the Petai, best eaten with the warm rice. It was so yummy to me that could have this dish all to myself. Will definitely come back for more! 

Kow Neae Kanoon
Thai Sticky Rice In Jackfruit 
RM 12

To complete our Thai dining experience, one must try Kow Neae Kanoon ~ Thai Sticky Rice In Jackfruit. An exquisite Thai dessert, jackfruit is stuffed with sweet sticky rice and covered in sweetened coconut cream.

I have to say that this a great combination of fruit and sticky rice. You will enjoy the slippery slices of fresh jackfruits and creamy glutinous rice, flooded with a salty coconut sauce reminiscent of salted caramel. If you’ve never had this before, sit tight. You’re in for a treat!

Aroi Dee's menu is well-suited to those who are looking for some beyond the normal Thai fare. They focus more on homey, 'village-style' dishes where diners can enjoy true good authentic Thai cuisine in a cosy environment with family and friends. Menu portions are made suited for 3-4 persons just perfect for sharing in group dining. Prices are very reasonable and value-for-money with prices starting from RM 8 onwards.


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