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Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Gastropub Serves Up Guilty Pleasures With Its Fusion Offerings

There's a new kid on the block and the name is TIPSY FELLAS. It's a new gastropub that has taken shape at the affluent neighbourhood of Damansara Uptown in SS21 Petaling Jaya.

They opened its doors to customers two months ago in early Feb this year making its mark on the map as a trendy chill-out restaurant bar. Read More ...

No 73 Jalan SS 21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel 012 - 616 3009
WEBSITE www.tipsyfellas.com
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/tipsyfellas 

Founded by four 'Fellas' with a passion for good food and exciting drinks, TIPSY FELLAS Bar & Kitchen is a haven for many city-slicker to get together after work to unwind and de-stress at this contemporary watering hole-cum-bistro. 

A swanky place for drinks with a long list of jovial beverages such as premium malt whiskeys, tequilas, gins, rums, vodkas, wines, sangrias, champagnes, mocktails and cocktails to get you boozy. 

They have been around for the past two months in Damansara Uptown and is popular with diners who enjoy good quality food with some good whisky and beers.

The bar predominantly offers a fusion of Pan-Asian and modern western gastronomy cuisine with an array of small bites, pasta, pizzas, burgers, noodles, and rice with chicken chops to choose from. 

Those who enjoy best cuts of the roast pork might find something to their liking on TIPSY FELLAS' menu.

On my first visit to this newly opened eatery, we were treated to their appetising creations of TIPSY FELLAS' top chefs for that special night. 

Great Place To Chill & Relax With Good Food & Exciting Drinks

Let me feature my highly recommended dishes to eat from their menu from Western to Asian delights. Click here to check out the Tipsy Fellas' Menu

 Crispy Pork Belly 
RM 14.90

Guilty pleasures on a sinful Thursday night with this addictive Crispy Pork Belly. These are one of the tastiest Crispy Pork Belly I ever tasted. 

This porky delights hitting high points with this melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, deep-fried to get to crisp-skin, tender-flesh perfection. 

So yummy with a good ratio of fat and lean meat. Comes serves with the sweet and sour Thai chilli sauce for the extra kick. Simply delicious, can't stop eating it and can be quite addictive too!

Lamb Masala
RM 21.90

Paying homage to the classic Indian meat dish, the Lamb Masala is one special dish you should not miss out. 

With a distinct flavour and aroma, a comfort food quality with richly spiced with tender meat, that's bound to win you over. 

Served together with the warm toast to soak up the delicious sauce. If you love Indian food, then this slow cooked tender juicy lamb is just perfect for you.  

 Tipsy Smoked Duck
RM 16.90

Another crowd favourite is Tipsy Smoked Duck ~ Delectable fare smoked in-house, they are served with salad. Flavourful and not too salty, they are perfect starter to go with drinks before the mains. 

Siew Yok Aglio Olio
RM 17.90

The highlight of the night was the popular Roast Pork pasta dish ~ also known as Siew Yok Aglio Olio well-loved by diners. This is a fancier version of the simple Italian pasta dish with porkiness twist to it. Siew Yok (Roast Pork) was housemade, roasted to perfection with the crunchy skin on the outside leaving juicy layers of fats and lean on the inside. 

A mouthful of the pasta was all it took to convince me that this dish would be one of my favourites. Simple but flavourful ~ full of Wok Hei fusion pasta dish fit for any roast pork lovers any time of the day. 

Tipsy Grilled Chicken Chop 
RM 18.90

Chicken lovers may also fancy the signature Tipsy Grilled Chicken Chop. A tender, juicy chicken steak well-marinated and grilled to perfection comes drenched in a flavoursome luxurious homemade Mongolian sauce waking up our taste buds upon the first bite. 

Served alongside with fries and coleslaw, bringing out the best in the chops. This is a personal favourite and I'm definitely coming back for more!

 Grilled Garlic Chicken Chop
RM 18.90

For those who want a huge and affordable meal, try one of the TIPSY FELLAS' chefs recommendation listed under the Western menu. 

For less than RM 20, diners can try the Grilled Garlic Chicken Chop, which comes with a portion of chargrilled chicken steak served with coleslaw, a generous portion of garlic fried rice and black pepper dipping sauce. 

The huge portion can easily be shared by two persons.

Bacon Pizza
RM 23

For want of something unique with a dose of porkiness, there's the Bacon Pizza.  A thin crisp pizza base comes topped with lots of cheese, pork bacon and chopped capsicum, the pizza sure hits the right spots. 

The flavour is rich and they are generous with the cheese. Baked to perfection, this makes it a nice light bites to go with your drinks. So if you must have pizza, then Bacon Pizza might be an excellent choice for more piggy-licious dining.

Tipsy Signature Burger
RM 18.90

TIPSY FELLAS' version of the gourmet chicken burger has both a chunky thick chicken patty with a slice of melted cheddar cheese with lettuce and sliced tomato sandwiched between two thick charcoal bun. 

 The burger comes with a crispy helping of fries and coleslaw. 

Tomyam Fried Rice
RM 14.90

For those who cannot live without rice, TIPSY FELLAS' Tomyam Fried Rice is a good choice. The rice dish arrived on our table with an aromatic smell of Tomyam paste. 

Lots of fresh seafood ingredients such as prawns, squids and fish cakes goes into this fragrant pan-fired full of 'Wok-Hei' spicy rice dish. Comes with fried egg and salad on the side.

This place rocks when it comes to offering the super promotion for beers such as the 'HAPPY HOUR' (12PM TO 8PM) ~ TIGER @RM 10, and GUINNESS STOUT PACKAGE OF 10 @RM 120 promotion among others.

 Wednesday Ladies Night

Sunday's Special From 12pm Onwards

Good Food, Good Taste & Good Deals For Set Lunch

Value-for-money Lunch Set From RM 12.90 onwards with a FREE drink and dessert from 12pm to 2pm daily.

 Set Lunch Menu

Overall, TIPSY FELLAS' dishes takes the centre stage with their pocket-friendly affordable and delicious cuisine that goes really with their on-going cheap beers promotion all the time. Diners are spoilt-for-choice with their offerings of meats, pasta, pizzas and Asian delicacies - just perfect just for grazing and the ideal accompaniment to a pint of the freshest brew or glass of cocktail.

Location Map For TIPSY FELLAS

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