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Friday 8 March 2019

GRAND SARI RATU PRIMA Nasi Padang Wisma Consplant Subang Jaya ~ Authentic Minang Cuisine

Authentic Minang Cuisine At
A Feast Of Nasi Padang Favourites Awaits Minang Food Lovers

A feast of Nasi Padang favourites awaits Minang food lovers at Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima, the authentic Nasi Padang restaurant located at Wisma Consplant in Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya. Nasi Padang is an Indonesia rice-based dish served with a variety of pre-cooked sides, paired with fiery red and green sambal chilli.

Minang or Padang food lovers need not travel far in search of a good Dendeng Balado, Gulai Tunjang, Ikan Nila Goreng, Rendang Daging, Ayam Kampung Pop, or any other Padang delicacies. Now, they can head down to Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima for an authentic homemade style of cooking and experience, right here in Wisma Consplant, Subang! Read on for more...

Wisma Consplant
Persiaran Jengka
SS 16
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel 03-5611 2307 / 011-6092 9773

Thanks to a wonderful invitation recently, I was invited to this Indonesian gem of Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima to taste and explore the wide selection of Minangkabau cuisine from West Sumatra, Indonesia. 


You can't go wrong with the franchise brand of Sari Ratu Prima which originates from West Sumatra, Indonesia the homeland for the Minang or Padang cuisines. Back with more than 2 decades of serving exquisitely original Indonesian dishes to this part of the world, diners can be assured of a satisfying dining experience at Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima.

Their menu is vast ~ featuring a huge selection of more than 50 delectable dishes of chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables to eat with your Nasi Padang. 

Spoilt For Choice With The Endless Selection Of Padang Dishes

Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima takes great pride in its Minang delights. The menu here is dominated by drool-worthy Padang culinary treats such as Ayam Kampung Pop, Ayam Penyet, Gulai Kepala Ikan, Ikan Nila Goreng, Ikan Tenggiri Goreng Balado, Gulai Tunjang, Rendang Daging @Limpa Minang, Dendeng Balado, Dendeng Batakok, Gulai Otak Lembu, Siput Sedut, Sayur Singkong and Sayur Pakis among others. 

Feast Your Eyes On This Yummy Video

At a glance, West Sumatran cuisine, which is derived from its Minangkabau heritage looks no different from dish to dish but after a bite or ten, one will discover subtle playground for the palate. I mentioned the word 'subtle' cause most of the dishes are lemak-based with generous use of various kinds of spices that gives a mouth-watering aroma that's not only spicy but rich and creamy.

Spacious & Comfortable Setting

We were treated to a wide variety of fascinating Minang delicacies, which is well-known for its richness using coconut milk and aromatic flavours from the extensive use of herbs and spices, adding a rich dimension and flavour to every meal.

It's best to come in a big group with at least four to six diners to dig in and savour the dishes in one sitting discovering varied tastes and textures, thanks largely to the use of the various ingredients and cooking methods. The spread that day definitely didn't disappoint me. The food was good and we were like having a mini feast, tasting a variety of food in an array of colours producing many different flavours. 

Some of their delectable dishes are top-sellers on the menu:
  • Ikan Nila Goreng 
  • Gulai Tunjang
  • Gulai Kambing
  • Rendang Daging 
  • Dendeng Balado
  • Ayam Goreng Special
  • Ayam Kampung Pop 
  • Siput Sedut
  • Sayur Singkong (Pucuk Ubi)
  • Kerepek Kentang

Ayam Kampung Pop 
RM 10

We started our meal with a plate of warm white rice. I paired that with some Ayam Kampung Pop which is a signature Padang deep-fried Kampung Chicken dish. This Padang fried chicken has to be cooked in coconut juice broth prior to being mildly fried with hot oil pouring over the skinless skin. 

Remember to pair it with some sambal mentah ~ Sambal Hijau and Sambal Merah and some boiled Cassava leaves to enhance the flavour. If you enjoyed the chewy texture of chicken meat, then this is the perfect dish for you to try! 

 Ikan Nila Goreng or Fresh Fried Dancing Fish
RM 40.40 (Besar/Big)
RM 30.40 (Kecil/Small)

Ikan Nila Goreng or Fresh Fried Dancing Fish ~ This is the highlight of the day which features a fresh, meaty and succulent Tilapia, marinated and well-seasoned, deep-fried to perfection with absolute crispiness that you eat it down to bones.

The freshwater fish meat is sweet and flaky, well-fried leaving a crispy outside with juicy meat within. The best part of this dish is that it is literally edible in every part of it - from the crunchy skin, fins, bones to the moist meat. It's best eaten with Kicap Sauce that served along with it.

What amazed me is the way the talented chef sliced the fish, twisting while frying the fish into a perfect shape of a 'Dancing Fish'! This is a Must-Order dish when dining here. 

Gulai Tunjang
RM 11.50

Gulai Tunjang ~ This is an all-favourite for Minang lovers. A bestseller in the menu, Gulai Tunjang features gelatinous and tender beef tendon cooked in Indonesian curry gravy The aromatic gulai gravy rocks with rice and you can never stop eating it.  

 Gulai Kambing
RM 14.15

Gulai Kambing ~  Next, there's the Indonesia-style Mutton Curry. Chunky and meaty mutton cooked for long hours soaking in the herbs and spices till the meat is extra tender and super flavorful from all the sauce.

 Rendang Daging
RM 8.40

Personal Favourite

Rendang Daging ~ I was totally in love with this Minang version of  Beef Rendang that features a rich and dark beef stew cooked in coconut milk and spices till dry leaving an.  intense and complex flavour. Beef lovers must not miss out on this delicious beef dish. This is my personal favourite and I'm definitely coming back for more! 

Dendeng Balado
RM 8.40

Dendeng Balado ~ Deep fried wafer thin beef tenderloin marinated in coconut water with shallots, garlic and coconut oil. The end result is thin crisp and super addictive flavoursome beef slices served with red chillies for the extra kick.

Ayam Goreng Special
RM 10.40

Ayam Goreng Special ~  A personal favourite is this traditional aromatic deep fried chicken. Well-marinated on the inside and deep-fried to a golden brown crispy outside, leaving absolute sinful but appetising crispy fragrant bits of the deep-fried herbs coating to eat with your rice. 

Siput Sedut
RM 8

Siput Sedut - A unique delicacies to many, this is a tasty snail dish cooked with coconut milk, turmeric and hot chilli. Commonly also known as 'Belitung', the word 'Siput' means snail in English and 'Sedut' means suck.

Half the fun of eating this comes from sucking out the flesh embedded within this snail. It's a spicy dish cooked in a creamy coconut concoction with spices and of course simply delicious.  

Sayur Singkong (Pucuk Ubi) 
RM 5.50

Sayur Singkong (Pucuk Ubi) ~ It's a common vegetable dish for Indonesian. Steamed cassava leaves or tapioca leaves cooked in yellow curry with thick and rich coconut milk.  

Kerepek Kentang
RM 6.90

Kerepek Kentang - Traditional potato chips seasoned in spices - it's a good dish to have as a starter or as a side dish so you can munch on this addictive dish or have it together with the rest of the dishes. Enjoy the super thin finely sliced marinated potatoes chips ala Asian-style here!   

Sambal Merah
RM 4.10

Sambal Hijau 
RM 4.50

Sambal Hijau & Sambal Merah  ~ A combination of green and red chillies, fermented shrimp paste (belacan), tangy lime juice, sugar and salt - all pounded up with mortar and pestle creating a great side dishes to goes with any meal. These two amazing sambal goes well with any rice or even noodles dish.

Es Esteler
RM 10.50

After the mini feast, bet it's time for some famous Indonesian dessert. Sweet tooth will truly enjoy the big bowl of the delightfully colourful Es Esteler ~ An favourite Indonesian dessert for many, featuring a shaved ice drenched in thick coconut cream, evaporated milk, rose syrup, topped generously with Avocado from Indonesia, jack fruit, red pearl sago and some buah kabung (palm fruit).

Looks Good & Tastes Good - Es Esteler

This dessert bears a similar resemblance to our Malaysian Ice Kacang and what makes it special is the healthy avocado that complements the whole dessert with its rich and creamy texture. Looks like ice cream at first sight, but trusts me it tastes great and much healthier too! Hit it up and it's good for sharing with another dessert lover too!     

RM 11.70

Alpokat ~ Fan of Avocados will enjoy this lovely smoothie drink made from Alpokat, Avocado in Indonesia. It is a good dose of goodness with a deliciously thick and creamy smooth drink sweeten with chocolate sauce, making it a perfect finish to perfect Minang meal.

Teh Botol
RM 5

Teh Botol ~ This is a highly popular iconic Indonesian drink and fully-imported from Indonesia Sosro. A sweetened jasmine tea that's best served cold, refreshing and a great drink as a thirst quencher on a hot sunny day.

Es Jeruk 
RM 10.50

Limau Madu Drink

All-in-all, I'm utterly satisfied having tasted their classics well-loved Minang dishes such as the Rendang Daging, Ayam Goreng Special, Gulai Tunjang, Ikan Nila Goreng and Dendeng Balado - being my top pick for the day. With Sari Ratu's heritage age-old recipes, I believe that this is one of those establishments in the food business, driven by passion and not money alone to share and preserve the heritage of Minang cuisine.

Restoran Grand Sari Ratu Prima also offers food delivery in the Klang Valley. They are on GrabFoodhonestbee and DeliverEat too. Satisfy your cravings and enjoy the best Nasi Padang in town without travel hassle and get caught in terrible traffic jams. Order now to enjoy your favourite food right at home with these apps!  

Nasi Box
RM 8.50

The Nasi Box (RM 8.50) basic set comes with rice, tempeh, vegetables of your choice with Sambal Merah and Sambal Hijau. You can add on your favourite choice of meat, poultry or seafood to complete your Nasi Padang meal. Prices vary for different kind of dishes.

Location Map

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