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Saturday, 16 March 2019


Pairing Wine With Fusion Delights 
At MONTT Restaurant & Bar
Fine Treats Of Dishes Alongside Reds & Whites Wine
Wine Pairing Luncheon At MONTT Restaurant & Bar 

A pairing of elegant Japanese-French fusion cuisine with wine was a good start to introducing new dishes at MONTT Restaurant & Bar in Puchong Kuala Lumpur. My family and I were honoured to be hosted by Executive Chef Low to taste and savour his signatures curated masterpiece dishes.

Come and experience a new gastronomic journey with MONTT as they take you through a culinary experience with a dash of Japan and harmonize with French cuisine, it’s an experience you wouldn't want to miss. Read on ...

23 Jalan PPU 2A
I-32 Puchong Utama, Industrial Park
47100 Puchong
Tel 012-969 9230
Opening Hours 
3pm - 12am (Mon to Sat) 
11am - 12 am (Sun) 

Executive Chef Low & Pastry Chef Jeremy

MONTT Restaurant Bar welcomes Chef Low as their Executive Chef and in the coming month of March, Chef is proud to be debuting his masterpieces, specially crafted new menu to excite your senses. There's no doubt that the chef works hard to make our meal really delicious and to attract the gourmands.

 Great Food In Good Company 

For the first preview of the year, guests were treated to a six-course meal with four types of wines and sake at this impressive fine-dining restaurant. 

MONTT Restaurant-Bar features pretty impressive culinary delights by the creative chefs, imported wines, romantic decor in an elegant, luxuriously furnished restaurant. The restaurant's setting provides us  with good spots for our OOTDs' shots too. Check them out here. 

This classy fine dine restaurant exudes class and elegance with its decor and decadent fusion cuisine that pairs well with its extensive wine list from their wine room. Wine lovers can select their favourites from the Old World to the New World wine selections. 

Back to the tasting, each wine was carefully selected to be paired with a course, starting with entrees, mains and ending with not one but two desserts. 

Chilled Capellini 
Paired with Echigozakura Nihonshu Sake (Japan)

For the first entree, we were served Chilled Capellini (aka Angel Hair) and perfectly paired with Echigozakura Nihonshu Sake, a Japanese inspired dish.

It may look simple but was very flavourful with the clever use of Kombu Shoyu sauce to season the somewhat bland angel hair. Served chilled and topped with Ikura and Tobiko which sort of exploded in the mouth upon each bite adding extra taste and texture to the dish

It was indeed a good refreshing dish to start off and you will find yourself expecting the following courses to be as good. The sake went well with the three types of egg roe. So yummy!

Grilled Tiger Prawns
Paired With Misha Lyric - Riesling (New Zealand)

Misha Lyric - Riesling (New Zealand)

More seafood on the way ~ next dish to arrive was Grilled Tiger Prawns, paired with a white wine ~  Misha Lyric - Riesling from New Zealand, which had a refreshing citrus freshness and fruity taste. 

Chef charcoal-grilled the succulent prawns to induce some smokiness thus flavouring the meaty and juicy prawns.

Adding on some butter fried Nestum and some toasted cashew nut for the extra flavour and crunch to the dish. 

 Loving This Personal Favourite
Roasted Half Young Chicken Dish

Roasted Half Young Chicken 
Paired with Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT (Italy)

Next up was the first mains of Roasted Half Young Chicken which is paired with Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT, wine from Old World, Italy. This amazing poultry dish took diners on a gastronomic adventure living up to everyone's expectation.

The current superstar on the menu is a tedious dish to prepare according to Chef Low. Young chicken weighing not more than 1.2kg was selected for its nice and tender texture. The preparation time starts off with brining the young chicken for a total of 12 hours with salt, sugar and herbs.  

After which it was sous vide cooking to retain its flavour and juiciness. The truffle white cream sauce that accompanies it is the perfect sidekick to the beautiful dish and ably complements the meat with a rich and aromatic undercurrent. 

I'm sure you will love this dish to the max that you will find yourself greedily polishing off in no time just like me. Highly recommended top dish to order when dining here!

Char-grilled Dukkah Spice Lamb Rib
Paired with Corona De Aragon Reserva Especial (Spain)
One last main was the Char-grilled Dukkah Spice Lamb Rib which is paired with Corona De Aragon Reserva Especial from Spain. Putting the dish together, chef cured the lamb ribs with salt and sugar for at least an hour to marinate it

Corona De Aragon Reserva Especial (Spain)
Bottled For MONTT 

After that, the lamb ribs are marinated with Dukkah spice, the Middle Eastern spice mix which the perfect aromatic coating for fish, chicken or lamb before grilling. Served with yoghurt and pita bread.

Oh yes,  the wine is specially bottled exclusively for MONTT Restaurant & Bar and there are only 250 bottles available at the restaurant. 

Strawberry Lychee Mousse

While the savoury items on the new menu can certainly hold their own, the desserts are - without a doubt - MONTT's trump card.

Ending the meal on a sweet note with Strawberry Lychee Mousse and Peanut Butter Mascarpone.

Pretty on the eye and pleasant on the tongue is how I would describe these two desserts. Strawberry Lychee Mousse features a specially crafted dessert comprising of strawberry jelly, crepes skin with layered strawberry and lychee mousse.

Peanut Butter Mascarpone

Then there's the euphoric mascarpone, the heavenly Peanut Butter Mascarpone which combines Mascarpone Cheese, Chocolate Coffee Cake, Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate.

This is quite possibly one of the best mascarpone I've had on the local front. The textures and flavours are decadent and omnipresent, to whisk you away to a dreamy magical faraway land. A must try dessert to have when dining.   

Both plated desserts arrive at the table looking so beautiful, that even the most Instagram-averse diner will find themselves whipping out their phones to take pictures.

The new dishes introduced are now part of the daily specials beginning Mar 15th this year! Don't wait any longer, you just got to try these new menus with your loved ones or friends for an awesome dining experience at MONTT now...  BON APPETIT ๐Ÿ˜‹

Tummy Happy Auntie Lilly Posing Her Daughter & Son


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