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Wednesday, 20 March 2019


My New Dairy Experience With DiamondPure Milk With Only A2
My New Dairy Experience With DiamondPure Milk With Only A2

Hi Everyone! Have you heard of DIAMONDPURE MILK before? I was recently introduced to Diamond Pure Milk and find it the perfect milk for my whole family. It is smooth and mild in flavour making it very palatable to many.  Read on for latest milk in town ...

Introducing DiamondPure - the milk that is Only A2. 

DiamondPure - the milk that is Only A2. Not A1 milk and hence it is easier to digest by our gut, it's natural, sourced from New Zealand.  

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Do you suffer from these symptoms after drinking milk?

  • Feeling bloated after you drink milk? 
  • Having stomachache when you drink milk?
  • Dealing with itchy skin shortly after drinking milk?

Here's Why. πŸ‘‡

You see, cow’s milk is a nutritious beverage and there are categorized into three varieties according to the following:

• Fat Content ( Full-cream, Low- fat or Skimmed)
• Processed State ( Liquid Chilled, UHT, Powder or Cream)
• Grade ( Standard grade A or grade B )

These are the most common forms of milk available to consumers. For decades, we may have been drinking milk which causes stomach discomfort. So many might just stop drinking this nutritious drink altogether.

You may ask, what is A2? A2 stands for A2 Beta-Casein Protein. Most of the cow milk available in the market is A1 milk; very rarely can we find milk which does not contain A1 protein. DiamondPure's milk contains Only A2 protein, making it gut friendly and smooth on the palate. Read more about A1 and A2 proteinhttps://goo.gl/4JHa6y πŸ˜

Taste it and you will love it. They come in four exciting flavours to suit your fancy and palate:

✴️Milk with Manuka Honey
✴️Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey
✴️Milk with Inulin Fibre
✴️Milk with Kiwi

 Milk with Manuka Honey

Combining two essential raw materials; natural milk and combined with Manuka Honey in a convenient ready-to-drink product that delivers on taste and quality. Nothing added, nothing removed imported from the pristine environment of the South Island New Zealand.

What is Manuka Honey?
Manuka honey is a unique type of honey that's from New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. It is known to have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that may help treat numerous ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers, periodontal disease and upper respiratory infections.

 Low Fat Milk with Manuka Honey

Combining two essential raw materials; natural milk and combined with Manuka Honey in a convenient ready-to-drink product that delivers on taste and quality. Nothing added, nothing removed imported from the pristine environment of the South Island New Zealand. With its low-fat content, this is the perfect milk suitable for the consumer with dietary restrictions. My favourite too!

Milk with Inulin Fibre

Utilizing 2 natural ingredients combining to make a delicious simple health milk drink. Using Milk from New Zealand and Inulin Fibre, itself an incredible up and coming superfood. Each serves will provide a good source of fibre. Nothing else added, nothing removed.

What is Inulin?
It’s a soluble plant fibre that's present in high amounts in the artichoke plant. Along with other fibres is considered a functional plant-based ingredient that effectively boosts digestion and other processes. 

Dietary fibres have been used for hundreds of years to improve bowel functions and gut health, curb appetite, and help maintain heart health, all completely natural.

It reduces constipation, Improves Gut Health by Acting Like a Prebiotic, Helps Curb Appetite and Boosts Heart Health and Lowers Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors.

Milk with Kiwi

It is a specially formulated milk drink and kiwifruit enzyme using the best and purest ingredients from New Zealand and beyond. Using a special preparation of kiwi that has been carefully preserving the properties of the kiwifruit, combined with the well-known benefits of inulin fibre and manuka honey in a delicious and ready-to-drink will make for a natural boost at any time of the day.

Why the Kiwifruit Enzyme?

The kiwifruit derived components are extracted in their natural. unaltered state. The kiwifruit enzyme digests proteins into amino acids which are called the "building blocks" of life. Kiwi is also the key nutrient for slowing down the ageing process.

It works great for my daily oatmeal.  I had this every day for breaking my 16 hours fast (IF Intermittent Fasting). The rolled oats soak it up easily and it tastes delicious. We loved the flavour ~ mild and smooth on the palate, even a non-milk drinker in my family - my hubby is enjoying it now! πŸ˜‹ 

My Nutritious Bowl Of Oatmeal

My easy to make simple healthy and delicious oatmeal consists of rolled oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, raisins, cranberries and nuts such as walnuts or almonds sometimes to add more crunch to my oatmeal. 

Pour in the milk and let it soak for 30 mins or overnight if you like it softer. I prefer DiamondPure - Low Fat Milk With Manuka Honey for the hint of sweetness as it makes my oatmeal tastier to eat.

Where To Buy  DiamondPure Milk? 
They are available now on the shelf at the following outlets in Klang Valley.
Jaya Grocer
• The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak
• The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
• Main Place Mall, Subang Jaya
• Starling Mall, Uptown
• 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara
De market
• Faber Towers, Taman Desa

BMS Organics
• Puchong Jaya, Puchong
• Taipan USJ, Subang
• Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang
• Kota Kemuning, Selangor
• One Utama Shopping Centre
• Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
• Ativo Plaza, Damansara Avenue
• Gateway @ KLIA2
• Mid Valley Megamall
• IOI City Mall
• AEON, Bukit Tinggi

Kiara Supermarket & Kiara Mart
• Plaza Mont Kiara
• The Fare, 10 Mont Kiara
• Seni Mont Kiara
• Kiaraville, Mont Kiara
• 28 Mont Kiara
• Saujana, Shah Alam

Atlas Gourmet Market
• Four Seasons Place, KL

The Natural Marketplace
• SS2, Petaling Jaya
For more information, please visit  WEBSITE www.diamondpure.com.my & FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/diamondpure.com.my

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