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Saturday 16 June 2018

DURIAN WONDERLAND Musang King Durian Farm Visit At Raub & Bentong Pahang

Musang King Durian Farm Visit 
Raub & Bentong Pahang    
Musang King Durian Farm Visit At Raub & Bentong Pahang    

Exciting, Fun and Crazy! That's how I would describe my maiden visit to Durian Wonderland, a durian orchard located in Pahang. It was an eye-opening experience for many of us on our first trip to a Musang King Durian Farm at Bentong and Raub, the famous homeland of Musang King in Malaysia. 

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Posing With A 3Kg Musang King Or Raja Kunyit Durian

Great news! The durian season is almost here and their orchard is harvesting. Durian lovers are invited to join Durian Wonderland EXCLUSIVE DURIAN FIESTA from JULY onwards to indulge the 'KING OF FRUITS' under the durian trees cum a durian tour to their orchards in Pahang. 

Thanks to the gracious invitation from Durian Wonderland Sdn Bhd, my durian-loving hubby, Uncle Hong and I had an enjoyable and amazing day-trip exploring the wonderful world of durian farming.

Our Entourage Of The Musang King Gang

Our educational tour was filled with the memorable experience with an 'Eat-All-You-Can' Durian Buffet, Durian Jatuh Activity coupled with an adventurous ride on a 4-wheel drive ride to their orchards and a guided tour with sharing by Ah Fatt, the Durian Master in durian farming. 

For me personally, I had to say that it was a great day, well-spent as I learned a lot from passionate people who run the farm, so much hard work to plant a durian tree from a little seed to an amazing delicious Musang King fruit for all to enjoy and savour.
Young Saplings Of The Famed Musang King At Kuala Atok in Raub

Our first farm visit started off at a young durian orchard with 500 young saplings of the famed Musang King. This farm is just right next to the river at Kuala Atok in Raub.

 1st 4 Wheel Drive Truck Experience Into The Farm

Next, we hopped on and hitched a ride on a 4 wheel drive truck driven by Ah Fatt to the second 6 acres durian farm located at Jerkoh, Kuala Lipis. It's a matured durian orchard of more than 26 years old durian trees.

1st Fun Truck Ride Into The Jerkoh Durian Farm 

You’ll be amazed by their 385 matured durian trees with over 11 different cultivars to tickle your taste buds! The Jerkoh durian farm is planted with mixed durian species such as Dato Dinar, D101, D24, D144, Golden Phoenix, Red Prawn, Kampung durians and the rest of 250 prized Musang King species. I can hear your lips smacking already! Yums-yums....😋😋😋

Durian Wonderland's Farm Owner Mr Adrian Yeo Giving Us An Insight About The Farm At Jerkoh Kuala Lipis 

Adrian went on to explained that this is one of the famous Jerkoh durian farm featured by TV3 recently, thus, making it the perfect setting for a durian-licious Durian Buffet for visitors.

Nothing beats the pleasure of eating durian fresh from the trees. So for real durian aficionados, I would suggest you come to this fun 'Eat-All-You-Can' Durian Buffet Trip' to savour the many different “brands” of durians as each brand boasts a unique fragrance, flavour and texture.

Durians are best eaten fresh, preferably within the first few hours of it falling from the tree, for one to be able to enjoy the full robust flavours of the fruit. Hence, not every roadside stall will suffice as their durians may not be up to standard or are not fresh enough.

The Jerkoh Durian Farm In Kuala Lipis 

It was a lovely and refreshing experience eating durian on a farm in the middle of nowhere, that's right in the heart of the 'jungle' surrounded by durian trees and the sound of the jungle. We immerse ourselves into a peaceful and relaxing jungle environment surrounded by graceful birds while listening to the chirping sounds of the birds. Watch the video and listening to the background sound of the bird's chirping...

So Happy To See So Many Durians On The Trees

Happy Me At 'Durian Jatuh' Activity

I was delighted to have some fun participated in the 'Durian Jatuh' activity. This is where a ripe durian is prior fastened with a string and lucky visitor can choose and pick or pluck to 'drop' or gently lower the fruit from the tree.   

Posing With Ah Fatt - My Warm & Friendly Guide Cum The Durian Master

Watch This Video As I Gently Plucked It Off The Tree

After the orchard tour, we indulged in an assorted selection of durians and seasonal fruits to chill and relax while taking a break from the tour.

Assorted Varieties Of Durian Freshly Collected That Morning   

Ah Fatt Getting Into Action To Serve Us More Durians

At the yummy-licious Durian Buffet, we were treated to the seasonal durian such as D101, Golden Phoenix, some kampung durians and last but not least, the ultimate Durian Musang King!

 Durian D101

Durian Musang King

Frozen Musang King Durian, Anyone? 

This my first time trying some frozen Musang King durian. According to Adrian, these are for export solely to China, where the people of China are one of the biggest durian consumers in the world. In  Thailand recently, the Chinese consumers snap up 80,000 durians after Alibaba signs 3 billion yuan food deal with Thai government in April 2018.

Frozen Golden Pheonix 

For me, this is like eating durian ice cream, hence I would still prefer the fresh ones instead. 

Finger-Licking Good - Plump, Fleshy, Creamy & Rich Musang King Durian

Check Out The Tiny Seed - 'Chit Wat'

Good Friends + Good Company + Tasty Durian = Happiness

Angeline Chong, a non-durian eater getting her first taste of durian that day!

Camera Eats Before We Eat The Durian

Noms-Noms Time At The Durian Farm 

All Smiles &Thumbs Up To These Tummy Happy Durian Lovers After Our Durian Buffet

Apart from the durian feast, during the tour, we were treated to more local seasonal fruits that were available from the farm. We indulged in the super delicious and sweet jackfruits (nangka), cempedak, rose apple (jambu air) and coconuts!

Fresh Cempedak

You can't get any fresher than this at the fruit orchard!

Ah Fatt Serving Me My Coconut Drink!

The fresh coconut drink was a heaven - refreshing and thirst-quenching especially after a hiking trip to the orchard. Coconut water is one of favourite drink to go for - so healthy and natural straight from the nut. Right after you drown down the liquid, get Ah Fatt to break open the shell and you can enjoy the sweet and smooth flesh within. 

Scooping Out The Coconut Flesh 

It was my first time too - drinking coconut water without a straw & eating the flesh with a 'cut off the coconut shell' fashioned looking like a scoop to scoop up the flesh. How amazing and fun, right?  

Oh yes, did I mentioned that the ride into the farm was another exhilarating adventure. I was not brave nor young enough to hitch a ride on the back of the 4 wheel drive truck. But you guys should at least do this once when coming on this amazing Musang King Farm at Durian Wonderland in Raub & Bentong, the home for the famous King of Fruit, MUSANG KING!

Fun 4-Wheel Drive - Truck Ride Leaving Jerkoh Farm

Don't worry too much as we are in the hand of the very experience farmer cum driver, Ah Fatt who have been managing these durian orchards for many years and knows the hook and crook and every bend of the tough and dusty bumpy road into the orchard.

 Short Hiking Trip Up The Hill To The Durian Farm

Our Short Hike Up The Hill

Do come in your comfortable clothing with a good pair of walking or hiking shoes as you may need to walk a bit up to the hills into the farm. As we walked along the path surrounded by the numerous durian trees, Ah Fatt and Adrian brief and give us an insight into the process of durian farming.

Everyone Was So Exciting To See Durian Trees & Camera + Handphones Were Snapping Away

 Durians & More Durians  & We Are Surrounded By The Glorious Durians

See how tall the aged durian trees are at the Jerkoh Farm?  

What amazes me is that they have interesting story for some of the durian trees grown in the orchard. As these are very old aged durian trees, Adrian shares with us some amusing stories about his trees and how they are nurtured and care for with great love as the years goes by. For me, I find it very interesting to be able learn so much about these durian trees on this trip.  

Have you ever seen this? A kampung durian with 3 wives namely Musang Queen, Musang King & D101. It’s in their Durian Wonderland orchard!

The story goes like this - They grafted this old grand durian tree with two others species and it flourishes so well now - thus bearing 3 different varieties of durian in one tree itself.   

If you see close enough, there are even fruits coming out of the tree trunk instead of the branches!

Special Design Trap For Monkeys

Can you guess what's this for in the durian farm? I saw this trap at the Jerkoh durian farm in Kuala Lipis. It's actually a trap is designed by Ah Fatt to trap the monkeys at the farm. These monkeys don't eat the fruits but instead they pluck and play with the fruits to throw at each other. That's explains the nature these mischievous and playful animals.

The trap is designed as such that the animal goes in easily but it may not be able to climb out due to the slippery sides of the blue bucket, which makes it impossible for the monkey is come out. I was told that once a monkey is trapped, it will make a lot of noise to attract more monkeys to go inside too.

Ah Fatt told us that once they caught one but ended with twelve monkeys in the trap after sometime. These trapped monkeys are caught and brought to be released back into another jungle to avoid them coming back to the farm.

Young Durian Tree

From seedlings to a full-grown fruit-bearing durian tree, Durian Wonderland has invested in the latest technique and technology with much research and pioneered the process of getting maximum yield per tree.

Ah Fatt Proud Of His Babies

Durian Trees At Foothills & Sloping Land

I also found out from them that durian trees flourish well planted on gently sloping land and foothills. The durian cannot stand waterlogged conditions and is vulnerable to wind damage during storms and typhoons and requires protection.

 Durian Wonderland Perfected The Watering System In Their Orchards

Having said that, Durian Wonderland puts a great importance on the drainage and water management system to ensure that the durian trees are nurtured in the best possible environment. High-quality fertilisers are used to boost or hasten flowerings thus provides early fruiting to 3 fruiting seasons in a year.

Posing At Kuala Atok Durian Farm in Raub

Durian crop production is important and that how they manage the durian orchard to improve plant growth, flowering, fruit set, fruit growth and fruit development with the goal of improving the quantity and quality of durian fruits produced.

These Are The Awkward Shaped Musang King Durian That Was Removed 

To improve the size and general quality of the fruit, the workers will scout around the tree to prune or crop the less desirable fruits of awkward shape like a kidney bean. This is to ensure the best grade fruit is left to flourish and grow into the most desirable fruit of the perfect shape.

So along the walking path, you will noticed a lot of little small durian fruits littered around the orchard. We found it very cute and picked some to pose for pictures.

Musang King durian has thick, golden-yellow flesh that tastes sweet with just a hint of bitterness in it. The texture is custard-like and extremely creamy with deep turmeric yellow flesh.

Musang King Durian Farm 
Kuala Atok in Raub

Moving on we returned to Kuala Atok in Raub to visit another young Musang King durian orchard which was planted with 4,500 young Musang King. Located just next to the highway, this is an 81 acres orchard planted with 3 to 8 months old Musang King durian trees. It's also another well-managed durian farm featured by TV3 recently.    

Man Made Lake For The Watering System  

Impressive Pump System

Watering Time At The Farm

At this farm, you can view the elaborate watering system designed by Durian Wonderland that runs across the entire farm that facilitates the whole watering system in the most sophisticated manner.

High-Quality Fertilisers

The nutrients are mixed into the watering system and water pump in from the man-made lake. Do check out the video below.

Watch These Two Videos With The Misty Watering In Action 

 Hilltop Durian Farm in Kuala Atok Raub

Scary Drive Up The Hill Top Durian Farm

Our last stop is the young durian orchard planted with 2,500 Musang King right on top of the hilltop in Kuala Atok in Raub. We took another adventurous ride in the trusty Hilux up high into the hills for a magnificent view of the entire farm. At the top of the hill, you will enjoy looking out to gorgeous views of the hills.

Enjoy The View At The Hill Top Durian Farm

Scenic View At The Top Of The Durian Hill 

May 27, 2018, was indeed a remarkable date, as my hubby and I joined in the memorable and educational durian tour organised by Durian Wonderland. The tour was very fruitful indeed as we indulged ourselves crazy over the endless supply of yummy durian fresh from the farm, did some hiking - great exercise for the old bones of mine and we enjoyed the hospitality extended to us by our gracious host, Mr Adrian Yeo and Ah Fatt.

Durian Farm Owner - Adrian Yeo

I would recommend all durian fans to gather your family and friends for a nice durian-licious getaway day trip to the land of King Of The Fruits right here at Durian Wonderland Bentong & Raub Durian Farm Visit.

Oh yes, you can also drop by for a delicious CURRY FISH HEAD meal at Restoran Ratha Raub Kari Kepala Ikan at Raub town. This place was recommended by Ah Fatt on one of the best places to eat for a good and authentic Indian cuisine.

Restoran Ratha Raub Kari Kepala Ikan is a MUST-EAT place to dine while visiting Raub whether you are there for the Musang King durian or food-tripping or sight-seeing! Click on my food blog here for full story:  Restoran Ratha Raub Kari Kepala Ikan

If you are interested, don't wait anymore. Find out more from their Website www.durianwonderland.com  & Facebook www.facebook.com/durianwonderland

Lastly, let me end my food-tripping post with an educational video by MAJALAH 3 - TV3 Coverage of the Musang King Durian with the Sifu Lim or Sifu Raja Kunyit.

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