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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Thermomix® Malaysia Launches New Cookbook By Theresa Lee At Ruyi & Lyn

 Thermomix® Malaysia Launches New Cookbook 
By Theresa Lee At Ruyi & Lyn
THERMOMIX®  Malaysia Launches New Cookbook By Theresa Lee At Ruyi & Lyn

I was delighted to be introduced to this amazing Thermomix®, a multi-functional do-it-all kitchen appliance recently at the launch of  Thermomix®'s latest Malaysia family cookbook entitled 'Easy Meals For The Family'  at Ruyi & Lyn. 

'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family' Cookbook 

The event is a collaboration between Thermomix® Malaysia, Miss Theresa Lee, the author of the cookbook together with Chef James Ho, the Executive Chef of Ruyi & Lyn showcasing an exclusive specially crafted 6-course fine-dining menu to delight the senses of the diners.

Thermomix® Malaysia

Thermomix® is known for its leading innovation and engineering excellence in kitchen technology for over 50 years. Known as the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today, Thermomix ® unites the functions of 12 appliances in one compact unit. 

Thermomix® is a kitchen gadget - though that term over-simplifies a kitchen machine that is not only a food-processor but this ‘compact kitchen’ performs the task of twelve appliances in one by mixing, steaming, blending, weighing, stirring, grinding, whipping, emulsifying, heating, kneading, cooking and chopping.

Thermomix® makes it easy for busy families to put healthy and delicious meals on the dining tables effortlessly with minimum fuss. Hence, it's huge popularity boils down to the ease of use and its simplicity of the Thermomix® to cook a wholesome meal for the family. Millions of user can vouch for its' straightforward step in cooking even complex dishes.

Now coupled with its revolutionary Recipe Chip technology that provides step-by-step guided cooking, Thermomix® is committed to helping Malaysians alike to cook more at home and to rely less on ready-to-eat food or to dine outside.    

Thermomix®'s latest innovation, the Thermomix ® TM5 effortlessly combines the functions of a mincer, a grater, a dough maker, a juicer, a whisk, a blender, a mill, a pestle and mortar, an ice cream/sorbet maker, a mixer, an ice crusher, a food processor and a coffee and spice grinder. With Thermomix ®, food preparation is effortless.

Serve up deliciously delicate sauces, soups and stews. Create temptingly tasty jams, chutneys and preserves. Produce perfect purées, pastes and pâtés. Prepare fish, meat and vegetables to perfection. Simply add a little imagination and creativity and the possibilities are endless!


Friends who are keen to know about Thermomix®, please use this code FOLLOWTM and fill up this form 👉🏻Thermomix® Registration Form for an exclusive cooking experience with Theresa Lee to learn the dishes from the Thermomix®Easy Meals for the Family cookbook worth RM200.

To up a notch, from today, cooking Malaysian food and snacks with Thermomix® is made even easier with the launch of the world's first ever Malaysia family cookbook with its title  'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family' was developed with author Ms Theresa Lee.

Miss Theresa Lee - One Of Malaysia's Top Thermomix® Consultant 

Miss Theresa Lee is a one of Malaysia's top Thermomix® consultant that constantly strived to cook with perfection in every single of her recipes. This great cookbook of hers features a close to her heart compilation of 65 of her family's favourite all-day recipes that she baked and cooked for them daily.   

One of the main features of this cookbook is that it provides a menu plan, how-to-guides and handy hints that ensure users spend less time in the kitchen to prepare and serves flavourful and beautifully styled food quickly and effortlessly; thus saving you time and hassle to cook a meal.

'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family', is the first Thermomix® cookbook with step-by-step pictorial guides for cooking and plating for more challenging recipes, such as the cute animals buns. dim sum style egg tarts, Teriyaki Chicken rice balls. chicken Hor Fun and salted chicken. 

 Homemade Luncheon Meat Recipe With Thermomix®

From the cookbook, one of the recipes which were 'Homemade Luncheon Meat' caught my eyes and I was surprised that it can be cooked using Thermomix with such a simple step. I believe that this homemade luncheon meat recipe is definitely healthier without traces of preservative and colourings. Such an innovative and easy-to-follow recipe that children will surely love it. 

Published by True Mix Sdn Bhd (Thermomix® Malaysia),  'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family' Cookbook is priced at RM 160 and available online at Thermomix.com.my

Executive Chef James Ho From Ruyi & Lyn

The 'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family' cookbook was launched on 1st June 2018 at Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Centre with Executive Chef James Ho which is an avid user of Thermomix appliances, famed for his creative Chinese cuisine in the country. 

Posing With Thermomix® TM5 Mascot

Chef James and Theresa Lee were up on stage jointly demonstrated several dishes served in the specially crafted 6-course menu for this event. The founder of Ruyi & Lynn, Mr Yng Lyn Siew said: "We are glad to collaborate with  Thermomix® to showcase how this wonderful kitchen gadget may be used in a large format restaurant like ours to serve hundreds". 

The Unveiling Of 'Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family' Cookbook

At the launch, guests were served dishes cooked using Thermomix® showcasing its versatility. The first dish is the collection of sushi dish which has the Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Rice Ball and Ruyi & Lyn most popular Nasi Lemak Sushi.

 Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Rice Ball & Ruyi & Lyn Most Popular Nasi Lemak Sushi

Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Ball 

Nasi Lemak Sushi

Moving on, we were served a peppery tasting Flower Taufoo Soup. The fine art of cutting the soft silky Taufoo is indeed much touted and impresses the diners.  It was almost too pretty to be eaten.

Tofu Flower Soup

Diners will enjoy the pepperish flavoursome Tofu Flower Soup with the smooth and silky texture of the well-cut white tofu. 

Tofu Flower Soup

The next dish is a sharing platter of Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste and Roasted Almond. 

Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste & Roasted Almond

The Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste & Roasted Almond features a combination of the juicy chicken with tender prawn paste deep-fried to perfection with the coating of the crispy almond flakes for the added crunch.    

Deep Fried Prawns Dipped In Wasabi Sauce

Those who love prawns will definitely enjoy this creation of Deep Fried Prawns Dipped In Wasabi Sauce. The crunchy fresh prawns were coated with flavoursome wasabi sauce to enhance its flavour.  

Grouper Wallet served with Homemade Noodles

And the last mains is the Grouper Wallet served with Homemade Noodles. Steamed fresh fish fillet and prawn paste were stuffed into the beancurd pocket and served with flavourful sauce accompanied with homemade a la dente noodles.


We ended our sumptuous dinner with desserts of  Green Tea Lava Cake Served With Lime Ice Popsicles.

Green Tea Lava Cake Served With  Lime Ice Popsicles

Door Gifts From Thermomix® Malaysia

At the event, we received a nice little gift of a bottle of homemade peanut butter spread lovingly made by Miss Theresa Lee with her amazing kitchen helper - Thermomix®. My hubby loves this peanut butter and he finds it especially tasty and fresh which was cooked without any preservatives.

 Peanut Butter Spread Made By Theresa Lee With Thermomix® 

We loved it and was impressed with the fine smooth texture and the aromatic smell of this homemade healthy and delicious peanut butter made with Thermomix®. 

For those who are interested to know more about Thermomix®, please visit www.facebook.com/ThermomixMalaysia for more information.

Location Map For Ruyi & Lyn

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