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Friday, 22 June 2018

MO-MO Paradise Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki At J's Gate Dining Of Lot 10 Shopping Centre Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Japanese Hot Pot Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki The Japanese Way At Mo-Mo Paradise Malaysia 
MO-MO Paradise Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki At J's Gate Dining Of Lot 10 Shopping Centre 

Japan's most successful Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki restaurant has finally arrived at our shores! Now, Malaysian no longer needs to travel all the way to Japan to enjoy and savour the authentic and famous Mo-Mo Paradise in Shinjuku, Kabukicho, Tokyo.

MO-MO Paradise Malaysia
Lot P1, Unit P1-10, P1-11 Level 4
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2110 3588

Japanese food lovers now can take a trip down to MO-MO Paradise, the Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki Restaurant located at J's Gate Dining, Lot 10 Shopping Centre for an escapade to Tokyo without having to fly...

Founded in 1993, MO-MO Paradise first opened its doors in Shinjuku Kabukicho in Tokyo. They are one of Japan's most successful Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki restaurant and has expanded its presence to over 20 cities throughout Asia with over 68 restaurants globally in 9 countries, including Malaysia. MO-MO Paradise can be found in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, USA, Cambodia, Indonesia and most recently opening in Malaysia in June 2018.

Dubbed as the traditional Japanese hotpot restaurant with a modern twist, they have carved a reputation for consistent quality in food with a special focus on a wide variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients, accompanied with warm hospitality, all at a reasonable price.

MO-MO Paradise aims to provide the ultimate Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki experience thus making it an ideal place for social dining with family and friends, and work-dining with business associates.

MO-MO Paradise Malaysia Founders
Ee Soon Wei, Yap Chor Wen & KC Loh
(From left to right)

According to Yap Chor Wen, Co-founder of  MO-MO Paradise Malaysia, "We see the Japanese hotpot concept of Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki as a symbol of kinship and togetherness. Sharing a meal is a key ingredient in our years of friendship, which is why we seized the opportunity to bring MO-MO Paradise to Malaysia."

MO-MO Paradise Malaysia is a well-designed Japanese restaurant spamming over 2,400 sq ft with a modern setting curated to offers a comfortable and spacious dining with the best of Japanese cuisine in Malaysia.

"What makes MO-MO Paradise a truly authentic Shabu-Shabu experience are the consistent standards we uphold, working closely with Mr Takeshi Yoshida, Executive Director & General Manager of International Business of MO-MO Paradise Japan, in order or bring MO-MO Paradise Malaysia to life. Every ingredient is meticulously inspected and handpicked by Mr Yoshida to ensure that the dining experience in Kuala Lumpur will be similar to the experience in Tokyo," said Chor Wen.      

At MO-MO Paradise, diners get to enjoy an 'ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT' concept of dining with UNLIMITED REFILLS OF MEAT and VEGETABLES within 100 MINUTES.  

With a capacity of 80 seats, each table seats four diners comfortably together with the inviting ambience, MO-MO Paradise Malaysia aims for a total immersive dining experience where each diner can sit back and enjoy the Japanese hospitality. 

Their team members will be present to guide diners through the process of choosing your meats, right up to cooking at the table. 

At  MO-MO Paradise, there are three unique soups to woo discerning Shabu-Shabu & Sukiyaki lovers. Diners can choose between Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki or Karamiso. For those who simply cannot decide or want the best of both worlds can opt for a mixed course. 


Shabu-Shabu is the original light broth to be enjoyed with ponzu and gomadare (sesame sauce), formulated by MO-MO Paradise and imported from Japan. 


For a richer, sweet-salty flavour, diners can opt for Sukiyaki, the traditional broth from Shoudo Island. 

Kara Miso

 If you are looking for a spicier version, do try the Kara Miso, the spicy miso soup based soup for the extra kick! 

Wide Selection At The Buffet Line

Diners at MO-MO Paradise can enjoy a wide variety of more than 20 different types of fresh vegetables but pork and beef is the restaurant's main highlight. Be treated to the endless and unlimited selection of various cuts of meat which includes locally sourced premium Sakura pork and imported beef from Australia.  

Selection Of Sakura Pork & Imported Beef From Australia

The special cuts meat is carefully sliced and kept in a strictly controlled temperature before serving to avoid contamination. The two kind of cuts of Sakura Pork you can try is the Pork Shoulder Loin - perfect for Sukiyaki while the Pork Belly tastes best in Shabu-Shabu.

Pork Belly Slice

Pork Shoulder Loin Slice

On the other hand, beef lovers can choose from 3 selected special beef cuts of Chuck Roll Beef - good for Shabu-Shabu while Brisket and Bolar Blade is excellent choices of cuts for Sukiyaki. 
Bolar Blade Slice

Brisket Slice

Chuck Roll Beef

An impressive sight of more than 20 types of vegetables, sourced locally and carefully selected to ensure the utmost freshness for the buffet line daily.

Signature Smooth Fuchok Roll

A MUST-TRY is their special wafer-thin and smooth Fuchok roll! 

Assorted Mushrooms

Take your pick from the assorted mushrooms such as Eryngii mushroom, Oyster mushroom, Enokidake mushroom and Shitake mushroom.

Watch This Amazing Video On Guide Of How To Enjoy The Shabu-Shabu

This Japanese hotpot dish consists of thinly sliced meat and vegetables that are boiled in water. Cooked piece by piece, the food is cooked by the diner at the table! An onomatopoeic term, Shabu-Shabu refers to the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot before it is served with dipping sauces. 

Step 1 

Take a piece of meat, and put in the pot. Swish the meat in the light broth until it’s cooked. This should take mere seconds before it’s ready. 

Step 2 

Take the cooked meat and dip into the sauce of your choice (between ponzu or gomadare), and savour the taste in your mouth! 

Step 3 
Select your favourite vegetables, from the wide array available! The choices include cabbage, mushrooms, scallions, shungiku (chrysanthemum greens) and a whole lot more! 

Step 4 
Now repeat the steps above, with the vegetables that you have chosen. 

Step 5 
Do it all over again, until you are full and satisfied! 

Similar to Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki also cooks thinly sliced meat and vegetables before serving with a dipping sauce. What makes it different is the method of cooking, as well as the distinctive broth and dipping sauce.

With Sukiyaki, you put all vegetables and meat together in a pot of simmering broth. The broth has a rich flavour, made of salty-sweet soy-based seasoning. 

Step 1 

Begin by adding your choice of vegetables into the broth mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin. Let it simmer. 

Step 2 

Once the vegetables have become soft, add the meat of your choice into the pot. 

Step 3 

Beat a raw egg in a small bowl as the dipping sauce. 

Step 4 

Dip the cooked meat and vegetable in the beaten egg mixture, and enjoy the taste! 

Step 5 

End the night with a happy tummy by adding in a bowl of udon into the rich broth. Sprinkle some green onions and add an egg for the finishing touch. 

Open from 11am to 11pm, MO-MO Paradise is a NON-HALAL establishment, with meals priced at RM 68++ for single pot and RM 76++ for mix pot, per person. All meats and vegetables are refillable within the 100 minutes time limit.

The non-alcoholic beverage such as sodas and coffees are also refillable at RM 4.50 whilst water and tea is free of charge. 

WeekDay Lunch Special
RM 38/Pax Single Soup Course
RM 46/Pax Mixed Soup Course

Oh yes, MO-MO Paradise has officially launched their lunch menu! Do come over to check this them out for a delicious and affordable Shabu-Shabu/Sukiyaki lunch at only RM38+ per pax!  Bring your friends along too as good things are meant to be shared!

Lunch Set includes:

> 1 Plate Of Beef Or Pork
> All-You-Can-Eat - Unlimited Refills Of Vegetables/Rice
> 2 Scoops Of Ice Cream
> Free Tea/Water

*this promo is not applicable on weekends and public holidays
*lunch promo will be applied to the whole table when dining in a group

Location Map To MO-MO Paradise Malaysia
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