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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Pacific West 'FOODball Fever Campaign' In Conjunction With FIFA World Cup 2018 At PC Studio

'FOODball Fever Campaign' In Conjunction With FIFA World Cup 2018 
Posing With Chef Alwin Yeow

Recently thanks to a wonderful invitation, I was at Pacific West 'Get-Together and Buka Puasa Dinner' in collaboration with PC Studio for the social media friends. In conjunction with this Ramadhan season, Pacific West hosted a delightful dinner with PC Studio serving diners with their newly launched sumptuous and delightful selection of Ramadan dishes.

 Facebook Page www.fb.com/PacificWest.my
Pacific West Careline: 1800 888 389 

Yummy Treats At The Salad Bar 

On that evening, we were treated to Tempura Fish Cocktails Egg Mayo Bites, Salt & Pepper squids with Shredded Cucumber and Tempura Prawns Salad Cup for the salad bar.

Tempura Prawns

Tempura Calamari Rings

 Fish Cocktails

 Salt & Pepper Squid

Flavourful Dipping Sauces To Go With Pacific West's Tasty Bites

Chef Alwin Yeow has incorporated healthy bites of cherry tomatoes, apples, zucchini and lettuce to be eaten together with the delicious small bites of tempura fish, salt & pepper squids and tempura prawns too.

Tempura Fish Cocktails Egg Mayo Bites

These lovely delights of Tempura Fish Cocktails Egg Mayo Bites can get quite addictive as they are well-paired with crispy and light crackers with creamy egg mayo bites.

Fruity Squid Kebab

Malay Kuih To Break Fast

Colourful & Healthy Salad 

Juicy Red & Fresh Strawberries


Prior to the main, we indulge ourselves with a variety of delicious starters of fruits, salad and Malay traditional kuih-muih.

Thumbs Up To Chef  Alwin Yeow Of PC Studio

For this special Pacific West 'Get-Together and Buka Puasa Dinner', the chef has crafted an exclusive 5-course best-cooked dishes showcasing some of the best products from Pacific West. It aims to focus on a comprehensive introduction of Pacific West to understand what lies behind Pacific West tagline ‘The Taste Of The World Loves’!

Tomato Bruschetta 

Oven baked baguette topped with cherry tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette


Som Tam Salad With Tempura Calamari Rings

Our salad features Som Tam Salad With Tempura Calamari Rings consisting of traditional Thai green papaya salad that was both refreshing and healthy and it went well with the crispy Tempura Calamari Rings. 

Tempura Calamari Rings

 Zesty Som Tam Salad

There were two choices of soup to choose from - with one that's hot while another was an interesting cold soup. It was a rather cold day as it's been raining the whole day so my hubby and I opted for the hot soup instead.  

Mushroom Soup

The hot Mushroom Soup was a combination of fresh Button Mushroom and caramelized onions blended until smooth and creamy with chicken broth. A dash of cream was added to enhanced the flavours.
Classic Gazpacho

Next, the cold soup of Classic Gazpacho is chef's rendition of a refreshing tomato cold soup. This goes well with tomato lovers especially those who enjoy a good smooth, light and guilt-free vegan soup. Made entirely from vegetables such as garlic, tomato and chilli with some canned tomato.

When asked why canned tomatoes, Chef explained that it gives a beautiful tomato flavour as they are picked at peak ripeness and canned almost immediately to preserve their lovely flavour. So you get that consistently in canned tomatoes since they're preserved at the height of tomato season!

Oven Baked Fish Fillet With Carb-Free Zoodle

For mains, Pacific West's Oven Baked Fish Fillet was featured in both dishes of  Oven Baked Fish Fillet With Carb-Free Zoodle or Flavoured Rice. Fresh natural Alaskan Pollock white fish fillets with cheese are the main feature here and served with either vegetables or rice-based dish.

For a carb-free diet, you should try the Oven Baked Fish Fillet With Carb-Free Zoodle ~ oven baked fish fillet with those cheesy topping are served with vegan marinara zucchini noodle. The vegan noodles are made from finely shredded zucchini mixed with a tomato-based sauce made from tomato, dry chillies and with cashew nuts added for the added creaminess to the sauce.  

Oven Baked Fish Fillet With Flavoured Rice

For those who must eat rice, you can try the Oven Baked Fish Fillet With Flavoured Rice. As an avid rice lover, we got to have this and it turned out to be a good choice indeed. The fish goes well with the flavoured rice - very satisfying indeed.

Basically, the rice was well-cooked with butter with garlic and shallots. Chef added some chopped cashew nuts and raisins to heightened the overall savouriness of the simple flavoured rice.  

Panna Cotta

For a sweet ending to our Pacific West dinner, there were the Panna Cotta and Sago Gula Melaka. The Panna Cotta was a sweet creamy and softly set pudding topped with maple syrup and strawberries.

Sago Gula Melaka

While vegan looking for a raw vegan treat can opt for this dessert of Sago Gula Melaka ~ comprising of healthy chia seeds soaked in coconut milk, topped with aromatic palm sugar syrup and fresh fruits. I just loved the taste of the delicious chia seeds in coconut milk. 

Since its inception in Australia in 1995, Pacific West has evolved to become a caring household seafood brand name, exuding friendliness and warmth. Enjoyed by millions of households around the world today, Pacific West's product range has become a family's choice. They derive great passion and aspirations to embrace continuous product innovations and development. 

Its products have graced major international events such as the Sydney Olympic Games, Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments, Manchester United Football Club, and World Rugby among many others. Pacific West’s products are available in over 20 countries worldwide and most recently; in Disneyland (Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai). 

Most recent, Pacific West brand has won the Best Innovative Seafood Product in Asia Halal Brand Awards 2017. This award is judged by representatives from JAKIM, HDC, MITTI, MATRADE and ENTREPRENEUR INSIGHT respectively. With our continuous improvement and best practices to quality and innovation, Pacific West offers you EVER THE BEST! 

Pacific West FOODball Fever Campaign
In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup 2018, Pacific West is committed to bringing people of all cultures together to celebrate the world event and share our delicious food with the people while fostering healthy and binding relationships. Thus, Pacific West has launched its ‘FOODball Fever’ campaign from 16th April to 15th July 2018. 

Pacific West FOODball Fever Campaign

Pacific West FOODball FEVER contest is now on-going! Stand a chance to fly to your favourite football team’s home country!

Follow The 3 Easy Steps 
  • Purchase Minimum One (1) Pacific West Product
  • Take A Photo Of The Receipt 
  • Whatsapp Details to 019 823 1217 (Contest Name, Outlet Name, Your Name, Address, NRIC, Email, & Handphone)
*AEON members simply swipe your card to participate!

Pacific West range of products are carefully developed by our team of Culinary Chefs and Food Technologists to add value and enrich consumer lifestyles with:- 
  • Convenience - Readily prepared that cook within minutes, direct from freezer to fryer/oven. 
  • Innovation - Continuous creation of new products offering varieties in options and taste.
  • Quality - Premium choice of seafood and ingredients complying with international food safety and process standards with BRC, IFS, HACCP and YUM! accreditation. 
  • Our products are also HALAL certified. 

Pacific West products are available at all major and independent retail outlets in Malaysia such as Cold Storage, Sam’s Groceria, AEON, AEON Big, Tesco, Giant, Sunshine, Village Grocer and many more. 

During this campaign period, customers who purchase any packet of Pacific West value-added seafood products in a single receipt at any retail stores will also stand a chance to Win A Fantabulous Trip to Your Favourite Football Country worth RM10,000. There are also 100 Pacific West FOODball Fever Merchandises to be won too! 

For more details on Pacific West FOODball Fever Campaign, please visit the Official Campaign Website at FOODball Fever Campaign

For more information, please contact Pacific West Careline at 1800 888 389 or log on to Official Website www.pacificwestfoods.com and Facebook Page www.fb.com/PacificWest.my

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