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Monday, 4 June 2018

RESTORAN RATHA RAUB The Famous Raub Curry Fish Head In Durian Town Raub Pahang

The Famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan 
In Durian Town Raub Pahang
The Famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan 
In Durian Town Raub Pahang

RESTORAN RATHA  RAUB, the famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan or Curry Fish Head in Raub the 'Durian Town' in Pahang. This is one of the famous MUST-EAT places when visiting Raub whether you are there for their famous Musang King durian or for sight-seeing or food-tripping.

No 82 Jalan Tun Razak
26700 Pahang
Tel: 09 - 356 1651
Business Hours: 6.30am – 9.30pm

 Durian Wonderland Farm Trip To Bentong and Raub

We were at Bentong and Raub for a day-trip durian farm visit with from invitation of Mr Adrian Yeo, a durian farm owner of Durian Wonderland Sdn Bhd. Our Musang King Farm visit to Kuala Atok in Raub, Jerkoh in Kuala Lipis and back to Bentong for another durian orchard adventure. 

Photo With The Durian Lovers Gang At The Musang King Farm In Jerkoh in Kuala Lipis

The trip was an amazing day where we went on our first maiden visit to a Musang King Durian Farm at Bentong and Raub, the famous homeland of Musang King in Malaysia. Our tour was filled with wonderful experience with Durian Buffet and 'Collect Your Own Durian Jatuh' activity among others.

 The Wonderland World With Musang King Durian

It was an eye-opening experience - fun and exciting ride to the farm plus sharing by Ah Fatt, the Durian Master in durian farming. Shall be sharing more on my next durian trip blog soon!

Well, coming back to my story on my yummy Ratha Curry House dining experience - this place was recommended by Ah Fatt, the durian farmer on what's best to eat in Raub before we head back to Kuala Lumpur after the durian farm visit.

In fact, he was the one that recommended us to try out their famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan, but since, there were only two of us and we probably won't be able to try more dishes if we just order the fish head. 

Bright Orange & Red Corner Shop

It's easy to locate Restoran Ratha Curry House in Raub as it's strategically located right in the small town of Raub. You can never miss the brightly painted in orange with red-trimming corner shop lot at the junction leading in and out of the town centre.       

Restoran Ratha Is Opposite KWSP

We were still hungry even after the durian feast at Durian Wonderland farm trip - could be due to so much of walking and hiking up the slopes of the durian farms maybe. And could be due to our instincts of hunting for more good food to eat and try out since we came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and it would be a shame if people say "Aiya, you go to Raub, why never go eat at the famous Ratha Curry House?" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

It was late afternoon when we arrived at the Restoran Ratha Curry House and there were no tourists crowd but locals alike, many families were seen dining there on that a good fine Sunday. I looked around to see what's the locals are eating and we proceed to order some dishes to try out.

 Fish Curry

 Chicken Varuval

There are the usual - a wide selection of Indian dishes to choose from at Restoran Ratha Curry House which includes the crowd's favourite such as Chicken Varuval, Deep Fried Lamb Chops and Fried Chicken apart from the dishes we had ie Fish Curry and Chicken Rendang.

Crowd's Favourite Fried Chicken

Deep-Fried Lamb Chops

Since there were only two of us and my kids are not with us on this food-tripping this time, so we did not order the famous  Kari Kepala Ikan or Fish Head Curry as we may not be able to finish it.

We sampled the Chicken Rendang and Fish Curry to be eaten with some rice and roti canai. 

Fish Curry
RM 7

The fish curry was really good - cooked in a thick gravy with a well-balanced flavour of spicy and sourness. You will know upon first taste that this is a great-tasting curry from the fine red curry gravy. Ratha's uses their own blend of fresh herbs and spices to concoct their very own special curry paste you won't get anywhere else.

The fish used for the curry was ikan tenggiri or Spanish Mackerel. It was fresh and firm with white flaky flesh that goes well in this kind of curry. I enjoyed this fish curry immensely till drinking the gravy just like soup and my hubby did his own version of 'Nasi Banjir' with the addictive fish curry gravy.

Chicken Rendang
RM 6

The chicken rendang was a bomb - one of the best I ever had. It's different from the numerous Malay kind of rendang ayam which I regularly had back in KL. Maybe here again this is cooked with their age-old heritage Indian Mamak recipes passed down from generations.

Mouth Watering Ratha's Chicken Rendang Is A Must-Try 

Our drumstick was so-so delicious - the rendang flavour penetrated into the chicken thus making it very delectable to eat. The rendang gravy was thick and rich - aromatic with lots of fresh herbs finely blended into a wonderful addictive gravy to eat with rice.

Not wanting to waste the delicious leftover fish curry gravy and rendang gravy, we ordered some roti canai to finish it up. 

Roti Canai
RM 1.30

To this, there's a short story about the 'failed roti canai' and the 'good roti canai'. You see, the first roti canai that was served to us wasn't up to mark. Why? It was a typical 'failed' version so to say - I like mine fluffy and thin ie the roti canai '4-Segi', that's the square thin and finely layered roti canai.

Ratha's one was too thick with some parts not fully cooked with the taste of the flour - so we didn't enjoy it at all. I was busy snapping photos for my blog and the owner's brother approached me to ask why am I so busy snapping their dishes, including the price list on the wall.

My Cook For The Day For Special Roti Canai 

To this, I casually explained to him that I'm a food writer (better to say food writer as many may not know what's a food blogger is sometimes) and it's my hobby to write snaps food pictures and write about my dining experience on the places I eat and visit.

Check Out The 'Annoyed-Looking Cook' Before The Boss's Brother 
He asked how the food and I gave him an honest answer stating that I loved everything - the rendang ayam and fish curry but except the roti canai that was not up to my standard.

Gracious Guy Making Me The Almost Perfect Roti Canai 

Guess what, to this not-so-happy comment from me, he took up the challenge and asked me to try another roti canai from Ratha Curry House but this time he will personally make one special one for me according to my specification!

Perfect Roti Canai Of The Day

Voila! I got my specially made roti canai by the boss's brother. It was plain good - just of the right texture - thin not thick and fluffy not rough, well-prepared with the burned or charred brown bits to which I enjoyed very much. Bravo to the gracious host!

A good roti canai for me must be well-cooked - lightly brown on the surface with some charred with crispiness within with the layering done right so the roti is thinly layered. I had to say I was pretty impressed with his skill making a good 'Empat Segi' Roti Canai that day!

In this post, I wished to thanks him (sorry, I was too shocked or happy to ask his name) when someone belanja me makan another roti canai after I gave an honest review. Nevertheless, I respect him for taking up the challenge and make me a happy and satisfied customer again after dining at Restoran Ratha Curry House in Raub.

He explained that sometimes they have different cooks at the roti canai corner and this may happen. He went on to share that they are many ways to cook the roti canai; some are round and some are square in shape. Some like it thick and some like me like the roti canai 'Empat Segi'. 

The Bill

For those who enjoyed Ratha's dishes very much and craves for it back home, you can purchase some of these house-made curry paste to bring home.

Ratha House-Made Curry Paste For Sale

Choose from their five kinds of house-made curry paste such as Rendang Curry, Seafood Curry, Kurma Curry, Fish Curry and their very popular, Fish Head Curry. I simply fell in love with their Rendang Curry and Fish Curry paste, so I bought two packets each to cook at home for my children that have yet to try the Ratha's dishes.   

You can also get your much-loved Ratha's Curry Paste in Klang Valley from Jaya Grocers at the Intermark Mall or Hock Choon Supermarket, where both outlets are located along Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur.

Watch This Fun Video Of The Flying Roti Canai In Tangkak

Let me end this food trip blog post with a fun to watch - a video of the 'Flying Roti Canai In Tangkak'. For the full story, go to this post at Tangkak - Roti Canai Terbang Ledang.

Overall, Restoran Ratha aced in their authentic and flavoursome Indian Mamak dishes. I loved both of the Rendang Ayam and superb Kari Ikan. Do give them a try if you are in Raub town. For me, I will definitely come back for more with my family this time on my next trip back here in July when I come back to Raub for the Musang King harvesting season! 

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  1. RESTORAN RATHA is The Famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan In Durian Town Raub Pahang!

    RESTORAN RATHA RAUB, the famous Raub Kari Kepala Ikan or Curry Fish Head in Raub the 'Durian Town' in Pahang. This is one of the famous MUST-EAT places when visiting Raub whether you are there for their famous Musang King durian or for sight-seeing or food-tripping.


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