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Friday, 25 May 2018

SUMMER PALACE Chinese Restaurant Serving Modern Chinese Cuisine At PUTRAJAYA MARRIOTT HOTEL

Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant
Making His Mark With 
Modern Chinese Cuisine
Welcoming Chef Dixon Lai To Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant  

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel's Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant welcomes their newly appointed Chef Dixon Lai as the new Executive Chinese Chef. I was absolutely delighted when invited to taste and review this handsome and charming new Chinese Chef cuisine at one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in town. Been tasting too much of the festive menu for the recent Ramadan Buffet reviews and this came just in time for a refreshing change!

 Chef Dixon Lai Making His Mark With New Menu

Summer Palace Restaurant 
With the arrival of their new Executive Chinese Chef Dixon Lai, Summer Palace is excited to offer award-winning Chinese cuisines for their discerning hotel guests from all around the world at the heir recently renovated restaurant with a luxurious classic and grand dining ambience.   

Chef Dixon Lai, 37,  hailed from Selangor has an illustrious long culinary career spanning for almost 20 years, working for many hotels and restaurants in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.  

I was told that during his career, Chef Dixon was instrumental in leading the way for fine Chinese dining taking the helm at famous Chinese restaurants as in Chynna Restaurant in KL Hilton, as well as the well-known Yuk So Hin Restaurant in Weil Hotel in Ipoh. Chef Dixon is also one of the few master chefs that were originally trained in different varieties of Cantonese cuisine and gained much experience cooking Melaka Nyonya cuisine from a traditional Nyonya chef too.

We were very lucky indeed to be one of the first few to taste and savour Chef Dixon Lai debuting his new menu that day. He tapped into his two decades of culinary experience to create new modern fusion Chinese cuisine for the menu.

Braised Bird Nest On Steamed Egg White
RM 218nett Per Serving

Our sumptuous luncheon started off on a promising note with a starter of Braised Bird Nest On Steamed Egg White. This nutritious premium dish of birds nest is reminiscent of a beautiful green lotus pond filled with lovely blossoms.  

Perfectly steamed to a smooth silky texture, the egg white was seasoned with spinach puree which gave it a rich green hue thus resembling the lotus pond. A generous portion of the premium bird's nest rested on top of the egg dish and garnished with succulent and sweet crabmeat. The chef adds the finishing touches to heightening the tasting experience with lavish garnishes of fragrant truffles. 

Everything about this dish is so enticing; this savoury dish is light and refreshing yet so rich in flavour especially with the aromatic truffles giving the dish a distinctive flavour as the bird's nest itself is a rather bland food. Heavenly and excellent in taste - perfect dish fit for a king!

Smoked Beef Cheek With Lychee Wood & Pur-Er Tea
RM 58nett Per Serving

Another dish that did well that received many praises from diners was the Smoked Beef Cheek With Lychee Wood & Pu-Er Tea. The beef dish had an intense and rich flavour, thanks to the chef 's effort of careful and meticulous preparation methods to cooking this tedious dish.

Strictly imported chilled Australian premium beef cheek was used for this dish which requires lots of effort and long hours of cooking using varieties of herbs and spices. Firstly, the beef cheek has to be braised under low heat for at least 2 hours with a host of Chinese herbs.

To this, it's followed by smoking the fork-tender meat for 90 minutes under a concoction of superior Lychees wood chips, Pu-Er tea, rice,  brown sugar and more Chinese herbs to infuse this special flavour into the beef.

As a person who loves beef, I was in seventh heaven tasting this luscious beef cheek dish for the first time. The beef was cooked or should I say smoked to perfection, hence it's rich in taste with melt-in-the-mouth fork-tender texture. 

One can see Dixon has put a lot of thought into the garnishing. Baked pumpkin, poached asparagus and deep-fried fine shreds of pumpkin were served to add colours and texture dimension to the overall presentation of this gourmet dish.

Baked Cod Fish With Organic Black Garlic Cream
RM 58nett Per Serving

Fish lovers will appreciate this dish -  Baked Cod Fish With Organic Black Garlic Cream. Chef showcasing the superfood, the Black Garlic incorporated in this fish dish making this one of the most unique dishes I have ever tasted.  

Superfood - Black Garlic

To the unassuming, the Black Garlic is a highly nutritious natural food, high in anti-oxidant level and has powerful healing benefits to the body. The Black Garlic cloves taste sweet like balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

The flavour is simply delicious and tastes completely different than regular garlic. Chef uses organic Black Garlic imported from Japan especially for this dish. He added that the health benefit is at 1000% far better than the regular garlic.       

The silver cod fish was layered with turkey ham and a mixture of minced mushroom and onion flavoured with Black Garlic to adds a sweetness that may complement the dish. After that, the lightly seasoned silver cod was topped with more black garlic cream sauce before being baked with a light charred on the top. The cod was fresh and flakey and it goes very well with the savoury creamy sauce within.

Rice Vermicelli With River Prawn & Superior Prawn Broth
RM 25nett Per Bowl

Something new to me was the Rice Vermicelli With River Prawn & Superior Prawn Broth. Presented with the half of a pan-fried River Prawn, the rice noodles looked bland at the first glance but when I tasted it, I found the flavours were well-balanced with prawn broth.  

Here again, the preparation of the prawn broth took up most of the processing time. Fresh ingredients like small shrimp, carrots, bay leaves, tomato, garlic and lots of shallots go into the cooking of the flavourous prawn bisque for three hours.   

The chef clever use of rice vermicelli which has a smooth and silky texture allowed the broth to encapsulate the delicious broth into every single strand of the noodles. The fresh River Prawn was fresh and succulent which was lightly pan-fried and not cooked together with the broth to avoid getting the fresh to be too firm or tough.

My son who's a non-seafood person was in love with the toothsome prawn broth and slurp up to the last spoonful of the whole dish. Chef also added diners can have a choice of mee hoon or kuey teow if they are not fond of having rice vermicelli with this dish.   

Carrot Puree With Edamame & Vanilla Ice Cream
RM 12nett Per Serving 

The main course ended with a mildly sweet dessert of Carrot Puree With Edamame & Vanilla Ice Cream. Chef Dixon's presented us with a healthy and delightful dessert made from carrot puree. Steamed carrot is blended with whipping cream, full cream milk and ice cream into a smooth and fine consistency. 

Chef also places an equal level of attention in the dessert course with Edamame and cubed dragon fruits sitting on the carrot puree providing a different texture to the dish. Vanilla ice cream was smooth and not too overwhelming in order not to overcome the carrot puree. 

Watch This Video To Feast With Your Eyes 

I believe Chef Dixon has taken much time to plan, prepare and refine these signatures dishes that was introduced early this month of May 2018. His focus is primarily on serving diners with well planned nourishing, healthy, high in nutrients and very palatable exquisite dishes. I must say that these delectable signatures dishes are absolutely amazing both in taste, texture and presentation making it one of unforgettable dining experience I had at Summer Palace recently.

Do come by to taste and savour these delicious cuisine Chef Dixon has specially curated for you and let me know what do you think in the comments below!

For More Information, please contact 03 - 8949 8888 Ext 1333, email food.bev@marriottputrajaya.com or visit www.putrajayamarriott.com/dining 

Summer Palace Restaurant 
IOI Resort City 
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Tel: 03 - 8948 8888 Ext 1332/1333
Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11:30am to 2:30pm
Sunday &PHs 10:30am to 2:30pm 

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