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Thursday 31 May 2018

Drink Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee & Stand A Chance To Win RM 10,000 By Scanning The QR Code

Drink Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee 
Stand A Chance To Win RM 10,000
Drink Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee & Stand A Chance To Win RM 10,000 By Scanning The QR Code

I love my COFFEE and I really mean it. To start off my day, I must have my daily dose of coffee. That's basically to kick-start my brain to start my day in the morning. If you're a coffee lover, coffee geek, coffee nerd, or just someone looking for more information about coffee, then this coffee blog just might be for you.

Are you looking for something extra or something different in your cup of coffee? Strong and bold coffee to keep your day going? Enjoy the sip of quality premium coffee in Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee with smooth aromatic Real Bean! Real Coffee!

A Real Coffee Taste Giving You The Kick You Needed!

Perk up your mornings with a refreshing cup of coffee with Caffe Bene's Premix Coffee. Convenient and easy to use, this premix coffee helps make waking up each morning a little easier as it is easy to make. Choose between cappuccino or a caffe latte and savour its aromatic scent and taste.

Now, coffee aficionados will be delighted to know that while getting to enjoy a really good cup of Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee and Stand A Chance To WIN RM 10,000 worth prizes by just scanning on the QR code!

 Caffe Bene Buy & Win Contest

3 Simple Steps To Stand A Chance To WIN RM 10,000  

Try Your Luck By Scanning The QR Code!

As easy as ABC to join the contest - no captions nor slogans needed, no forms to fill. All you need to do is just enter the 'BUY & WIN' Contest. Purchase Caffe Bene Premix at their Caffe Bene Outlets or order it online with FREE delivery from their online official store, SHOPEE MALL at Shoppee Official Store - BT Supply Chain  on this link shopee.com.my/btsupplychain

Contest Period starts from 16th April 2018 to 30th June 2018. All contest entries are valid with any purchase of Caffe Bene Premix with prizes worth RM 10,000 up for grab! T&C applies.

How To Make Yourself A Nice Cup Of Caffe Bene Coffee In Less Than A Minute 

I sometimes have a mental block when writing my food blog, so I usually will take a break to make myself a cup of coffee to relax.  With Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee now, I'm getting used to a little luxury sipping my coffee in the comfort of my home. 

Caffe Bene Premix Coffee 
3 in 1 Real Bean, Real Coffee

For me, it is definitely more convenient and affordable, lower in cost as compared to what we pay for in cafes or coffee outlets. Now every single morning, my family and I can fully savour and enjoy a good cup of good premium coffee without stepping out of the home. 

 Premium 3 in 1 Premix White Coffee With Micro-Ground Bean

Caffe Bene Premix White Coffee ~ Using coffee beans of the best quality made with No. 1 Air Roasting technique. Caffe Bene coffee gets the rich flavour from a unique medium dark roasting and is blended after being roasted with 100% hot air. 

Original Caffe Latte 

Caramel Cappuccino

Each sachet is a signature flavour. For a great cup of Caffe Bene coffee, all you need to do is empty a sachet of your favourite flavour of Caffe Bene Premix into a cup and pour in 180ml of hot water. Just stir and enjoy a cup of 5-Star quality premium coffee at the convenience of your home.  No matter you are at home or in the office, your favourite coffee will always be with you at any time at anywhere.

We were just good with two choice pick of our favourite flavours - Original Caffe Latte and Caramel Cappuccino, but if you like more flavours, they are three flavours to choose from including Original Caffe Latte, Caramel Cappuccino and Slim Caffe Latte.

Original Caffe Latte
A blend of Dark Roasted Fusion Coffee with distinctively rich and strong taste. With a smooth, creamy and original flavour, its well – balanced and tantalizing flavour will keep you coming back for more. Fit your body with energy and kick-start your day with this delicious coffee every day.

*Halal Certified
*12 Sticks Per Bag
*36 g Per Sachet

Caramel Cappuccino
A blend of Medium-Roasted Fusion Coffee with a smooth, creamy and bitter-sweet caramel flavour. A delightful choice for a stress-free moment. Indulge yourself, your travels or your parties with this sweet, creamy treat.

*Halal Certified
*12 Sticks Per Bag
*38 g Per Sachet

Caffe Bene White Coffee Story
Processing The Beans
When Caffe Bene set out to formulate their won premium cuppa, they benchmarked it against one of the best, the White Coffee which originated from Malaysia. It has an outstanding aroma that is gentle to the stomach, which all the original colour and flavour of coffee.

This High benchmark indeed helped Caffe Bene plant the seeds of success as in 2014, the R&D team of Caffe Bene had the idea of combining the richness of the traditional White coffee with their fresh, aromatic and café-like Caffe Bene Coffee. The end result of this unique coming-together of two different extremes in the world of coffee was the creation of the Fusion Technology, which allows Caffe Bene to make the perfect white coffee by using the “Fusion Coffee”

Incubating the Taste
Caffe Bene’s Fusion Technology allows each roasted bean to be delicately processed into micro-ground coffee, carefully avoiding heat throughout the grinding process. This unique practice leads to the retention of the aromatic profile of the micro-ground coffee for blending with concentrated premium beans.

The result? An incubated taste that is very close to a “fresh brew” thus reproducing a natural, café-styled coffee. The coffee produced through this is known as “Fusion Coffee”

Cultivating The Aroma
Robust – Enrich – Aromatic – Long-lasting. This is the R.E.A.L coffee aroma that Caffebene strives to deliver, which can only be achieved by using real coffee beans and pouring real passion into every brew. Wrapped in a sachet of our instant coffee is the combination of all above, coupled with the right amount of milkiness and sweetness.

It is a cultivated aroma that allows you to savour the smoothness of latte and the strength of world-renowned speciality White Coffee in the same cup. That is what Caffe Bene’s “Real Bean, Real Coffee” philosophy really means.

Savouring The Aroma
Today, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is now possible to savour a cuppa that gives you a taste so rich, so smooth, it is literally the pinnacle of enjoyment. All this in the comfort of your own home – a taste of premium fusion Coffee that's only supposed to exist in café made available right in your cup, on your sofa, at your living room. Bring home a pack of the convenient instant mix of Caffe Bene today, or savour the premium aroma of Fusion Coffee at one of our lifestyle cafes nationwide.

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