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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Restoran Tong Shui Hou ~ Bak Kut Teh Restaurant | Yummy Porky Discovery At Bandar Puteri Puchong Selangor

Yummy Porky Discovery
Restoran Tong Shui Hou
Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

Good makan places around the Klang Valley are sometimes "accidental discoveries". While looking for some baking products with my family at nearby Bake With Yen, I came across Restoran Tong Shui Hou, a Bak Kut Teh Restaurant at Bandar Puteri in Puchong town.

The thing that got me really curious was the stall's moniker and a banner stating a wide variety of porky offerings as their main dishes served here. The Cantonese word of  "Tong Shui Hou" meant the "Goodness of Soup Dish". With a pork-loving son and hubby in tow, so I decided to check out this newly opened eatery in Puchong for dinner that night. 
The place was spanking clean and neat, no sight of greasy floors of any sort. Service was prompt and good. It's a family-run business with the dad, Micheal helming the kitchen churning out wonderfully delicious dishes every day while the mom helps to cook and serve diners at the restaurant. The owner their daughter, Chloe assists in taking orders doubles up as cashier too.   

Restoran Tong Shui Hou's Offerings

Simple Menu At A Glance

We tried several dishes to go with rice at one go, but I shall sum up them in the order my top favourites based on my personal preference and taste. Here goes:
Simple But Hearty
Halogen Pork
RM 14

Halogen Pork? Funny name for a pork dish, but anyhow this is one of the best-tasting braised pork stew I ever tasted. Using only premium seasonings such light and dark soy sauce, and special flour to stew and braised these pork belly to perfection with the sauce flavour penetrating fully into the meat. 

My foodie son just couldn’t stop himself from slurping the savoury and delicious gravy with his multiple bowls of rice. Pork lovers will enjoy the good portion of fat with meat cooked till juicy and luscious into succulent, full of flavour and tender pork belly.
Dry Bak Kut Teh
RM 15

The Dry Bak Kut Teh came in next. The combination of it all was nothing less than addictive with  a fair portion of pork belly, intestines, okra cooked till dry with dry chillies for a kick of spiciness. 

The uniqueness of this dry Bak Kut Teh dish was that house made roasted dry squid powder was added in last prior to serving instead of the usual dry julienned squid. The dry squid powder enhanced the dish with fragrant  umami flavours that elevates the dish from a very good to very shiok, thrilling your taste buds. Heavenly dish, good till the last bite!   

Taro (Yam) With Pork Belly
RM 13

Here's one of the nostalgic Hakka dish I craved most. Simply memorable family favourite dish cooked by my late mum. This authentic traditional Hakka dish is the epitome of family cohesion; bringing you all the delightful goodness you need combining into one.

I learned from the owner that good grade ingredients such as the premium fermented beancurd paste (nam yee) and yam goes into making of a perfectly tasty Taro (Yam) Pork Belly dish (Woo Tao Kau Yok). The soft melt-in-the-mouth yam was an excellent partner to the succulent and savoury pork belly slices. 

Claypot Bak Kut Teh 
RM 14

A combination of meaty pork served with mixtures of fork tender spare ribs, pork belly slices, pork intestines, extras tau pok and foo chok too. Restoran Tong Shui Hou's version of Bak Kut Teh was lighter and didn't meet my expectation as I'm attracted to the Klang's version of thick, dark broth infused with the aromatic herb of tong kwai with every taste. 

Well, according to the chef, his Bak Kut Teh recipe is neither Kuala Lumpur or Klang style but cooked accordingly to his liking to cater to the local Puchong's folk taste buds. Check it out and be the judge for yourself if you like the BKT dish.

Pepper Pig Stomach Soup
RM 12

The next dish on the menu was the Pepper Pig Stomach Soup. The broth flavour was not very strong with a distinct peppery taste. The sweetness and milky broth come from the boiling of the chicken feets for long hours to bring out the flavour. According to the chef,  again he only uses specially selected good grade white pepper from Sarawak for the soup to bring out the special taste. 

Special Shallot Oil Rice

When dining at this restaurant, please give the Shallot Oil Rice a try. I was told that they stick to the original recipe of preparing the fragrant rice by adding shallot oil and mixing it with rice bowl by bowl prior to serving.

I was told that many BKT restaurants in town have done away with this method with shortcuts. Apparently, they just add in the oil before boiling the rice, resulting into some oily rice without the chopped deep fried shallots for taste and flavours. Trust me, you have to try it on its own, no regrets la!  

Peanuts Chicken Feet
RM 8

Peanuts Chicken Feet was just average for me. I prefer mine chicken feet dish stewed with the black dried shitake mushroom for the rich flavours. But if you like the canned big and soft peanuts with stewed chicken feet, maybe you can give it a shot and see if it's to your liking and taste!

Pig Trotter With Vinegar
RM 15

Next,  the Pig Trotter With Vinegar did not go down so well with my hubby and I. As you see, we both like the sourish vinegar with strong creamy collagen sauce which was lacking in this dish. In order to cater to the taste of the locals, the chef admitted that he actually cut down on the black vinegar and ginger in the broth as his regular patrons would very much prefer the toned down version. So, it was an ok-ok dish for me.

Lala Bak Kut Teh
RM 15

Ranking last in my list was the Seafood - Lala in Bak Kut Teh. Both main ingredients in the dish just do not complement each other in terms of taste and texture. Having lala in bak kut teh, you cannot get to savour the fresh briny sweet taste of the lala. On the other hand, Bak Kut Teh soup was diluted in flavours when cooked with the lala. So in the end, my verdict was that it was a marriage of two that didn't work out!       


Sides Dishes & Drinks Menu

C & T HomeMade Natural Ice Jelly
RM 3.50

Besides enjoying the dishes with the usual hot pot of freshly brewed Chinese tea, you can check out the C & T HomeMade Natural Ice Jelly. I have this drink last to complete my delicious dinner with my family at Restoran Tong Shui Hou. More like a dessert than a drink, I can taste the refreshing lemon/lime drink with strips of slippery soft jelly in the drink.  

Claypots of  Goodness Delights

Overall, Restoran Tong Shui Hou serves not only Bak Kut Teh dishes but a variety of Hakka cuisines such as Halogen Pork, Yam With Pork Belly, Pig Trotter With Vinegar to suit your varies taste buds. Prices are reasonable considering they use premium ingredients to all their dishes. The place is decent with fairly delicious dishes to choose from for a satisfying dining with your family or friends. Do check it out and give me your feedback by leaving your comments below!

Restoran Tong Shui Hou
No. 51-G Jalan Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Tel: 016 - 2545 755
Opening Hours: 2pm to 11pm

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  1. Overall, Restoran Tong Shui Hou serves not only Bak Kut Teh dishes but a variety of Hakka cuisines such as Halogen Pork, Yam With Pork Belly, Pig Trotter With Vinegar to suit your varies taste buds. Prices are reasonable considering they use premium ingredients to all their dishes.

  2. 我有吃过味道真的很不错 价钱也公道 值得一试 

  3. 我有吃过味道真的很不错 价钱也公道 值得一试 


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