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Monday, 13 June 2016

BBQ Thai Restaurant Thai Street Food At Old Klang Road | Jalan Klang Lama Kuala Lumpur

Capturing The Essense of Thai Street Food
In Kuala Lumpur
Fancy  a lunch or dinner of a truly authentic Thai street flavours? Then, be sure to check out BBQ Thai Restaurant located along Old Klang Road. Serving classic yet popular Thai cuisine similar to the tasty bites of the typical street food, BBQ Thai allow its diners to have a feel of the fascinating of Thailand richly diverse street cuisine.

BBQ Thai Restaurant is no stranger to locals in Klang Valley for serving one of the best and authentic Thai street food, just like how it should be served in Thailand. For the past 3 years, its unique concept has made it a sensation and also an attraction among foodies.  

Delighted With The Cute Tut-Tut

Great place just located conveniently along the main road with ample parking spaces. Newly renovated with its Thai-inspired decor, BBQ Thai offers diners comfortable outdoors and indoors dining. 

Live Seafood
Catch Of The Day & Specials

Dining In The Pink 'Lady-Boy' Room

With a total of 9 newly refurbished theme private rooms to choose from, diners  can dine in a spacious room with total privacy away from the dining crowd. Great place to host private parties or corporate functions in their coloured theme decorated the private dining room. The best part is they're no minimum charges at all! 

Papaya Salad
RM 15

Dinner begins with a light appetiser of Papaya Salad. One cannot go wrong ordering this spicy, sweet and sour salad as an appetiser. A simple but tasty mixed of shredded raw papaya, carrots, long beans, fresh red chillies, toasted peanuts among many others ingredients with its sourish and spicy taste, it's a nice starter to awaken the taste buds. 

Thai Deep Fried Kangkong
RM 15

If the sour and spicy dish does not appeal to you, do check out this crowd pleaser of  Thai Deep Fried Kangkong. Fried food are always tasty whether it's meat or vegetable, the crispy kangkong  comes serve with special dipping creamy sauce. Actually, I didn't get to taste this dish as it's gone within minutes as soon as it arrives on the dinner table! 

Thai BBQ Kerang/Cockles
RM 12

You either hate it or love this Cockles dish. BBQ Thai serves this delicacy with pungent spicy sauce. If you're really a cockles lovers, you must not miss out eating this dish. I don't eat cockles but my daughter Carmen who is a true lover of kerang shares with me that it's fresh and chewy and tastes great even without the sauce. 

BBQ Thai Combo Set
RM 58

Dining at BBQ Thai is never complete if you do not try their BBQ Thai Combo Set. This platter comes with a fair portion of grilled prawns, squid, pork neck meat and chicken wings. Paired this delightful grilled food with some preserved sourish and salted vegetable salad for the added taste. Good choice as you get to taste a little bit of all their grilled items at-one-go! 

Lemon Steamed With Squid
(Seasonal Price)

Lemon Steamed With Squid is a popular Thai seafood appetiser.  An excellent fresh and healthy side dish to dinner. The sour, spicy and a little bit sweet taste combined with the squid give this dish a very refreshing taste.The sauce is a balanced taste of spicy and sour, and lime added a unique taste to it.

BBQ Thai nailed this dish to the max with their fresh seafood used which brings out the best texture and flavour. A highly recommended dish for squid lovers!

Seafood Hot & Sour Tom Yam Soup With Big Prawn
(Seasonal Price)

No Thai restaurant would be complete without tom yam and BBQ Thai's Classic Signature Tom Yam, served in a steamboat pot, does not disappoint with milky deep orange broth and choice of chicken or seafood.

The tom yam dish is spicy and has plenty of seafood, apart from the mushroom such as squid, mussels, and big prawns. It is a favourite of many Malaysians - milky, sour and spicy!

Thai Style Lemon Fried Fish
(Seasonal Price)

If fish is your favourite, I recommend the Thai Style Lemon Fried Fish.  The tilapia fish is thoroughly deep fried, with soft, tender flesh that tasted delicious when infused with the tangy lemon sauce.  

The fish head is crispy and good to eat too, therefore, my hubby, Uncle Hong has a great time chewing on the bones to get to the bits and pieces of the fish. Great fish dish indeed! 

Thai Style Fried Chicken With 3 Taste Sauce
RM 35

My personal favourite is Thai Style Fried Chicken With 3 Taste Sauce - the chicken is perfectly fried, with a tender and juicy, not dry texture. The best part of it is the smooth, golden sauce, which is made in-house namely the "3 Taste Sauce", which I believe the 3 flavours are sour, spicy and sweet. An addictive sauce that I personally could not get enough of!

 Fresh Butter Milk Crabs
(Seasonal Price)

BBQ Thai also prepares several types of seafood, including water prawns, pomfret fish, garoupa, red snapper and even big crabs, in a variety of ways. Diners could order their crabs cooked in Fresh Butter Milk sauce just like the one we tried here. Prices are seasonal and you will have to check with them for the fresh catch or special for the day.

BBQ Pork Ribs
RM 48

 Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup
RM 48

Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup is one of BBQ Thai new offering. The fork-tender pork ribs come with aromatic herbs infused soup and garnished with parsley leaves. In fact, it bears a similarity to the sup mamak aka sup kambing but they substituted the lamb ribs with pork ribs instead.      

 Phat Thai
Fried Thai Keow Teow
RM 12

LIFE is Short, Eat DESSERT First

In the dessert selection, BBQ Thai has a wide selection of over thirteen Thai desserts to tempt your taste buds. Diners will be spoilt for choice but if you cannot decide from the Ala carte menu, they also have a Thai Dessert Platter consisting of eight types of dessert for diners to try. 

So just pick your favourite eight Thai desserts for a sweet ending to your satisfying meal at BBqThai!  
 Thai Dessert Platter
RM 38

From clockwise - Top left, we have Coconut Cassava Cake (Amara/Khanom Man), Golden Threads of Egg yolks in sugar syrup (Foi Thong), Look Choob, Thai Rice cracker with special sauce and in the middle are Thai-style Coconut Jelly.

Look Choob
RM 12 per plate

These attractive, colourful candies called Look Choob or Luk Choop is the perfect sweet ending. Look Choob is made of mung beans cooked with coconut milk and wrapped in jelly skin shaped as fruits and vegetables.

Total Instagramable Dessert 

Loving These Pretty & Almost Too Pretty To Eat Look Choob 

If you are the type who would never fail to post photos of your food odyssey on social media, make sure you order this pretty cute dessert. It not only tastes nice but you will be able to get some nice shots of this colourful treats.

 Thai Style Water Chestnut
RM 7

 Thai Style Cendol
RM 7

We finish off our meal with two of BBQ Thai's most popular desserts - Red Ruby dessert and cendol. We debated getting the mango sticky rice but decided we are far too stuffed as it is. 

BBQ Thai (OKR) Sdn. Bhd.
No. 17 Jalan Jugra 
Off Batu 3 1/4
Jalan Klang Lama 
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 7981 9888
Business Hours:
12pm-3pm, 5pm-12am.(Mon-Sunday)

Website: Bbqthai.com.my

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