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Saturday, 16 April 2016

MINORI Japanese Restaurant Fine Dining Omakase Set @The Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel Mutiara Damansara Petaling Jaya

Great Master Chef Takahiro
Takes Diners On An Adventure Of Taste

OMAKASE Dining Experience
Carmen & Mommy Blogger Auntie Lilly
Posing With Gorgeous & Charming Host of the Day
Dato Jessie Yow

My family and I were honoured to be able to indulge in a luxurious dining experience of a pre-launch menu  and to sample Japanese Master Chef Takahiro's Omakase Set specially prepared for Minori Japanese Restaurant's Media Day. 

Minori Japanese Restaurant is definitely a place for those looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience. With zen-like Japanese decor: a soft and tranquil ambience, the restaurant located in The Royal Chulan Damansara, Hotel at Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, is a place for diners to unwind and enjoy fresh Japanese food.

During a recent visit, Chef Takahiro served the spring seasonal Omakase menu as it is spring in Japan now. Featuring a wide selection of the freshest seafood and seasonal vegetables air flown direct from Japan to whet your appetite. I truly believe Chef Taka put emphasis on serving only the freshest of the fresh, offering his diners quality premium Japanese cuisine.

Our delightful Omakase meal comprises of six dishes, with appetisers right up to dessert.  
Appetisers Of The Day
Yum Tofu & Grilled Seasonal Eggplant with Crab Sauce, Ginger Flavour & Mountain Caviar

Our lunch started with an appetiser with a combination of Yum Tofu & Grilled Seasonal Eggplant with Crab Sauce, Ginger Flavour as well as Mountain Caviar. The tofu was smooth and soft while the crab sauce lends some flavour to the otherwise bland taste of the tofu.    

On the other hand, the salmon roe adds saltiness to the grilled eggplant topped with tonburi or more commonly known as Mountain Kaviar on the plate. Toburi is often used as a garnish with its texture is similar to caviar, which is a type of edible dried seed of summer cypress Kochia scoparia, a speciality of Akita prefecture in Japan.

Steamed Eggs with Ohitashi Organic Wasabi Leaf and Asari Shell with Yuzu Orange Flavour

Next is the Clam Soup, a personal favourite of mine. For this dish, Chef Taka substitutes the Ohistashi with organic Wasabi leaf instead of spinach. The most important thing when cooking Asari clam soup  was to preserve the original taste of the clam, without adding too many ingredients with citrusy yuzu flavour broth to enhance the taste. 

The dish is simple as it has only chawanmushi (Japanese silky steamed egg) as the base, nicely paired with the tender and succulent Asari shell meat to complete the dish. The light soup is not salty and good to the last drop. Yummy!   

White Miso marinated Butter Fish "Saikyo Yaki"

This is followed by a grilled item, White Miso marinated Butter Fish "Saikyo Yaki". Grill-to-perfection, the fish's freshness is evident on the first bite. Marinated in a sweet sauce before being grilled, the butterfish is flaky and has a melt-in-the-mouth texture with a delightful caramelised skin.

Perfectly paired with Vinegar Tomato, Wasabi Lotus Root, and Sweet Potato, it marries a vinaigrette, sweet and mustardy taste of these side dishes to the grilled fish.

Tender Steamed Beef Tongue With Special Sauce

Not to be missed is the Nimono dish; an exotic dish of Beef Tongue. Chef Taka's skillfully cooked and stewed the chewy beef tongue over long hours to produce a tender and full of  flavour meat. I'm not a great fan of beef but surprisingly even a non-fan of beef like me is overwhelmed with this awesome dish. 

Must Try Dish 

Scallop Porridge Minori Style With Fried Cherry Blossom Prawn

A treat prior to dessert, we have Scallop Porridge Minori Style With Fried Cherry Blossom Prawn, which is toned down in flavour compared to the previous dishes. Chef Taka uses dried and fresh scallop  to boil the porridge to bring out the natural sweetness into the porridge. 

Served with fresh scallop and Ohistashi, this hearty dish is relished with crispy fried Cherry Blossom prawns. The aromatic porridge does not feel heavy in the tummy, despite having savoured several dishes prior to it. A nice dish in a small serving, just enough to fill your stomach after your gastronomic treats of Omakase meal.

Warabi Mochi and Green Tea Parfait

For desserts, we had the Warabi Mochi and Green Tea Parfait. Come in a cocktail glass; lined with cut strawberries and smash adzuki bean, paired with chewy warabi mochi at the bottom of the glass. Though many may confuse the warabi mochi with the true mochi, the Warabimochi is an actually a jelly--like confection made from bracken starch and not made from glutinous rice flour.
Funaguchi Kikusui Nama Genshu

For the review, this time, Sake is served in a can for the guests. Funaguchi Kikusui Nama Genshu being canned as soon the Sake is pressed gives this sake a fresh fruity aroma and a rich full-bodied flavour. 

Created over 40 years ago in 1972, Japan's first Nama Sake

I was told that "Sake in a Can" is Japan's No.1 Nama Sake, renowned for its freshness as it does not go through normal pasteurisation and dilution process. The Sake is can directly from the source thus enabling it to maintain its natural aroma and flavour. Best served chilled. 

Combining the best of contemporary Japanese haute cuisine with a selection of premium Sake, Minori Japnese Restaurant showed off  a match in heaven at this recent Sake lunch. Sake lovers can try out Junmai Daiginjo, a perfectly balanced and smooth Junmai Sake; also, the only Sake in the world made with legendary Kikusui Sake rice.

Simply water and rice, Kikusui's perfectly balanced Junmai Sake can be warmed for a rich, mellow taste, or serve chilled for a clean slightly dry finish. This sake draws out the flavours of whatever food it is paired with.
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