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Monday 11 April 2016

BITES BAKERY CAFE ~ Petite Mini Bites of Buns & Pastries @ Bandar Puteri Puchong Kuala Lumpur

Raving About Petite Mini Buns
New Cafe Offers Creative & Cute Dim Sum Sized Buns

The latest in the bakery scene, Bites Bakery Cafe is the newcomer to the bakery and coffee scene sits snugly at the corner of the hustle and bustle of the suburban township of Puchong, right at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The brainchild behind this awesome creation of these cute and adorable dim sum sized mini bread and pastries is Robin Lim, a foodie friend of mine who are both passionate in the F&B business for a number of years. The 2 others 'babies' are namely the "Bites Cafe" and "Buns & Meat" with both located at Lake Field, Sungei Besi.  

Wide Array Of Cute Mini Buns 

The smell of freshly brewed coffee together with the sweet smell of freshly baked buns wafting through the air and the sight of super cute mini sized buns sitting on the dim sum bamboo tray amid the retro ambiance confirm that you have stepped foot in KL's quirkiest cafe cum bakery joint - Bites Bakery Cafe. 

Mini Buns Built For Sharing

The best of what Bites Bakery Cafe has to offer, only smaller. It’s buns built for sharing. These small sized handmade, hearth-baked artisan loaves are made with the high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship, by Bites Bakery's team of dedicated bakers. 

Fresh, Wholesome & Delicious 

High-quality baking is at the heart of the Bites Bakery Cafe offering. The whole process happens daily – every day, seven days a week – so customers can be confident that everything they buy from Bites bakery is as fresh, wholesome and delicious as can be.

All-natural with absolutely no preservatives, using pure high-quality butter to create our unique, fresh taste. They use no chemical preservatives; - they are bakers and not chemists. 

Now, you can enjoy a delicious and great-tasting mini buns with your favourite choice of beverages, be it the coffee, tea or fresh juices anytime you like! For me, the coffee is a good accompaniment to the array of mini buns and pastries.

Be prepared to sample over more than 20 various delights, such as Oreo Oyaki, Oreo Butter Roll, Chocolate Banana Oyaki, Mocha Oyaki, Green Tea Butter Roll,  Black Sesame Butter Roll, Cinnamon Raisin Cheese Oyaki and much more.

I was honoured to be one of the very first to taste and review some of the lip-smacking dim sum sized buns prior to the launch at Bites Bakery Cafe. Amazed at these cheeky little buns especially the Dark Chocolate Smiley Bun and White Chocolate Bunny Bun.

Light and tasty, these mini buns are perfect for those looking to have small bites and wanting to  taste a bit of everything. Great for breakfast, tea time, mid afternoon snacking or perhaps a late guiltless supper too! 

They are priced at a small basket 4 pieces for RM4.90 while a big basket 9 pieces cost RM9.90 only. You can have them anytime of the day as they are open from 8am to 1am to feed hungry tummies!

Here's the current list of mini buns in their latest menu.
  • Oreo Oyaki 
  • Oreo Butter Roll 
  • Chocolate Banana Oyaki
  • Chocolate Butter Roll 
  • Mocha Oyaki
  • Green Tea Butter Roll 
  • Chicken Mushroom Oyaki
  • Butter Roll with Mushroom & Chicken 
  • Cranberry Cheese Oyaki
  • Butter Roll Cream Cheese & Dried Cranberry
  • Cinnamon Raisin Cheese Oyaki
  • Raisin Butter Roll
  • Black Sesame Oyaki
  • Black Sesame Butter Roll 
  • Dark Chocolate Smiley Bun
  • White chocolate bunny Bun
  • Tuna Mayo Butter Roll
  • Sausage Roll 
  • Ham & Cheese Butter Bun
  • Mini Donut 
  • Cinnamon Twist 
  • Vege Scone
Following are the some of the snapshots of the dim sum sized buns for your viewing pleasures. At the point of time, I was overwhelmed with  the crazy variety of offerings and cannot recall the names for each bun. 

Anyway, do check them out at Bites Bakery Cafe for I'm sure you are bound to find your personal favourites from the 22 types of mini buns to tempt your taste buds. Currently, there's a promotion of Buy 1 Free 1 (8.30pm onwards) and Buy 1 Free 2 (11.30pm onwards).


Fans of buns and pastries should pay a visit to Bites Bakery Cafe to experience eating these little buns treats for a change. I enjoyed my tasting session very much for it was a bun-licious meal from the first to the last bite, the chicken mushroom oyaki, butter roll with mushroom and chicken with the cinnamon raisin cheese oyaki are excellent choices you should try. 

No: 26 & 28 Jalan Puteri 2/2
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03 - 8069 1318
Business Hours: 8am - 1am
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/BitesPuchong 

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  1. The best of what Bites Bakery has to offer, only smaller. It’s buns built for sharing. These small sized handmade, hearth-baked artisan loaves are made with the high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship, by Bites Bakery's team of dedicated bakers.


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