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Thursday 14 April 2016

KimNaNa Bento ~ Lunch Box Food Delivery of Nutritious Food & Convenience Lunch Freshly Delivered ~ Product Review

KimNaNa Bento Lunch Box 
Nutritious Food & Convenience Lunch
Freshly Delivered

Having just tried out KimNaNa Bento, a food delivery service recently and found them to be top-form starting from the on-line ordering process to delivering to me my delicious, warm and nutritious meals. So today, I would like to share my dining experience with my readers here as good food and good things are to be shared. Bon-Appetite!

KimNaNa Bento  is the latest on-line food delivery platform for ordering healthy, delicious and affordable lunch box prepared with the concept of healthy and guilt-free eating for everyone. These great looking, mouth-watering, convenient and time saving boxed lunch is fast becoming a hit, especially among our Malaysia working class. 
KimNaNa Bento  makes it easier for office workers with busy work schedules, adventurous palates with household budgets by ordering meals online. As such, it is KimNaNa Bento’s mission to make available quality and affordable bento for every working Malaysian!     

Toss out your stale sandwiches or noodles cups and start making lunch time fun again. Noodles cup may be a classic, but these top quality and creative yet affordable bento will put a new and healthier spin on lunch time. Check out KimNaNa Bento, the latest home-delivery food company that sends freshly cooked and naturally healthy lunch daily to your doorstep.

KimNaNa CBC Team
Lois (Branding Director) , Terence (Founder) & Bai Hao (Chef de Cuisine)

Creative Bento Centre or CBC is KimNaNa Bento’s nexus of R&D and creativity, whereby their chef fuses elements of different culinary traditions to suit the diverse taste and needs of different people in Malaysia. You can count on KimNaNa Bento to showcase creativities and uniqueness in our upcoming bento. Stay tuned!

RM 9.90

Chicken being one of my favourite choice of meat to eat besides fish, so I choose Hot Spicy Fried Chicken from their Club Bento menu. A premium fragrant rice dish that comes served with fried chicken marinated with spices and Thai sauce and sides of shredded cabbage, carrots shreds, green peas and half of a boiled egg.   

You will definitely approve of the spicy yet flavorful boneless fried chicken thigh. Well-seasoned with a mild level of spiciness and lots of fresh herbs to enhance the flavour. I really enjoyed this dish to the fullest while the nutritious part was compensated with the generous portion of vegetable sides.

Good Choice - Succulent Spicy Boneless Fried Chicken Thigh

Healthy Sides Of Green Peas, Carrots Shreds, Cabbage & Boiled Egg

Highly recommended for those who loved spicy food and fried chicken too! A good choice will definitely order this dish again as its one of my favourite now!

RM 17.90

KimNaNa Beauty Gumiho Bento menu selection is a series of a specially designed menu with ingredients to suit the nutritional and beauty needs of women based on the recommendations of nutritionists and Naturopathic physicians.

So my choice from the Beauty Gumiho Bento is Grilled Chicken with Mushroom and Green Bean in Sweet BBQ Sauce served with premium fragrant rice. From the website, there is a full list stating the benefits of ingredients that make up the full dish for the bento.  

BBQ Sauce Grilled Chicken Thigh

Following is an excerpt from their menu on GUMIHO Detox Bento .....

GUMIHO Detox Bento is characterized by a variety of superfood of detoxification and highly recommended by nutritionist and physicians.

The grilled chicken serve in a special Indonesian barbecue sauce mixed with mushrooms and green beans. It tastes slightly sweet. Traditionally, Indonesian chef brushes barbecue sauce on chicken before baking. 

But our main chef creatively cooks the barbecue sauce with special ingredients and mixes with mushrooms and green beans and then sprinkle on the grilled chicken. The featured side dish is poached sweet potatoes which are natural in color and free of non-natural pigments. The pumpkin pudding is a special dessert made from fresh pumpkins.

Sweet Potato Salad, Korean Onion Pancake & Seaweed Plate  

 Steamed Fresh Carrots Cube & Broccoli  Florets with Pumpkin Pudding

Premium Fragrant Rice topped With Almonds , Sesame & Tagarashi

Overall, I find the grilled chicken on an acceptable taste, mushrooms are okay but some may not like the green beans being cooked together with the chicken. The sides of spinach, sweet potatoes, and pickles are good to taste. On the other hand, the dessert of pumpkin pudding is smooth and creamy with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Korean Corn Silk Tea 

The best part of all, its the GUMIHO Detox Bento comes with a complimentary goodness tea bag  of Korean Corn Silk Tea for us to brew some tea to go with our Detox lunch bento. 

With KimNaNa Bento Online Ordering Website, wholesome and healthy eating is made simple with just a few clicks of buttons, you shall have great-tasting lunches delivered right to your office or home at least effort. Currently, they offer customers free delivery services with 4 differents types of Bento Menu to choose from, namely with the Beauty ~ GUMIHO BENTO, Affordable & Simple ~ CLUB BENTO, Vegetarian ~ CLUB VEGGIE and lastly, Pizzas series ~ DUTCH BENTO PIZZA

Customers can choose from a range of 15 dishes with a wide variety of nutritious option such as super food detoxification meals, Chinese favourites, fusion meals, low-carb diet favourites and much more. 


Ordering is so easy as 1-2-3, you just go to their Website at KimNaNa Bento, register yourself and move on to view their bento menu and place the order.

Choosing Your Preferred Delivery Time For Lunch

Check Out After Online Payment 

Payment can make through online banking or pay cash on delivery. They will text you (SMS or Wechat) when your order is about to arrive.

Order Confirmation

Please remember to place your order by 9pm for the next working day delivery: which means you will need to submit your order a day before.

Efficient & Excellent Delivery Service

Meet KimNaNa staff at the building main entrance and enjoy your lunch. For cash delivery purchase, it's advisable to kindly pay in exact change. 

Overall, I had a pleasant lunch treat tasting the 2 bento sets. Price wise, it's affordable and value-for-money considering the premium and fresh ingredients that go into the lunch box. Hope to see more new dishes coming from KimNaNa, perhaps some pasta, sushi, wraps or pitas to tempt our appetites. 

And maybe they could expand their menu and introduce some low-fat, low-carb diet sensitive favourites or even gluten free meals in future. Oh yes, it will be great too with caloric information and nutritional value with calories, proteins, carbs, and fats are noted in each individual lunch box.

For more information or to order, please check out and embark on a healthy and delicious journey savouring great-tasting hot delivery lunches at their Website here > KimNaNa Bento

For Sales & Order enquiry, send them an email > sales@kimnanabento.com or contact them > 012 - 247 4710

Website: KimNaNa Bento
Tel: 012 - 247 4710

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  1. Overall, I had a pleasant lunch treat tasting the 2 bento sets. Price wise, it's affordable and value-for-money considering the premium and fresh ingredients that go into the lunch box.

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