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Saturday, 23 April 2016

SOLEIL Restaurant "Don't Mess With Mum" Mother's Day Special 2016 @ Section 17 Petaling Jaya

SOLEIL Mother's Day Special Menu
A Much Deserved Treat For Mum
All Set For A Diva-licious Celebration 
Awards Winning Restaurant For MIGF 2015
Soleil Restaurant Winner Best European 
Shortlisted for Best Fine Dining and New Restaurant

Pamper mummy dearest this Mother's Day with Soliel's authentic gourmet experience by indulging in Chef Evert’s lavish family brunch set menu, specially crafted to celebrate Mother's Day. Enjoy a perfect dining experience with your beloved mummy at Soliel Restaurant's Mother's Day Special Menu starting from the month of May 6 to 10.

Chef Evert has put together a special selection of food varies from seafood starters to several top quality meat options, including side dishes of your choice. For sweet tooth lovers, Soleil have a fabulous choice of desserts, if you have room! As well as offering their special sharing dishes, Soleil A la carte menu is also available. 

Soliel concept is to show love and appreciation to Mum and make her feel special, with a feast of love celebratory meals combined with a family touch. They welcome both small (3 - 5 people) and large (8 - 12 people) sized families to enjoy Sunday brunch to celebrate this memorable occasion. As all items have to be specially created for this event, it's advisable to place an order 3 days prior the occasion.

Soleil [pronounced Soh-lay], means Sun in French is modern European cuisine with subtle Asian influence restaurant located at Section 17, Petaling Jaya. It's a modern yet traditional, quiet yet happening place to dine with your family and friends.

The bright and airy restaurant split into two floors with the ground floor juxtaposes the intimate atmosphere of a relaxed lounge, catering comfortably for up to 45 persons. The first floor reveals a wine cellar as well as a cigar lounge and private room with comfortable sofas. Maximum seating capacity is 35 persons.

Soleil's Mother's Day Menu consists of 4 selections where diners can choose from the Craving (Beef or Lamb), Seafood (Platter, Fresh Oysters or King Crab/Shellfish Brodetto), Special Egg selection (Caviar, Chive Flowers, Smoked Petuna Ocean Trout) and ends your celebratory meal with Desserts Selection (Pavlova, Kiwi Sorbet or Black Forest, Cherry Brandy Ice-cream).
Seafood Selection
Seafood Platter
RM 230++ (Serves 2)

Our complimentary menu tasting starts with a choice pick from Seafood Selection. The mouth-watering experience begins with seafood galore of fresh-caught Tiger Prawn, Mussels, Clams, Cold Water Shrimp, Fresh Oysters and Smoked Scottish Salmon.

  • Prawns - East Coast Malaysia, Oysters - Ireland, Mussels - Australia, Clams - Local source, Malaysia, Shrimp - Holland, Smoked Scottish Salmon - Tasmania
Seafood lovers can indulge in the highlight of its special menu featuring a variety of seafood. I loved the sweet briny flavours and the delicate texture of the poached prawns, making it a favourite at the dining table that would delight any prawns lovers!

On the other hand, Uncle Hong (my hubby) is totally mesmerised with the finest and plump fresh- from-the-sea oysters imported directly from Ireland. True oysters lover prefer to eat their oysters raw, baking just doesn't do its justice. 

He loves that burst of flavour and sweetness he gets when he begin to chew the oyster. To the French poet LΓ©on-Paul Fargue, eating one was “like kissing the sea on the lips.”

The large seafood platter for this food-tasting serves 6 pax, but you can opt for a smaller portion for 2 pax for a price of RM 230++.

Kisami Wasabi

Not forgetting Chef Evert's house-made dipping sauce of Kizami Wasabi which a delightful addictive sauce made fresh from wasabi; fresh wasabi chopped and mixed with pickles for the crisp and well-rounded flavour and heat. A must-try sauce that goes well with the seafood platter.   

Craving Selection
 Roast Beef Cube Roll
RM 285++ per kg or RM 425++ 1.5kg

Soleil's craving selection offers one of my favourite cuts of beef, which is the rib-eye roast, in some places also called a cube roll. Chef Evert's excellent culinary skills of grilling and hot smoking by slow roasting this whole ribeye to perfection without charring the outside. 

Delicious To The Last Bite ~ Roast Beef Cube Roll 

Truly a luxurious roasted meat as the Roast Beef Cube Roll is tender, very juicy and has a maximum flavour even on its own. Best serve whole or portioned for the classic "scotch fillet" steak, slice into juicy beef steaks. Excellent value if entertaining a crowd such as Sunday brunch for Mother's Day celebration.

~ Award Winning Belgian Chef Evert Onderbeke ~ 
Unassuming & Likeable Head Chef of Soleil

"No Caption Needed" For The Food Picture
For "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Perfect dining of thin-sliced marbled medium done cube roll served with roast spring vegetables, red wine gravy and Yorkshire puddings.Tender and succulent, the meat is so juicy and full of flavours that it would be a sin to stop at just one piece. So, I don't. The cube roll is priced at RM285++per kg or RM 425++ 1.5kg 

Roast Spring Vegetables

Chef Evert serves his roast beef with the complement of some perfectly roasted spring vegetables such as sweet corn, artichoke, asparagus, brinjal and baby carrots. My personal favourites are the asparagus and baby carrots. 
Yorkshire Puddings

Special Dessert Selections
Black Forest

No celebration is complete without a cake. Pamper your mummy dearest and wrap up your taste palette with Black Forest Cake for the special Mother's Day dessert selection together with the light-yet-decadent choice of Cherry Brandy Ice cream to complete dessert treats at Soleil Restaurant.

Light-yet-decadent Cherry Brandy Ice Cream

Sweet treats of Black Forest Cake set comes paired with melt-in-mouth house made Cherry Brandy Ice cream, priced at RM 120++ (serves 6).

For desserts enthusiasts, preferring a subtle end to the meal, the Pavlova with Red Fruits Kiwi Sorbet provides as the perfect option to healthier alternative treats. It's also priced at  RM 120++ (serves 6).    
Lovely Gift Any Mum Would Love To Have
Complimentary Gifts
Chocolates & Wine

All Mother’s will receive Soleil’s “Don’t mess with MUM” Mother’s Day apron, a box of chocolates and a bottle of CrΓ©mant de Bourgogne sparkling wine worth RM280* for spending above RM1000 (excl.gst) in a single bill.

Happy Me, At The Craving Table 

Enhancing a homely ambience, family members are encouraged to carve their own roast and to serve - a well-known English tradition for a Sunday roast. 

So if you are thinking of a different way to shower Mum with love this Mother’s Day, come and dine in Soleil to celebrating Mother’s Day over the period from the 6th to 10th May, by indulging  in Chef Evert’s lavish family brunch set menu. 

Don't wait, make early reservation through Soleil Online Reservation: Book now

Soleil Restaurant
Ground Floor 
22A Jalan 17/54
Seksyen 17 
46400 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan
For Reservation Please Call: 
GL +603 7932 5989 | F +603 7932 0877 | HP +6012 612 5989
Business Hours: 
12.00 Noon - 2.30 pm | 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm (last order) | Off Day - Sunday
E enquiries@soleil.my
 Website: www.soleil.my

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