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Sunday 17 April 2016

FUNA Family Locator ~ FREE App For Android and iOS

FUNA Family Locator 
~ FREE App For Android and iOS ~ 
FUNA Family Locator App is truly a blessing to me and my family. With this FREE Funa Family Locator, it allows me to locate my family members and friends in real time. Now I have peace of mind knowing that my loved ones have safely arrived at a destination. 

With FUNA, I can now stay connected with the people I care most; my husband and my two ever-busy daughters. Caring for the family is always my top most priority and I believe it's very true for everyone especially for mothers. I'm connected with the people I care the most at any time of the day, wherever they might be!

Funa - Family Locator is a wonder to use, download it now to keep track of my children whereabouts whether they are in college or university, at work in the office or at cafe-hopping with their BFF, BF, GF or buddies in town.

Following is an example of my day-to-day usage of the user-friendly FUNA App with my family members....

 My FUNA App showing the locality of my eldest daughter, Carmen.

Thank goodness, I need not worry about my ever busy daughter Carmen's whereabouts now. Her work is demanding in the professional line as she travels a lot to and fro from the client's and we are often worried for her safety.

Many thanks to Funa - Family Locator, now I know where my daughter is now; whether she is working late at her client's office or still stuck in her office for a late last minute meeting. The best part is that I'm informed too when she is on her way home from work! 

Connected & Tracking My Ever Busy Daughter ~ Lifestyle Blogger,  Clarrisha Hong

Loving this FUNA App ~ FUNA Family Locator. Great and so easy to use, now busy mommy like me can have piece of mind as my daughters keep me updated with their whereabouts without me having to worry about them, at work or in school or even at bloggers event!

Hubby's Day Out In Town 

Tracking my family members made easy now with FUNA - FREE Family Locator App. Great app for me to get the real-time whereabouts of my two busy daughters Carmen, Clarrisha & a foodie blogger hubby Uncle Hong's locations at any time of the day. Happy me now are able locate my family members without calling them all the time!

Here are the Main Key features of the FUNA Family Locator

★ FREE you can enjoy FULL features of Funa Family Locator for free.
★ REAL-TIME – you get to know whereabouts of your family members.
★ SECURE – your location is confidential and only visible to your family members.
★ TRACKING & HISTORY – keep track on location history (up to 7 days).
★ LOCATION ALERT – you will be notified when your family and friends arrived or left a marked location.
★ SOS – trigger SOS alert to your family members during emergency.
★ RELIABLE – provide best available location result using GPS / WiFi / Cellular technologies.
★ OPTIMIZED – optimized battery consumption.

Just install the app, invite  your loved ones into your group and start sharing locations right away!

Android: FUNA_Android
Apple: FUNA_iOS

For more information & details, check out and embark on an amazing journey with your loved ones, click here: www.funaapp.com  

Before I end my post, do watch these videos, it's funny but I can totally relate myself as a full-time stay-at-home mom always wondering where my family members are when they are not home for dinner in time!

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  1. FUNA Family Locator App is truly a blessing to me and my family. With this FREE Funa Family Locator, it allows me to locate my family members and friends in real time!

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