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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet 2016 at GTower Hotel with Traditional Flavours Of Malaysia @ Jalan Tun Razak Ampang Kuala Lumpur

GTower Hotel
Buka Puasa 
With Traditional Flavours Of Malaysia
GTower Hotel Kuala Lumpur located at Jalan Tun Razak is offering a smorgasbord of 100 traditional Malay cuisines to mark Ramadhan. ‘Traditional Flavours Of Malaysia’ boasts of four menus rotated daily featuring food from various states, with over 100 selections you will be hard pressed on which you should feast on.

With the Ramadan month just around the corner, Chef Sherry; a talented chef and her team are geared to serve their guests a delicious Ramadan buffet with offerings from her extensive gastronomical experience in traditional Malaysia culinary arena.  The buffet will be available for all to enjoy from 8 June until 3 July 2016.

Spread Of Colourful Healthy Ulam & Kerabu

The professional culinary team will present a buffet spread that boasts local specialty offering a wide range of selection from appetizers, salads, main courses and dessert in four different menus to chimes in with the Ramadan Buffet.

 Kerabu Mangga

 Nutritious Appetizers To Start With

Sambal Goreng, Sambal Hijau Bilis, Sambal Terung Belacan & Sambal Asam Pedas 

Must-Try is the variety of house made sambal dipping sauce to go with your ulam-ulam and kerabu or even salad!  

 Wide Choices of Mixed Salad, Ulam-Ulaman & Crunchy Keropok

 Ikan Bulu Ayam & Ikan Talang

 Loving The Keropoks

Baker's Corner
Pastries and buns lovers will definitely be spoilt for choice with one of the largest selection of buns and bread, unforgetting popcorn bread sticks which were a hit with the kids all the time!

Mouth-watering Pizzas

Main Courses
Hot Dish In Clay Pot

The clay-pot dishes which will be offered on a weekly basis comprise of the traditional selection from various states of Malaysia such as follows....

 Ayam Bakar Dalam Buluh
Manuk Pansuh

One of the highlights will be the authentic dish origin from East Malaysia Ayam Bakar Dalam Buluh or Manuk Pansuh, a dish often prepared on any celebration especially on Gawai Dayak by Dayak ethnic community in Sarawak. 

This natural cooking method cooked in bamboo sealed in the flavours and produce astonishingly tender and juicy meat with aromatic gravy!

 Ayam Masak Kuzi
Southern Dish/ Masakan Selatan

 Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin
East Dishes/ Masakan Timur

 Daging Goreng Kunyit
Northern Dishes/ Masakan Utara

 Sotong Masak Hijau
Sabah Dishes

 Pucuk Paku Goreng Belacan
Sabah Dishes

 Sayur Masak Lontong
Southern Dish/ Masakan Selatan

Nasi Minyak

All these wonderfully cooked dishes are best to enjoy with white rice or nasi minyak.

Pasta Station
 Chicken Lasagne

For those hankering western cuisine, an Italian pasta station will serve up pasta of the day prepared upon request. 

 At The Craving Station

Ramadan Buffet Must Have 
~ Roast Lamb or Kambing Bakar Berempah ~

Live Cooking Stations
 The buffet lines also feature a spectacular array of more than 100 must have buka puasa dishes with live cooking stations of Malaysian's perennial food such as Popiah Basah, Roti Jala, Putu Bambu and Apam Balik.

Putu Bambu In The Making Fresh From Stove

 Roti Jala & Apam Balik Live Cooking Stations

 Malaysian Best - Apam Balik

 Roti Jala

 Popiah Basah

Super delicious, all-time-favourite of GTower dishes such as Sup Tulang Rawan, Mee Rebus and Bubur Lambuk will be served as well.  
 Lovely Mee Rebus

 Sup Tulang Rawan

 Bubur Lambuk

A refreshing conclusion awaits with sweet delights such as local flavoursome Ais Kacang Segar, Lai Chi Kang, an array of Biskut Tradisional Raya, Kuih-Muih Melayu and fresh fruits. 
 Biskut Tradisional Raya

 Sweet Treats of Kuih Raya
 Kuih-Muih Melayu

 Fresh Fruit

"This year, I have an idea of introducing various traditional food from 13 states of Malaysia in place. especially the authentic Sabah and Sarawak dishes," said Chef Sherry. "The large variety of Malaysia traditional cuisine will bring back nostalgic memories of our hometown," she added.

The Ramadan Buffet Dinner is priced at RM98 NETT for Adult & RM49 for Children and Senior Citizen. It will be held at Mezzanine Floor GTower, Kuala Lumpur starting from 8th June until 3rd July 2016, from 7pm to 10pm.

GTower Hotel
No. 199 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2168 1919 Ext 7028

Auntie Lilly Of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all our Muslim Friends and Fans "Selamat Berbuka Puasa"

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