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Thursday 16 November 2017


King Of Fruit Season Is Back At Durian King TTDI

Tis the Season of King Of Fruits is in Malaysia again at this time of the year! There's no better time than now to come and indulge to satisfy your durian craving at Durian King TTDI for some of the best durians in town. 

 Happy Family Eats At Durian King TTDI

Having said that recently my family and I were back at Durian King in Taman Tun Dr Ismail aka DURIAN KING TTDI, the coolest place in town to have durians. We had an amazingly sumptuous 'Durian-Licious date with THE BEST CHILLED MUSANG KING & BLACK THORN IN MALAYSIA only at Durian King TTDI.

Posting With Durian King Himself, Erik Ong & His Assistant, Su Aishah   

The Coolest Bloggers In Town

We indulged in Chilled Black Thorn, Musang King and XO ~ Super delicious King Of the Durians together with my family and fellow foodies bloggers that night. Everyone was pretty excited about the long-awaited durian season that just started at the beginning of the month. 

Black Thorn 
Rich, Intense & Creamy 

 Champion Of Durian  
'Durian Of The Year 2012' 

Having tasted the famed Champion Of Durian,  'Durian Of The Year 2012' called 'BLACK THORN' or 'OCHEE' before, on my first visit to Durian King's Get-Together Blogger Party last year, I was hooked on it upon first taste. Read more about my Black Thorn's story HERE    

Black Thorn is the most sought after durian among the rest of the species around and you will know why if you have tasted it before. It was love at first taste when I sink my teeth into this oh-so-delicious Black Thorn durian. The colour of bright distinctive orange in colour is enough to attract you at first sight. 

Famed for its rich, starting out sweet with a bitter end note, the flavour is intense and extremely creamy. Most of the Black Thorns are smaller in size as compared to the bigger durians such as Musang King.     

 MUSANG KING aka Mao San Wang Durian
Smooth, Fragrant & Sweet

MUSANG KING aka Mao San Wang Durian is also another hit with many durian lovers for its heavenly fragrant smell and super creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

Musang King is also known as 'Raja Kunyit' in Malay because of its golden yellowish smooth flesh. I like Musang King for its more sweet than bitter and often comes in thick flesh and small tiny seed ~ in Cantonese its called 'Chit Wat'.

Red Prawn Or Udang Merah

XO Durian

Apart from the Kings of Malaysian Durian, Durian King offers a wide variety of other types of durians such as Udang Merah, D24, XO, Green Bamboo, D101 and Jantung among others. According to the owner, the prices vary on a daily basis (just like the stock market) and according to daily fresh supplies from the durian farms.

Fat & Plump Pulp Of XO

Talking about chilled durians just now, do you know that these fruits tasted awesome when chilled before serving? Durian King taking durian-eating to greater heights by serving them chilled straight from their freezer only for dine-in customers for a truly durian-licious experience from the first bite to the last bite! Try it today and you will thank me for that. 😋😋😋 

Menu For Drinks & Desserts

Durian Cendol Luar Biasa
RM 15

To complete your durian-licious experience while eating at Durian King TTDI, you must try their Durian Cendol Luar Biasa. This dreamy dessert is simply irresistible served fresh durian pulp together with condiments of cendol, kidney beans, peanuts, coconut milk and others. 

Other chilled delights you can order to pair with your durian feast are the fresh coconuts, Sago Gula Melaka, Ais Kacang Special and Orang Juice King too!

Daily Updated Of The Durians Prices

Dun wait anymore... Come and discover some of the BEST CHAMPIONS OF MALAYSIAN DURIANS from Durian King TTDI today! Durian season is here; so make a durian-licious date with your family or friends ~ all the hardcore durian kakis to savour and enjoy for yourself a satisfying durian feast.

Anytime Is A Good Time To Have Durians 
Posing With Veteran Food Blogger, Ky of kyspeaks.com   

With The King Of Durian, Erik Ong

Oh yes, do REMEMBER TO CHECK DURIAN KING TTDI FACEBOOK for daily active updates on the fresh delivery/supply and pricing for the two most-sought-after Black Thorn and Musang King.

Durian King TTDI is located next to the TTDI Market with ample free parking space, so parking is never a problem here. Seating is spacious with tables and chairs are provided for a comfortable dining experience ensuring everyone gets to chill and relax while indulging in their favourite durians. Do call for booking and to check out their stock for Musang King and Black Thorn if you do not want to be disappointed.

Damn Awesome Nasi Lemak Kukus
(Stall Next To Durian King TTDI) 

If you still have stomach for more like me after the durian feast, you got to try this good and simple, down-to-earth nasi lemak stall just next to Durian King TTDI. Otherwise, you can order a portion and share this with your makan kakies.
Be prepare to be wowed by the rich-tasting and aromatic smell of freshly steamed with coconut milk. Basically, there are only two very simple rules to a good decent nasi lemak. First, must be the rice (nasi lemak) - it is fragrant with the smell of coconut milk, fluffy texture with distinct grains and not too soft and sticky but cukup 'lemak' (rich in flavour).  

Next, the sambal must be really good - spicy enough but not too sweet. If they passed the test for these two criteria, that's makes an awesome kick-ass nasi lemak for everyone with or without the fried chicken (ayam goreng berempah) or sambal sotong. 

The rest of the toppings of deep fried ikan bilis, cucumber slice and a boiled egg or sunny size up (telur mata kerbau) just completes the dish. I'm impressed with this Nasi Lemak Kukus stall and will definitely come back for more. Highly recommended to try this at WARUNG MAN!

Durian Feast At Durian King TTDI 

(Next To TTDI Market)
No 179 Jalan Wan Kadir
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 016 - 274 6474 
Opening Hours (Daily)
 Monday to Friday ~ 5 pm to 12 midnight
Saturday & Sunday ~ 12 noon to 12 midnight

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