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Thursday 30 November 2017

Festive Season With Gourmet Foods At AEON Taste New Zealand Food Fair

Stock Up This Festive Season
With Gourmet Foods
AEON Taste New Zealand Food Fair
Cooking Taste New Zealand Products With Elana Khong 

With the festive season just around the corner, TASTE NEW ZEALAND, the Food Fair which brings Malaysians some of the best of New Zealand products and produce is back with the best quality, honest products to the shore of Malaysia.

TASTE NEW ZEALAND, the Food Fair offers a delectable selection of new artisanal treats, guilt-free chocolates, premium New Zealand apples and kiwifruits as well as a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly, products for every Malaysian home. Well, this is just in time for the festivities such as Christmas and New Year.

 AEON Taste New Zealand Food Fair

The AEON Taste New Zealand organized by the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is happening now from 30 November to 10 December at all 7 AEON outlets nationwide, showcasing some of the best in food, delicious edibles and innovative products from New Zealand.

Taste New Zealand Food Fair is back again with more than 150 products ranging from gourmet foods such as the following:

❤ Greenlea Chilled Beef
❤ Whittaker's Chocolates 
❤ Griffin's New Zealand's No.1 Biscuits
❤ Anlene, Annum & Fernleaf Dairy Products From Fonterra Brands Malaysia
❤ Karihome Goat Milk
❤ Spring Sheep Milk 
❤ NZ Natural Zealand Ice Cream
❤ Kapiti Premium Ice Cream
❤ Pure n Ezy Ready To Eat! Corn & Beetroot 
❤ Eco Store Plant-Based Products
❤ Pic's Peanut Butter
❤ Easiyo 
❤ Meadow

 Whittaker's Chocolates 
Read More About Whittaker's Whittaker's Indulgence Tour

Griffin's New Zealand's No.1 Biscuits

 Mainland Cheese

Pure n Ezy Ready To Eat! Beetroot 


 Proper Crisps

ECO Store

So be ready to stock up these best of the best New Zealand goodies just in time for your festive feasting for Christmas & New Year celebrations.

Everyone Excited At The Cook-Off Challenge

Leading up to the food fair promotion, my bloggers' friends and I were invited to participate in a Bloggers 'Cook-Off' Challenge organized at Berjaya University College led by Executive Chef Krishnan. We have the pleasure of Chef Krishnan demonstrating three recipes and sharing cooking tips on how to cook the top grade New Zealand Mussels and Greenlea Beef.

Berjaya University College led by Executive Chef Krishnan

Prior to the challenge, Chef Krishnan also imparted cooking tips and tricks from his vast culinary experience on how to cook the best dishes with the top-grade premium New Zealand products in the cooking school. 

 Greenlea Beef - Juicy & Succulent

Cheese Baked New Zealand Green Mussel

Pure NZ Grassfed Greenlea Beef Steak In Black Pepper Sauce

At this event, I also learned that Greenlea is one of the biggest meat exporters in New Zealand. Humble beginnings from a little butcher shop in Gisborne, the 80 years business has grown to a global beef exporter. Now, Greenlea is known to offers only pure NZ Grassfed beef from their farms to your plate. Greenlea takes pride in what they produce, and believe that 100% grass fed beef is the best in the world! 

For more detail on Greenlea Beef, click www.greenlea.co.nz

 Chef Krishnan sharing with us tips to cooking a perfect medium steak 

Damn Delicious & Juicy Piece Of  New Zealand Beef Striploin  

 Step-by-Step To Cooking The Stirfry New Zealand Beef

 Chef Krishnan Showing Off Some Fiery Cooking Skills

Great To Be Cooking With Pretty Blogger, Elana Khong

For the 'Cook-Off' Challenge, I was excited to team-up with fellow blogger, Elana Khong and we both worked hand-in-hand to prepare two simple and delicious dishes of Stir-fry Greenlea Beef With Onion & Capsicum and Cheese Baked New Zealand Green Mussel in mere 30 minutes. 

Since the Greenlea beef is packed chilled in 150 grams packaging and cut into bite-size strips thus making cooking so much easier for those looking to prepare simple stir-fry dishes. Apart from that, we need not clean the beef, so it's pretty convenient thus saving lots of precious time for any busy cooks at home. 

Elana cleaned the mussels while I sliced the onions

Talley's Green-lipped Mussels

On the other hand, the New Zealand's seafood products of Green-lipped Mussel has been cleaned and whole cooked, all we need to do is thaw them, remove the beard (byssal threads), lightly seasoned and topped with our favourite sauces or toppings such as cheese, herbs or spices prior to serving.  

  Marinate the Greenlea Chilled Beef for Stirfry with salt & black pepper 

 Quick Pan Fry The Beef

 Elana, such a good assistant while I cook up a storm in the kitchen! 
Stop To Pose For Nice Photo Always

 Stir-fry Greenlea Beef With Onion & Capsicum 

Cheese Baked New Zealand Green Mussel 

Voila, both of us somehow managed to complete cooking up two awesome delicious of  Stir-fry Greenlea Beef With Onion & Capsicum and Cheese Baked New Zealand Green Mussel in just 30 minutes!    

Judging Time

Although we didn't win the challenge, nevertheless it was a great cooking experience and we both really enjoyed the session. We learnt a lot on how to cook different cuts of the beef, cooking methods and much more. 


Adding on to the shopping excitement at AEON Taste New Zealand Food Fair, shoppers who spend RM 80 in a single receipt will get to enter a lucky draw contest and win up to RM 1,000 worth of AEON shopping vouchers! Good Luck 👍👍👍

'Shop and Win' Contest
Contest Period: 30 November – 10 December 2017
❤ Spend RM 80 (incl of GST)  worth of  New Zealand products at Taste New Zealand Fair
to redeem NZ themed shopping bag & join the LUCKY DRAW contest
GRAND PRIZE: 1x AEON Gift Vouchers worth RM 1,000
CONSOLATION PRIZES: 10x AEON Gift Vouchers worth RM 200 

Additionally, shoppers can participate in 'SNAP & WIN' Contest (30 Nov to Dec 10) and be one of the 10 lucky winners to win RM100 AEON Cash Vouchers.
'Snap and Win' Contest
Contest Period: 30 November – 10 December 2017
STEP 1 - Take your most creative photo at the AEON Taste NZ Photobooth

STEP 2 - Write something interesting about the picture on your Facebook Page

STEP 3 - Check-in your location on Facebook and hashtag #TasteNZMY to enter the contest. Remember to make your entry 'Public' too

Well, here you go - Starting from tomorrow, 30 November to 10 December promising something for everyone, there are eleven days of great tasting, exceptional quality New Zealand products and produce all in one place at your nearest AEON is an experience not to be missed.

I can't wait to shop for my juicy Greenlea grass-fed beef, yummy cheese, melt-in-mouth Whittaker's chocolate, fresh green-lipped mussels and lots more from the AEON stores near my home! Oh yes, don't forget to use #TasteNZMY for every social media post!   

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