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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


HAPPENING ON 18th & 19th NOV 2017 

Hi Foodies! I'm pretty excited to share some amazing breaking food news again with my foodies readers again. Friedchillies.com, the people behind the hugely popular I Eat Nasi Lemak and I Eat Burger Events, is back again with 'AYAM LEJEN'.   

Fried Chicken fans rejoice! This 18th and 19th November, Friedchillies is hosting the First Ever Fried Chicken Event in Malaysia. Featuring 8 of the juiciest, crunchiest and tender'est' chicken from many different street & restaurant categories, in one location, two days only. For you!

This event which is going to be held at Ara Damansara LRT Station where the EIGHT BEST FRIED CHICKEN are served in one place. The LEJENS as they call them have over 138+ of collective experience frying the finger-sucking delicious fried chicken for their customers.

What is Ayam Lejen?
Ayam Lejen is Malaysia’s 1st Fried Chicken Festival curated by friedchillies.com where one entry ticket gets you 8 of the best fried chickens in Malaysia. They are the people behind the hugely popular I Eat Nasi Lemak and I Eat Burger Events too. 

Why should I go to Ayam Lejen?
If you are a foodie and fried chicken fan this is the event for you! All the vendors are selected carefully and will be showcasing their best fried chicken dishes. The Lejens have over 138+ years of collective experience in frying the best fried chickens for their customers. Ayam Lejen is a platform to promote local food entrepreneurs #SapotLokal and all these Lejens have fried chickens that can rival international companies. 

It will also be an event that celebrates all the wonderful way we eat fried chicken from nasi lemak fried chicken and Korean-style to burgers and served up with nasi kandar.

Is it a Buffet?
It is a tasting session where each ticketed person gets to have 8 different meal portions that are good sized and by the 8th meal, you will be full. You can take back what you cannot eat but the event is designed that you are able to eat all 8 at the event itself. 

When & Where is Ayam Lejen?
Ayam Lejen will be held at Ara Damansara LRT Station on the 18th and 19th of November 2017. There will be 4 sessions that food fans can choose from to attend. Choose ONE preferred session on either dates to get in

Saturday, 18th Nov 2017
Session 1: Brunch Chicken! (10am - 2pm)
Session 2: Chillin' Chicken! (4pm - 8pm)

Sunday, 19th Nov 2017
Session 3: Brunch Chicken! (10am - 2pm)
Session 4: Chillin' Chicken! (4pm - 8pm)

How do I buy tickets to Ayam Lejen?
Go to ayamlejen2017.peatix.com to buy your Ayam Lejen tickets. All you need to get in is to show your e-ticket on your phone.

How much is an Ayam Lejen ticket?
Early bird tickets are at RM48 while standard tickets will be going for RM58.

What do I get with the price of one ticket?
You get an Ayam Lejen passport which will entitle you a portion from all 8 of our lejen vendors, sides and an awesome goodies bag

Who are the Lejens for 2017 and why FriedChillies chose them?

Broasted Chicken King, Keramat
Category : Middle East

Broasted Chicken King - The spicy fried chicken ah.. we don't know how BCK manage to get chili spice to be just underneath the crispy skin. Takes skill. 

Gerai Ah Kow, Near Hospital KL
Category : Chicken Rice

Gerai Ah Kow - This guy Eric fries his chicken with Horlicks ok. Good or not? You try yourselves there! At his actual stall, by 1pm all gone already. 

Nasi Lemak Khora Khora a.k.a. Wak Kentut, Johor
Category : Nasi Lemak

Ayam Goreng Khora Khora aka Kentut - AGKK coming all the way from Johor to fry chicken for you. Last time at #ieatnasilemak, people cant stop eating her crunchy fried chicken. Ask her yourself why its called Kentut. 

Sweetree, Ampang
Category : Korean

Sweetree - Spicy Korean fried chicken done by actual Koreans with their homemade pickled radish. Drooling? Good! Lets continue.. 

Nomms, Subang Jaya
Category : Freestyle

Nomms - First time try.. fail. Second time try fail! Suddenly one fine day wakeup.. they got good at frying chickens. Juicy & Tasty. So masuk as newbie of the year. They showcasing freestyle fried chicken popcorns with mango sauce. 

Nasi Kandar Zainul, PJ State
Category : Nasi Kandar

Zainul Nasi Kandar - Malaysians.. everything got curry right? These guys.. 38 years curry-styled fried chicken leh. Expert until got copycats. Theirs still the best. 

MyBurgerLab, Seapark
Category : Gourmet Burger

myBurgerLab - Haritu kepoh Nasi Lemak Burger right? These guys were the culprits. Cannot do NLB at event coz take long long time but they doing something close. Their burgers have always been fabulous so we are not worried. 

Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB), Bangsar
Category : Tex Mex

KGB - Where in the world can you get Buffalo wings that is battered with salted duck egg yolk and then topped with pickled jalapenos? Yah.. so come to Ayam Lejen and try! Damn sedap! 

Can I share a ticket with someone else?
No. One ticket is for one person.

Does one ticket give me multiple entries?
You can reenter as many times as you like during your session time. If you want to go for another session, you will need to get another ticket for that session

Is there a kid’s priced ticket?
No. If you would like to bring kids, you need to get a ticket for them too. 

Are the food served during Ayam Lejen Halal?
Yes, all our vendors serve Halal chicken and all of them serve muslim customers because all our events are fit for all Malaysians

What can I expect from Ayam Lejen?
Well absolutely delicious fried chicken all collected for you under one roof. There will also be activities, fun competitions and selfie contests during the event.

Who are friedchillies.com?
Friedchillies.com is Malaysian’s longest running food website (started in 1997). They solve your makan problems from giving you the best places to eat and also great recipes you can cook at home. They currently reach out to about 1 million foodies in Klang Valley and beyond. Other than the website, they also curate food events like Ayam Lejen, run community engagement campagins and produce TV shows all around the subject of food.

Ayam Lejen is a platform to promote local food entrepreneurs #SapotLokal and it also celebrates all the wonderful ways us Malaysians eat fried chicken from nasi lemak fried chicken and Korean-style to burgers and served up with nasi kandar, to name a few. A little different than the coupon systems used for previous I Eat events, this event uses e-tickets, which food fans can purchase via ayamlejen2017.peatix.com

Each ticket will entitle the holder to a tasting portion of ALL 8 FRIED CHICKEN from the featured lejens, sides that come with it and a cool goodie bag. Everything is Halal. This 2-day event will be divided into 4 sessions (500 fried chicken fans per session ONLY) so everyone is guaranteed a taste of all 8 Top Fried Chicken. 

Early Bird tickets are RM48 (while stocks last) and standard will be RM58. There’ll be music, competitions cool chickeny-chicken merchandise too like T-shirts and Ayam Pins so get ready for a cluckin good time!

FriedChillies Media has been solving people’s makan problems since 1997 with food reviews and simple recipes. To date we reach out to over 1 million people in Klang Valley via our webiste, social media campaigns, food programmes and curated food events. We are the people behind the I EAT brand of food events such as I EAT Nasi Lemak and I EAT Burgers that collects the best food vendors under one roof. 

Follow FriedChillies on www.facebook.com/friedchillies & Instagram.com/friedchillies and visit them on friedchillies.com for latest updates for Ayam Lejen.

Pictures Courtesy From FriedChillies.Com

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