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Monday, 25 January 2016

The Hawker Street ~ Authentic Taste Of Penang @Taman Danau Desa Off Jalan Klang Lama Kuala Lumpur


There are many stalls in the Klang Valley that promise authentic Penang flavours. From char kuey teow and prawn mee to asam laksa and mee rebus, many plaster the "from Penang" sign on their stalls or shops to entice customers to try their version.

One eatery in Klang Valley which takes its promise of serving "real" Penang flavours seriously is The Hawker Street in Plaza Danau 2,Taman Danau Desa.  

Prettily Decorated With Colourful Blooms Greets You At The Entrance  

The eatery is run by Penangite Chef Matthew and his partner, Brandon who aims to bring the real authentic taste of Penang cuisine to the local folk in Klang Valley. Coming from a family of cooks and chefs, Matthew is not new to the F&B industry where he learns his cooking skill from a young age. 

Simple & No-Frills Setting

The Hawker Street was one of my recent finds as it's located right next to famous Woo Pan, fish head noodles shop in Taman Desa which I used to frequent to get my fix of tasty fish head noodles once in a while. Recommended by a foodie friend of mine who also chance upon this new eatery while looking for some local spicy dishes to feed her hungry stomach (instead of the fish head noodles). 

More Sweet-Looking Flowers

The Hawker Street serves up some excellent beverages such as Pat Po Herbal tea and coffees as well as specialising in local Penang cuisine with Asam laksa, char kuey teow, prawn mee and others.
Signature Loh Bak 
RM 4.90

We started with one of Penang's favourite snack food, the Penang Loh Bak. Served on a super cute "plate" that resembles the banana, it came on with tasty smell of the freshly fried dish. Fragrant with the smell of five-spice powder, it has a meaty filling of chopped pork seasoned with five-spice powder and shredded turnip nicely wrapped with beancurd skin (foo chok pei) and deep-fried to perfection. I believe this dish is a faithful recreation of Chef's family own recipe and offered just the right taste and texture.

You will like the crisp on the outside, not too oily and the flavourful meaty filling within. A good appetiser to try out to prepare your tummy for the mains especially when you're starving or needed something to munch on to feed your hungry stomach!    

Following, I'm going to list down my Top Three Favourites Penang local cuisine I discovered and tasted at The Hawker Street, in no particular order.
Asam Laksa 
RM 8.50

Penang is synonymous with their world-famous Penang Asam Laksa, so it would not be complete with the ubiquitous Asam Laksa and The Hawker Street does not disappoint. This dish looked as good as it tasted. The waft of the asam (tamarind) scent is enough to entice anyone to a bowl of asam laksa. One would definitely be back after the first bowl.

The sweet, sour and hot fish broth is the highlight of the dish. Cooked with lots of fish in smaller, flaky pieces, it's wasn't too thick nor too thin; it is frankly, just addictive. The obligatory spoonful of prawn paste (har ko) also adds a savoury-sweetness to the dish.

Serving portion-wise, they are quite generous with the rice noodles and loaded with shredded cucumber, onion, pineapple, lettuce, red chillies and not forgetting the fragrant mint leaves for the final act. One of the best I tasted around town, besides the original Uncle Peoh aka 'Angcle Peoh'  Penang Asam Laksa in Klang. Click Here to read my blog post > Restoran Angcle Peoh

Extras like pork slices, egg, cuttlefish, fish, and vegetables can be added for an additional charge.

Hokkien Prawn Mee
RM 9.50

The eatery also serves up an excellent Hokkien Prawn Mee that is certainly a must-try. The first noticeable aspect of the dish is its unusual colour. Unlike the many prawn mee around KL, Chef Matthew's is a striking orange colour.

Another distinct feature of this dish is the absence of the strong spicy sambal flavour that goes hand-in-hand with a prawn noodles dish like this. On the contrary, it's extremely aromatic with the rich prawn flavour which I believe came from the fried prawn shells used to brew the broth.

The end result is a satisfying dish that is redolent with special fried shrimps, pork slices, kangkong (watercress), boiled egg and full of flavour! Do note that their standard serving per bowl comes with slightly more noodles than the usual, so be ready for a full-filling meal at The Hawker Street. Otherwise, is also good for sharing for 2 pax if you're a small eater!  

White Curry Mee 
RM 8.50

Next is the White Curry Mee, an unassumimg-looking white coconut milk based broth noodles comes with fair amout of toppings such as brown sotong, taufu pok (fried beancurd), boiled shrimps and fresh cockles. If you're in for great eats, you can add-on spare ribs, big prawns, pork slices, boiled eggs, cockles, prawns slices and taufu pok with an additional charge.  
Real Penang flavours come through once you mix up the whole bowl of noodles with the house-made sambal paste, spiciness kick in and you can add on extra spoonsful sambal paste to your own liking and taste. Another tasty offering from The Hawker Street which you should not miss!

Big Prawn Char Kuey Teow 

RM 12.50

The best of Penang food is never completed without the famous Penang Char Kuey Teow. A plate of goodness, full of wok-hei fried kuey teow noodles comes with two large prawns, a good portion of cockles fried with chives, bean sprout (taugeh) and egg. It's on the sweet side which doesn't really appeal to my taste bud, probably due to the use of sweet thick sauce and I was told that the Penang Hokkien clan likes their dishes sweet.

Pork Minced Kuey Teow Soup 
RM 8.50

For a less spicy option, try the Pork Minced Kuey Teow Soup that is served with kuey teow noodles and topped off with mince pork,  fish cakes and pork slices. Also a pork-based soup, the broth is boiled for long hours to bring out all the flavour and has a strong taste of pepper and garlic. Similar to the rest, topping up of extra spare ribs, pork slices, boiled eggs and minced pork for an additional charge.  

Signature Nasi Lemak 
RM 9.50

Do not be mislead as this is not your typical type of Malay-style nasi lemak. Looking similar with the common servings of peanuts, boiled egg, cucumber slice, fried anchovies (ikan bilis) together with the very "lemak" coconut milk rice (nasi lemak), but this is a different version of nasi lemak hails from Penang.

The sambal is on the sourish side instead of sweet-spicy while the chicken dish is cooked like the Nyonya style instead of Malay rendang style. Apart from that, it's still a good nasi lemak to try out if you like the special or unique house-made sambal. 

Once you have your taste of Penang flavours, complete your meal with their desserts such as fruit rojak, cendol or cornflake sago Melaka for a sweet ending. 
RM 8.90

RM 4.90

Corn Flake Sago Melaka

Do note that The Hawker Street is running a social media sharing promotion, just remember to LIKE & SHARE their FaceBook Page @TheHawkerStreetKL to enjoy a free complimentary bowl of tasty Corn Flake Sago Melaka when dining there. Simple as that for a nice-tasting dessert on the house! 


Besides the rice and noodles, The Hawker Street offers a wide selection of house-made concoction of special drinks unique to their eatery, not found elsewhere. Try out their hot and cold beverages of kopi, Pat Poh herbal tea, Pat Poh Milk, Micheal Jackson (Soya & Cincau) and Three Flavour Kopi among others. 
RM 3.30

Three Flavour Coffee 
RM 3.90

Micheal Jackson ~ Soyabean with Cincau 
RM 3.30

Pat Poh Herbal Tea ~ RM 3.30 & Pat Poh Milk ~ RM 3.90

Hawker Street
33 Jalan 109F
 Plaza Danau 2
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (10am -10pm)
Tel: 03 - 7971 4355

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  1. The eatery is run by Penangite Chef Matthew and his partner, Brandon who aims to bring the real authentic taste of Penang cuisine to the local folk in Klang Valley. Coming from a family of cooks and chefs, Matthew is not new to the F&B industry where he learns his cooking skill from a young age.

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