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Monday, 11 January 2016

Top 10 Top Rated Restaurants To Eat With Reviews By FollowMeToEatLa For Year 2015

 Follow Me To Eat La 
Top 10 Top Rated Restaurants 
For Year 2015 
Malaysia is indeed a food haven for all kinds of cuisines be it the local Malaysian or Western food, including Malay, Chinese, Indian, Mamak, Peranakan, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines, can easily be found in many places within Klang Valley. Some of the dishes in Malaysia is influenced by Malay or Indian cuisine, resulting in a unique fusion Malaysian dishes to suit the local taste buds.

As a food blogger, I am indeed very lucky and grateful having the opportunities to review over 140 F&B outlets throughout the year of 2015. So here's my compilation of Auntie Lilly ~ FollowMeToEatLa's Top 10 Top Rated Restaurants for your reading and eating pleasures. Do check them out if you and your family or friends are seriously looking for a feast of delectable food in and around the KL and PJ area.

Please note that the restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal. They are my shortlisted favourite places I would like to go back and eat again, simply for their great-tasting and authentic dishes served by these F&B outlets.

SASAGAWA Authentic Japanese Restaurant 
Fruit Tomato, Fish Cutlet, Egg Tofu
( From Top to Bottom )

Ocean Fresh Platter 
 Omakase Sashimi (Otsukuri)

It was an impressive showcase of Chef Sasagawa's Kaiseki cuisine; a beautifully artistic and multi sensory dining experience. Leaving me with tasty memories of such exquisite dining experience, which I will use as inspiration for my next set of gastronomic adventures.

Dining at Sasagawa, you will learn to appreciate the fine art of dining with emphasis on food presentation and the use of crockery as part of the dish and its overall appeal. Beautiful designed and painted crockery are use for different courses, with great  focus on enticing our palates, our multi sensory appreciation of a certain dish through visual, sound, texture, temperature and aroma.

China Private Kitchens Hunan Cuisine

Sizzling Hot
Sliced Beef With Chillies on Hot Plate
RM 36

Claypot Bullfrog With Hunan Chilli
RM 48

China Private Kitchens under the helm of owner cum Chef Ren offers a window into part of Chinese cuisine with only a few players in the Klang Valley. With his adventurous and exciting Hunan's vibrant flavours of traditional Hunan cuisine, he has managed to entice diners with a mixture of classic and home-style meals. He aims to serve only the freshest of the fresh, using premium ingredients introducing some of his best dishes and taste from home, taking me and my foodies friends on an exquisite culinary journey with flavours of his homeland to all Malaysian. 

Do check out this authentic Hunan restaurant and be prepared to be entice by their variety of tasty dishes!

Leong's Kitchenette
Mackerel (Tenggiri) Fried Porridge
RM 10.50

My gastronomic adventures has brought me to this hidden gem located in Subang Jaya, nestled in the enclave of USJ 21 among rows of shop houses, near Main Place. It's a simple with no-frills, typical chinese restaurant set-up that prides itself for serving one of a kind dish in the Klang Valley namely the 'Fried Porridge'. 

Salt Baked Crab
RM 65 per kg
(500 gram to 600 gram per crab)

Milky Spicy Crab
RM 65 per kg
(500 gram to 600 gram per crab)

Her crabs dishes are awesome, something you just got to savour while dining there. Diners can look forward to some really fresh and tasty mud crabs dishes at Leong's Kitchenette. The Salt Baked Crab was simply the whole mud crab, wok-baked in fragrant margarine and salt and served on a bed of fresh lettuce. 

Co-owner, Joeslin aims to replicate that of a home-cooked meal unlike many 'tai chow' stalls to feed her hungry diners with her wide range of local dishes. Dining here won't burn a hole-in-your-pockets and you can be assured with real value for money dishes for the quality of food you are getting. 

So, if you're feeling a little under the weather and needed a nice tummy-warming porridge to soothe your stomach or too lazy to cook for the weekends, do come over to check out what Leong's Kitchenette have in store for you!

Cha Po Tion Seafood Restaurant
Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Seafood Soup
RM 20

Seafood Porridge
RM 25

I always believe that food bonds people together. My family loves food and travel, so we are always on a look-out for good food and good places to eat and have some family time together. We had lots of fun and share many unforgettable experiences of food-tripping, going on culinary trips to seek out good food.

My foodie family decided to go on a 'Jalan-jalan Cari Makan' trip seeking out the best in Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor which are famous for their fresh and cheap seafood. Recommendation came from my friend, Jason Liew aka blogger at fattyjason.blogspot.com, tempting us to go on a food trip to Sekinchan, a small town located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Restoran Cha Po Tion, famous for their shark soup, seafood porridge, vermicelli (mee hoon) seafood soup, steamed lala and deep fried calamari among others. So you got to drive the distance on a day-trip just how I did with my family to check out this lively fishing village, Sekinchan is often visited for its fresh seafood. It also draws diners from Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh where seafood lovers come all the way just to savour the delectable seafood here. No regrets, you must try it to find out for yourself. Caution ~ it's a MUST to arrive as early as 9am to 10am to avoid the afternoon lunch tourist crowds 

The Champ Kitchen
One of latest discoveries on my gastronomic adventures is The Champ Kitchen in Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong in the Klang Valley. Okay, I know this a bit far-fetched, but if you want to savour real good porky dishes, The Champ Kitchen is the place to visit. You will get to enjoy delectable family's time-honoured recipes that has spanned over 4 generations. 

Overall, The Champ Kitchen is a decent and good-tasting family restaurant that provides a varieties of ala-carte home-styled Chinese cooking dishes to go with rice or noodles. Must Try is their Pork Rice, which I enjoy eating very much, kinda comforting to eat. Priced at only RM 8, it's really a good price to pay for a delicious meal of pork rice with egg and preserved vegetables all thrown in. I loved the different texture and flavours of the tender pork slices, creamy lava 'hot spring' egg mixed together the sweet and sour of the ham choy with the mui choy. Thumbs up for that!

Piggy Tail Restaurant & Wine Bar
Star Of The Night
Piggy Pork Shoulder Steak
RM 45

Those who enjoy best cuts of premium, highest quality ~ Sakura Pork might find something to their liking on the Piggy Tail's menu. Great place to chill over drinks with sinfully delicious great bar bites to go with your excellent cocktails, beers or wine! 

Truffles Ice Cream
RM 18

One cannot leave Piggy Tail without tasting their Signature Dessert ~ Truffles Ice Cream, for which they are known for. A pleasing-to-the-eye home-made truffle ice cream drizzled with crispy bacon bits and drowned in chocolate sauce.... a perfect mix of sweet and salty. You shall be wow over with the heavenly mixed of sweet with savoury dessert, a very impressive dish to end our review at Piggy Tail that day!

Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant
Cheapest Crab Around  ~ Steamed Crab with Egg
RM 50

German Pig Foot aka Pork Knuckle
RM 45

Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant is located by the river bank at Sungai Janggut, you can be assured of the freshest of the fresh seafood while dining in this restaurant. We had a really super fresh, sumptuous and delicious seafood dinner at Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant.Pricing was very affordable and value for money, seriously something you cannot find back in Klang Valley. Their crabs, prawns and bamboo clams dishes is a Must-try, something you should not missed out. Oh yes, do not forget to order their 'German Pig Foot' dish, which is actually 'Pork Knuckle' priced at a unbelievable tag of RM 45. 

Signature Dish ~ Smoked BBQ Spring Chicken
RM 29.90 (Half a bird)

My unforgetable dish I had here is their Signature Dish ~ Smoked BBQ Spring Chicken. Smoked and grill to perfection, the Chef smoked the chicken with special wood called the Sarsi Wood for its fragrant, as it gives them a smokey natural flavour and better texture. Tenderly prepared with care as the spring chicken is lighted seasoned with cajun, spices and paprika powder and smoked in the oven by the heat generated from the special Sarsi wood. A super tedious preparation with perfect timing but the end results is amazing. 

Highly recommended dish if you have had enough of the usual roast or grilled chicken commonly served in many restaurants. As for me, I will definitely come back here for another meal of the super-licious and aromatic smokey chicken to satisfy my cravings!

Chef's Special ~ Seafood Pot

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant specialises in seafood especially crab dishes, with the ingredients and recipes that are uniquely created by its Head Chef Choong. A young passionate chef that always looking for new recipes to whet his diners appetite with his house made sauces. He prepares crabs by selecting the best live ones which when cooked to bring out its true flavours. 

If you have cravings for seafood, especially fresh and meaty crabs, then head over to Bandar Mahkota Cheras.Dining at Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant is easy. Simply walk in and order from its extensive seafood menu. Then sit back and wait to be pampered with freshly prepared crabs, prawns, clams, squid and fish dishes that suit your taste and fancy.

I was pretty impressed with their well-furnished private rooms setting with some bigger rooms offering a seating capacity of up to 24 paxs per room with 2 dining tables complete with karaoke facilities. Certainly a great place for family and friends to dine, wine and sing their blues away while savouring some super delicious seafood dishes!

Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori Japanese Restaurant
Yakitori lovers rejoice as Shinjiro Izakaya Yakitori, a new-kid-from-the-block opens their first outlet at Tropicana City Mall in Petaling Jaya. All culinary creations are carefully crafted to cater to the discerning palates of local foodies with affordable pricing for the younger generation. I found their wide range of offerings pretty amazing, not too overly prized and quite delicious too. 

 Under the helm of Head Chef from Torii, the Izakaya-style Japanese delicacies features a plethora of up to 35 kinds of yakitori from poultry, beef, seafood and vegetables of every kind to whet your appetite. All skewers comes with chef recommended sauces, but diners can  choose their own from 7 selection of sauces, only if they have their own preferences.  

Well, that's about it, I have pretty wrapped up my compilation of some the tastiest, best of the best and some are pretty decent pricing with value for money F&B outlets you should visit. Go ahead to check out these places and start your gastronomic adventures in search of the abundance of good food here in our homeland! XOXO ... Bon Appetite :-)

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  1. It is just great to have these reviews about “Top 10 Top Rated Restaurants”! I love that Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Seafood Soup and would love to visit Cha Po Tion Seafood Restaurant for tasting it. I wonder if you have any reviews about the Los Angeles event venues too! If yes then please provide my friend!

  2. As a food blogger, I am indeed very lucky and grateful having the opportunities to review over 140 F&B outlets throughout the year of 2015. So here's my compilation of Auntie Lilly ~ FollowMeToEatLa's Top 10 Top Rated Restaurants for your reading and eating pleasures. Do check them out if you and your family or friends are seriously looking for a feast of delectable food in and around the KL and PJ area.


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