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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 High Quality HomeMade Cookies of Yong Sheng Gift Shop & Confectionery Sdn Bhd

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Chinese New Year 
Festive Cookies
With Chinese New Year looming around the corner, one of the reasons why I will always look forward to the festivities is because of the different type of cookies available during this season. For me, the new year isn't complete without some cookies to munch on as I celebrate with my family and friends.

Throughout the years, these cookies have been coming in the regular, transparent Tupperware with the common red cap. But, this year, it's a little unique for me as the packaging of the various cookies I've received from Yong Sheng Gift Shop are extremely traditional and eye-catching. 

They come in lovely metal tins which exude authenticity, just by the looks of it. Not only that, the tin covers are beautifully and carefully carved with photographs symbolizing the new year. Each tin is handmade, so you may even use it for decoration purposes after enjoying the cookies.

They have a wide range of selection and they have more than what you usually find in the market. Here are some of the cookies which I've tried and I've even included what I think of each one of them. Personally, I found that the cookies which were kept in an air-tight, resealable plastic bag maintain its freshness for that perfect crunch in every bite.

Carnival Pineapple Cookies

Pineapple cookies have been my personal and family's favourite of all time. Chinese New Year is the perfect time to enjoy pineapple cookies. I used to bake them some time ago, and I know how difficult it is to make perfect pineapple cookies. This was pretty good, although I would prefer if the cookie was more crumbly instead of chewy.

 Green Pea Cookies

I've always been an ardent fan of green pea cookies because it's healthy and tasty at the same time. This was really crunchy and had an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture to it. 

 Cashewnut Cookies

These beautiful heart-shaped cookies were one of my favourites because it had that warm, just out of the oven taste and texture once you pop it into your mouth. It was very crumbly and had a slight nutty undertone which wasn't too overwhelming. It was extremely buttery and fragrant as well, just like how nut-based cookies should be.

Almond Cookies

Delicious, mouth-watering almond cookies which weren't too sweet for me. I'm rather health conscious and almonds are great source of vitamin E for antioxidant properties. How great it is to be able to enjoy my favourite cookie which is healthy and nutritious at the same time!

There are also other choices available to choose from such as the following:
Strawberry with Almond Nut Cookies

Cane Sugar free Almond Cookies

Cranberry Pineapple Cookies

Macadamia Nut Cookies

There is an ongoing promotion at the moment, so hurry up and purchase these Chinese New Year goodies before the deal runs out. Click to Shop Now For Yong Seng Gift Shop > 2016 CNY Promotion

With each purchase of "Spring Joy Gift Package". You are privileged to purchase 2 tins of CNY cookies (original price RM34.80) for only RM50 to a maximum of 3 sets.

*A purchase of 2 CNY cookies, get free 1 set of limited edition Yong Sheng Red Packet.
*A purchase of purchase Spring Joy CNY cookies package, free 1 set fo limited edition Eco Friendly Bag.

(This promotion is only limited to purchase at Yong Sheng Gift Shop & specified outlets only).

Make your online purchase at our online stores:

πŸ’» LogOn: http://www.logon.my/stores/yong-sheng-gift-shop
πŸ’» Rakuten: www.rakuten.com.my/shop/yongshenggiftshop/

Yong Sheng have 12 branches under Yong Sheng Gift Shops which are located in Klang, Subang Jaya, Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Skudai and Johor Bahru. Yong Sheng is eager to expand nationwide, so that more consumers can enjoy their products. Henceforth, for this coming festive seasons of Chinese New Year, special range of premium quality cookies can also be found in selective shopping malls within Malaysia from northern to southern states.

Should you wish to purchase over the counter, do drop by our flagship stores nationwide > Yong Sheng Outlets ListingListed below are the 12 outlets available throughout Malaysia for your easy reference.
  • Muar Origin Store
  • Melaka Raya Branch
  • Melaka Kota Laksamana Branch
  • Batu Pahat Branch
  • Johor Bahru Branch
  • Johor Bahru City Square Branch
  • Skudai Sutera Mall Branch
  • Kluang Branch
  • Skudai Branch
  • Subang Taipan Branch
  • Klang Parade Branch
Do check out Yong Sheng Confectionery Website & FaceBook Page for more information and details. Visit our stores for more quality confectionery products or contact our hotline atπŸ“ž06-986 3362 for further details.

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