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Friday, 22 January 2016

Chinese New Year Set Menu 2016 @Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya ~ Grand Feast For Year Of Fire Monkey In 2016

Ee Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
Get Together, Toss To Prosperity and Let The Feast Begin at Ee Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya for this coming Year of Fire Monkey. To usher in the Chinese New Year with greater hopes and prosperity, the award-winning Ee Chinese Cuisine have lined up exquisite and traditional Chinese cuisine specially curated to give diners a sumptous gastronomic experience this year.

Both young and old alike shall have the chance to enjoy an epicurean feast for family reunion dinners and performing the customary tradition of prosperity Lou Sang toss in keeping to its symbolic of good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious!

Have your festive reunion dinner at Ee Chinese Cuisine on 7th February 2016 for a magnificent and memorable Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with your family and loved ones, specially cooked by their chefs priced from RM 968nett per table of 4 paxs onwards. Reunite and experience an unforgettable moment dining at one of the best award-winning Chinese restaurant in Klang Valley. 

Chef Alex and his team have prepared an extensive choice of set menus where you can choose from Yee Sang with Live Australia Lobster, Yee Sang with Abalone Rice Crackers and many others from RM 118nett onwards per portion to bring in greater luck. 

Nice Shot With Chef Alex of Ee Chinese Cuisine

From 4th January to 22nd February 2016, savour and anticipate their unique mouth-watering selected menus featuring Mini Monk Jumps Over The Buddha, Braised Abalone Dried Oyster, Goose Web With Sea Cucumber, Sizzling Baked Cod Fish With Teriyaki Sauce and much more from RM 628nett per table of 4 paxs onwards. 

Also featuring Chef Alex's signature dishes such as Steamed Capon Chicken, Baked King River Prawn, popular demand dishes includes Sweetened Bird Nest, Conventional Style Steamed Century Grouper Fish and more awaits you this festive season.

 Salmon with Rice Cracker "Yee Sang"

 Salmon For The Yee Sang

We started off our dinner with ritual of tossing the Salmon with Rice Cracker "Yee Sang", begining with the methodical layering of shredded vegetables, raw fish, sauces and condiments along with the uttering of auspicious wishes for a prosperous new year. Then comes the best part - the actual tossing and the higher you toss, the higher your growth in "fortunes".

 Double Boiled Chinese Herb With Dried Scallop & Fish Maw

The hearty Double Boiled Chinese Herb With Dried Scallop and Fish Maw, which is rich with abalone and scallop, was light yet satisfying. Every spoonful of this soup have the smooth taste of the herbs which was encased with the taste of the scallop and the soft springy fish maw; perfectly double boiled to extract all the full flavour of the ingredients into the soup.

 Steamed Live Kerai Fish With Superior Soya Sauce

Next we sampled the Steamed Live Kerai Fish With Superior Soya Sauce. A freshwater fish which besides eating the flesh; its scales can also be eaten as well. The Chef did a light frying of the scales to give it a slight crunch feel. We loved the fine and smooth texture of the steamed fish meat which blended well with the superior soya sauce.

Steaming is the best way to cook the Kerai fish, and the dish did not disappoint as I could taste the sweetness and soft flesh. Chef Alex used ginger, soya sauce and salt to season the fish so as not to overwhelm the freshness of the fish.

 Star Of The Night
Roasted Pei Pa Duck

My personal favourite for the night have to be their super tasty Roasted Pei Pa Duck. One of the rare opportunity to relish this special dish as many restaurants in the Klang Valley rarely served duck cooked in this style. Even if they do, some may not get the taste and texture right to perfection.

One of the key reasons is that the chef has got to get the timing perfect to get the duck to be roasted with a crisp skin while the meat still retaining the juicy flavour and succulent texture that can proves to be a daunting task to those that are less experience. 

I have to say that Chef Alex did an excellent job with his specialty of  Roast Pei Pa Duck. It's been awhile I have since tasted such impressive and amazingly delicious roast for such a long time. For that, he gets a double thumbs-up from me! :-)

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Dried Oyster, Prawns & Vegetables

A popular festive dish for Chinese New Year, served with oysters, prawns, broccoli and house made fish beancurd. I enjoyed the house made braised beancurd a lot for its smoothness and flavourful too. Make sure you savour the fresh and succulent prawns togther with the crunchy broccoli. 

Wax Meat Rice with XO Sauce

Moving on to the last dish is the Wax Meat Rice with XO Sauce. Most of the time, pork sausages are used for this dish in most other non-halal restaurant. But for the first, Ee Chinese Cuisine is using special sausage made from duck meat. Like the texture of the sausage as there were very little fats and it was very fragrantful. 

The XO sauce enhanced the flavour, making the right combination to the delicious Wax Meat Rice. Not oily with every grains of the rice being coated with the tasty sauce, this calls for a second bowl for everyone at the dinner table that night! 

Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding marks a sweet finale to our scumptious meal at Ee Chinese Cuisine. An all-time-favourite for many regulars diners at the restaurant, this fresh-tasting pudding is served in a coconut shell almost to the brim; to gives it a special twist with the coconut flesh still intact.

Not too sweet, in fact just nice for my tastebuds, I savoured every single spoonfuls of the pudding, almost scraping off the juicy white coconut flesh to eat with the lychee and mint leaves added for the finishing touch. 

For those of you that loves oldies, on every Thursday night, Ee Chinese Cuisine has a special duo which will be belting out some lovely oldies while you enjoy the delicious offering from the restaurant. 

So come by and toss up, be prosperous with loved ones for a memorable dining experiences this Chinese New Year at Ee Chinese Cuisine. Make your reservation early to avoid disappointment.  

Auntie Lilly of FollowMetoEatLa wishes my readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth as we swing into a joyful Lunar New Year with Man Ji the Monkey!

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Ee Chinese Cuisine
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagangan Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7665 1111 Ext 137 or 138 (For Reservations) 

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