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Sunday, 7 December 2014

AK Food Adventure ~ Food Marathon @ Avenue K Shopping Mall Jalan Ampang KL ( PART 1 )

29 NOV 2014 

An Exciting & Fun Food Tasting Marathon At Avenue K

AK is Kuala Lumpur's coolest urban hub where shopping is celebrated. Avenue K aims to indulge your retail desires, cater to your entertainment needs and satisfy your appetite for top-notch dining in comfort.

With over 60 exciting dining options including Wondermama, Simplyd, Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria, Tsukemen Izakaya, Marutama Ramen, Ayers Rock, Delifrance, Sushi Box, Ah Cheng Laksa, Tokyo Pastry, Johnny Rockets, Fat Boy's Burger Bar, Warisan Kafe, Espressolab, Upbeat and Krispy Kreme, there is no doubt that Avenue K is a Foodies's Haven.

Recently, about 50 hand-picked food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to be part of Avenue K Food Adventure on the month of November. I was also one of the lucky bloggers to be invited for this exciting and fun food tasting marathon event.

Every bloggers were each given a AK Food Adventure Passport and a goodie bag. Our task for the day was to just hop-on, hop-off on the dedicated eateries at Avenue K, eat and introduce them. A list of 20 selected participating eateries were available for us to visit, but we were only required to complete a minimum of 10 restaurants at least. As it was a whole day event from 10 am to 10 pm, my fellow bloggers and I have the whole day to eat in Avenue K, how awesome !

Wish Me Luck for the Food Adventure

Our task was to LOCATE the eateries, ORDER the food, CAMERA EATS before we do, simple as that. Seems easy but the challenging part was my team and I targeted to cover all the 20 eateries in the 12 hours event. Well, that was where the exciting and craziest part of the event begins for us.

We were practically running around the shopping mall , Order-Shoot-Taste-Passport Stamped before we moved on to the next stop. It was truly a fun and exhilarating food event for me as a food blogger.

My Foodie Friend, Vivian Chooi ~ vivichooi.blogspot.com with Me  

Crazy and thrilling adventure food marathon for me, Auntie Lilly of followmetoeatla.blogspot.com, my hubby, Uncle Hong of bestrestauranttoeat.blogspot.com and my two sporting good friends ~ food bloggers, Wen Li and Vivian Chooi as we braced ourselves for an NON-STOP EATING SPREE challenge at this AK Food Adventure. Passion drives, we were tired and full but utterly satisfied with our discoveries of more delicious plus yummy places to eat for our readers at this brand new mall.

This holiday, Avenue K transforms into a land of magnificence for the festive season. Bringing its Christmas decorations to life with enchanted pink Christmas trees, a gigantic Santa Claus riding on a fuchsia Mini Cooper and oversized presents. From the main entrance, shoppers are ushered into the mall filled with all things candy pink bright.  

Shoppers were treated to a surprise  visit by Santa Claus himself who merrily gave out Christmas lollipops from his large, red sack.

Avenue K greets its shoppers with larger-than-life Santa Claus sitting in his Fuchsia AK Mini 

Highlight of the day was when Avenue K launched its 'Santa's Party' Performance at 4 pm with amazing vocal powerhouse and singing sensation, Joy Victor leading the dance floor while belting out Christmas numbers. The climax of the launch was the amazing dancing performance, an ensemble of performers dressed as sexy Elves and pretty Santarinas, who sprang into dance once the DJ blasted well-loved and joyful Christmas tunes. 

Pretty Santarinas dancing away set the mood for a wonderful festive season

Shoppers In Awe with Joy Victor's superb performance

Larger than life, famous singer Joy Victor entertains the weekends shoppers with her powerful vocal performance dancing along with the pretty Santarinas. Singing sensation, Joy Victor belting out Christmas numbers transforming the ground floor atrium into a mini concert sets the mood for Yuletide holiday cheer and glee.   

The spectacular performance sent applause through the crowd and marked the grand launch of the festive season. The live musical dance dance show enthralled the shoppers and captivated the audience's hearts.

Photo Session with Diva Joy Victor  

The show isn't complete till you have snap picture with the pretty & gorgeous Elves dancers like me!

A Well Stamped ~ Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatla's Food Passport 

My Mission accomplished with Successful 17 F&B outlets reviewed in my exciting Avenue K Food Adventure ~ completed in a 12 hours non-stop food marathon. Watch Out for my post ~ PART 2 of  the Best Food to eat at Avenue K.

My 12 hours Food Adventure brought me to noodles house, burgers bar, cake house, steakhouse, malay warung, coffee house, chocolate kiosk and bakery among others in this coolest urban hub. From fast food to fine dining, we were pamper our taste buds and be spoilt for choice with over 20 different F&B options to choose from offering a wide array of scrumptious menus that will make you drool for more. 
Mouth-Watering Dishes of AK Food Adventure

Food & Food & More Food Pictures
Meanwhile, feast your eyes on my drool-worthy food pictures ~ Total of 17 F&B outlets I had checked out in my '12 Hours Back to Back Food Marathon'. There are a wide array of cuisines to choose from in Avenue K ranging from noodles, rice, sushi,grills, burgers, ramen, seafood, pasta, sandwiches, salad, wrap, coffee, cakes, desserts including Asian, Western, Nyonya, Chinese, Malay to Japanese fare.

Palate-melting Combination from the 17 F&B Outlets

Perfect Combination of Coffee, Cakes & Desserts ~ Sinful Treats but a Deserving Indulgence for Me

Truly a Foodie's Haven

A Fully Stamped Food Passport from 17 F&B Outlets 

All in all, my foodies friends and I had a great time, in fact a very challenging task for us to 'Eat, Shoot and Review' all 17 food outlets in minimum of 12 hours but we somehow did it. I'm proud to say that our success was all due to good teamwork and collective efforts from my team members, many thanks to Wen Li and Vivian, both young and avid food bloggers. 
Before I end my post, I would like to say that this had been an amazing, spectacular event for me this year. Many thanks to the Gina Suhki from AK team and Ashley Yeen for inviting me as a part of this exquisite event. 

Don't forget to look out for my coming post - PART 2 AK Food Adventure ~ Food Marathon ( PART 2 ) & PART 3 AK Food Adventure ~ Food Marathon ( PART 3 ) of Best Food To Eat in AK Avenue!

Visit their Social media Site below for more information! WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - TWITTER 

Avenue K Shopping Mall
156 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2168 7800

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    1. Haha... Wish you could join us too, Sharon. Eat, Shoot & Search like crazy ... Tiring but fun, as we were racing against time to complete the amazing eating adventure. The last 3 outlets we missed out was because they had closed for business when we reached there !

  2. All in all, my foodies friends and I had a great time, in fact a very challenging task for us to Eat, Shoot and Review all 17 food outlets in minimum of 12 hours but we somehow did it. Our success was due to good teamwork and collective efforts from my team, many thanks to Wen Li and Vivian.

  3. wow!! that's nice!! (Y) I didn't get to enjoy cakes from Expressolab *too late*


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