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Saturday, 13 December 2014

IsMe Beauty Cafe @ Nu Sentral Brickfields ~ Beauty-Theme Cafe

~ Beauty Theme Cafe ~
Brand New Experience of Beauty Care and Café Indulgence 
The ground breaking premium skincare from Korea, CUSCOS is collaborating with the world famous brand for luxury adornment and delight, Swarovski Zirconia. Formulated with 2 carats of diamond delight, CUSCOS is completely new and revolutionary line of beauty with the concept of “rubbing jewel into the skin”. Pamper yourself with CUSCOS range of skincare products, that are marked with an asterisk and fortified with 2 carats worth of diamonds!

Today, CUSCOS with its own café – IsMe Beauty & Café finally arrives in Malaysia, offering a brand new experience of Beauty care and Café indulgence to you.

IsMe Beauty & Cafe is touted to be the first, one of it's kind cafe opens its door to customers just 6 months ago. They hope to bring in a new "Two-in-One" concept of dining experience to Malaysian where one can dine in style while shopping for beauty products.

The beauty-theme cafe first outlet is located at Bukit Bintang, Jalan Padang Walter Grenier ~ a bustling part in Klang Valley and now this is the second outlet located at  Nu Sentral Brickfields. Their third outlet just opened recently too at Empire    You can check out my blog post on the 1st outlet of IsMe Beauty Cafe  by clicking here: isme-beauty-cafe-bukit-bintang

As health and beauty comes hand in hand, IsMe Beauty & Cafe menu focuses only on serving nutritious, healthy and low calories food for its patrons. With an in-house nutritionist on hand, each dish is specially prepared with natural and freshest ingredients without compromising on the taste and value. 

IsMe Beauty & Cafe promises to offers strictly low-calorie and healthier meal options for their diners, without compromising on the taste and quality. With over 20 choices of items to choose from, diners will really spoilt for choice. Using only quality products with no artificial colouring and natural ingredients  imported from Australia and New Zealand, high in fibre and vitamins, diners can be rest assured of low in fat, sugar and calories nutritious meal. 

Lady Privilege Day on Wednesday
15%  Discount off for  Ladies Diners

20% Dine-In Discount for Nu Sentral staff and IsMe VIP Members  

Enjoy 30% off on All Desserts after 6pm

At IsMe Beauty Cafe, the food is freshly prepared daily on-premise right from scratch with emphasis given to imported ingredients and fresh produce. Diners can take their pick from the guilt-free menu and indulge themselves with some low calories delicious cheesecakes, croissants,desserts and more. Isme Beauty Cafe's pure and authentic dishes are rich with fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  

Beautifully decorated with brightly-lit sparkling chandelier 

Step into this restaurant and you’ll be met with tasteful blue and white furnishings and beautiful posters of food and IsMe's Ambassador ~ Miss Xinle Chai, a famous Malaysian actress, host and model. Diners will experience an afternoon of sophistication and glamour as you mingle and chatter away with your friends.

A nice new addition to one of the trendiest shopping mall in Nu Sentral, IsMe Beauty & Cafe is good place for everyone to sit back relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee with amazing service.

Relaxing and stylish ambience

There’s also a love seat area from which offers guests a cosy space to indulge in their own time and appreciate the finer things in life while enjoying your meal with a cup of hot tea or coffee with cakes.

It looks like a trendy coffee place from the outside but once you step in, you are greeted with warm smiles and a beautifully designed space where you can spend hours eating and chatting with your family and friends over delicious and healthy meals.

Harney & Sons ~ Premium Gourmet & Fine Teas

During the review session, we get to taste IsMe's range of specially selected delicious offerings of light snack, desserts, sandwiches, burgers and beverages that are not only delightful, but also are low in fat and calories.

Mouth-watering Platter of a light Tart, healthy Dessert and nutritious Cake

  Lime Margarita - RM 9.90, Tart Strawberry Muesli Yogurt - RM 16.90, Carrot Cake - RM 13.90
( from left to right )

Carrot Cake 
RM 13.90

IsMe's Carrot Cake is baked with less sugar and contains 90% Carrot and Walnut. Savour it with a cup of coffee to complete your dining experience.

Mocha Cheese Cake
RM 13.90

Red Velvet
RM 13.90
IsMe's Red Velvet is specially made using natural ingredients with red rice yeast for the colour, so its entirely free from artificial colouring. A dense cake and quite filling too.
Mango Mille Crepe Cake
RM 15.90

Nutri Beef 
RM 25.90

A wholemeal loaf with premium beef salami ham, wasabi mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, Gherkin, red onion and cheddar cheese. The wholemeal loaf is made from 90% wholemeal with 10% grains which makes it an excellent source of fibre, vitamins and minerals too. Wasabi mayo is used for its special properties to help with digestion especially when consuming the cold cuts in this serving.

IsMe Beauty Café emphasised on a strict and stringent quality control in that all the ingredients and ensured the top grade quality and unprocessed food are only used in their food.

German Kransky Cheese Sausage
RM 25.90

A healthy wholemeal loaf served with Jumbo Kransky Cheese Sausage, Mayo, German mustard, lettuce, red onion, capsicum, gherkin and olives. Comes together with criss-cross cut fries that  are not deep fried but air-fried instead and marinated with sea salt to let you enjoy this fries without a guilt feeling.

Classic Chicken Sandwich
RM 25.90

Classic Chicken Sandwich which comes with a Sandwich toast, Smoked chicken, Wasabi mayo, Cheddar Cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and eggs. Comes with homemade crispy criss-cross cut fries which were air-fried and marinated in sea salt for added flavour. 

ISME Superfruits Croissant
RM 23.90

A super healthy and fruity croissant sandwich filled with kiwi, strawberries, mangoes, avocado and fresh lettuce served with blended yoghurt cream (from New Zealand) and mascarpone. Comes in combination set of fruits croissant with New Zealand Kapiti ice cream to complete the meal.

Chicken Lover Burger
RM 25.90

Bamboo Charcoal Sesame Bun made from yeast and charcoal powder is an excellent healthy option. Sandwiched in between the buns are chicken meat loaf, wasabi mayo, Cheddar Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion.

IsMe Signature
RM 13

RM 13

Cafe Mocha
RM 13

Refreshing Lemon Grass 
RM 14 

Overall, I would say that IsMe Beauty Cafe is an excellent place to chill and unwind while dining on guilt-free food and shop for beauty products too. As the saying goes 'You Are What You Eat', I believe ladies ought to take care of themselves well on the inside and outside by eating well and eating right and using the right kind of product to care for the skin.

With three outlets spread across the Klang Valley, you can come and enjoy indulge yourself in their tasty low calorie (less than 400 calories) food without the guilt feeling again!

IsMe Beauty & Café ~ Nu Sentral
Level Concourse Unit No. 18 & 19
Nu Sentral
No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2276 0008 

Business Hours:  10am – 10pm daily
No pork or alcohol served

FaceBook : IsMeBeautyCafe

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  1. As the saying goes 'You Are What You Eat', I believe ladies ought to take care of themselves well on the inside and outside by eating well and eating right and using the right kind of product to care for the skin.


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