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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Din Tai Fung ~ Top Chinese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur @Empire Shopping Gallery

Serving up Taiwanese Delights

A lot of work goes into preparing each dish at restaurant  

Din Tai Fung had a long history dated back to 1958 when it was originally  founded as a cooking oil retail shop in Taiwan. In early 1970's threatening the survival of the business, Din Tai Fung  was transformed to a restaurant in 1972 serving Steamed Dumpling or more commonly known as 'Xiao Long Bao'. 

Head quartered in Taiwan and with outlets all over the world, Din Tai Fung was rated by The New York Times in 1993 as among the top ten restaurants of the world, the only Asian Restaurant on the list. The Pavilion branch has been voted as the Top Chinese Restaurant in Kuala Lmupur.

Other recognitions was that Din Tai Fung was ranked No.1 in the '101 Best Restaurants in Asia' list, released by US based food website, The Daily Meal and also World's Second Best Chain for travellers by CNN.

The art of making Xiao Long Bao is a delicate process. The flour wrap must be of certain consistency ie not too thick neither too thin and of the right thickness. Besides, the dumpling should not be too doughy, too thin or it will break easily. On top of that, soup consistency is important as it cannot be too greasy or too rich; nor can the meat be too overcooked.

At Din Tai Fung, each Xiao Long Bao is wrapped in delicate, yet firm with translucent skin and each dumplings must be of at least 18 exquisite folds. Steamed to perfection. the meat filling within should be plump and juicy with each bite. Each Xiao Long Bao is made fresh to order.   

Classic Oriental Theme Decor   

The interior of Din Tai Fung is a reminiscent to the simple classic. An ideal place for dine for gathering of family and friends. This family friendly restaurant is always filled to the brim with hungry patrons, a perfect cosy dining ambience with good food and excellent service.

Cozy and relaxing setting for a gathering of family and friends

At Din Tai Fung, you can take your picks from their list of tantalizing delicious Shanghainese appetizers. A bite of something cold, something sweet, something sour and something spicy, your palates are bound to be awakened to savour the next dish.

Spicy Sichuan Chicken ~ RM 15.90

Top in my list is this Spicy Sichuan Chicken. Simply a delicious dish of tender and succulent poached chicken served with spicy Sichuan sauce and generous sprinkle of crushed ground nuts, diced spring onions for the added crunch and fragrant sesame seed for the nice aroma. This dish does not disappoint diners with the sourness and spiciness nicely balanced. A Must-try if you loves chicken. 

Spicy Pickled Cucumber ~ RM 6.90

An interesting simple but tasty appetizer is the healthy Spicy Pickled Cucumber. Actually these are chilled zucchini or better known as Japanese cucumber specially selected and cut to the right size and weight, drenched in chilli oil and seasoning. I enjoyed the light, cooling and refreshing taste to these low calories appetizer.  

Fragrant Pork With Crushed Garlic ~ RM 15.00

A chilled fresh zucchini in wraps with sliced of fragrant pork and topped with a flavourful garlicky spicy bean sauce.

Din Tai Fung House Special ~ RM 6.90

Din Tai Fung House Special is a mixed of spicy with sourish appetizer with vermicelli, bean curd strips, bean sprouts, spring onions and julienne seaweed, tossed in a tangy dressing. Bound to stir up ones appetite just before the main meal.    

Stewed Wheat Gluten ~ RM 7.90
Simple and Tasty Vegetarian dish of stewed wheat gluten with black fungus.

Diners can have your fill of Xiao Long Bao  to your heart content at Din Tai Fung. These tasty cute little steamed dumplings are plump and juicy filled with tasty broth, minced pork, chicken or crab roe. The translucent skin of the dumpling is soft and the filling is mouthwatering. Served in a bamboo tray in a set of six or ten pieces, these Xiao Long Bao comes in bite-sized portion. Diners can be assured that they are all freshly made upon order and serves steaming hot at each of Din Tai Fung's outlets.  

Pork Xiao Long Bao 
~ RM 11.20 for 6 pcs & RM 17.80 for 10 pcs ~

Next are the bigger version of steamed dumplings, available in shrimp, pork, vegetable, fish and even a vegetarian mushroom variation to please their diners.    

Steamed Shrimp With Pork Shaomai
~ RM 15.80 for 6 pcs & RM 24.80 for 10 pcs ~

Steamed Vegetable and Pork Dumpling

~ RM 11.20 for 6 pcs & RM 17.80 for 10 pcs ~

Spicy Vegetable & Pork Wanton
RM 11 for 6 pcs

Condiments of Chilli Oil, Soya sauce and Vinegar

Ready to Eat - Dipping sauce to savour your Xiao Long Bao

A simple guide to enjoy your Xiao Long Bao - Pour 1 part of soy sauce with 3 parts of vinegar (1:3) into the shredded ginger dish. Dip your dumpling into the pre-mixed sauce. Next, place it onto your spoon and poke a small opening to release the flavourful broth inside. Sip to taste the broth and top with some ginger on it and enjoy it mouthful. 

Otherwise, if you're not a fan of the vinegarish dipping sauce like me, you can savour the original flavour by trying the 1st bite without the sauce. I actually like it more in its original natural taste.   

Hot & Sour Soup 
~ RM 10 (Small) & RM 15 (Large) ~

A steaming hot pot of piquant soup with many type of ingredients to dunk into a flavourful broth. Not overly spicy but with a level well bearable, not too overwhelming. Bearing similarity to the popular Sze Chuan Style Hot and Sour Soup, this is a good choice if you like something sourish to jazz up your appetite. 

Shrimp Noodles Soup

A light clear broth served with in-house made noodles ( Lai Mein), chinese cabbage and crunchy fresh shrimps.

Din Tai Fung Special Fried Rice with Pork Chop
RM 18.50 

Flavoursome Fried Rice with Eggs and Spring Onions

Pork Chop

An aromatic dish of juicy portion of lean pork meat, well marinated with 5 spice powder. Goes really well with the fried rice or even better with plain white rice for me! Yummy ....

Stir Fried Pea Sprouts ~ RM 19.50

Sauteed Baby String Beans With Minced Pork ~ RM 21.50

Golden Pumpkins With Salted Eggs ~ RM 17.50

You will like this crispy golden fried pumpkin coated with salted egg yolk sauce if you are a fan of the healthy pumpkin. Many have this hate and love relationship with pumpkin, some may enjoy it more in soup or desserts but not served as a dish like this. Anyhow, you have to try this at least once to find out. 

To end our meal, we try some Sweet version of Xiao Long Bao for desserts.
Steamed Red Bean Dumplings 
~ RM 8.50 for 6 pcs & RM 13.50 for 10 pcs ~

I actually enjoyed eating these Xiao Long Boa desserts stuffed with red bean paste despite after having tasted the savoury ones. Din Tai Fung have given a new twist to how the originals ones should be enjoyed. Nice and good blend of red bean paste in the translucent skin, skillfully wrapped. The filling was not-too-sweet, filling and with the melt-in-mouth texture. Give it a try if you like any bean paste desserts like me!

Steamed Taro Dumplings 
~ RM 8.80 for 6 pcs & RM 13.80 for 10 pcs ~

As for the taro, I find is quite bland but still has the melt-in-mouth texture as the taro paste was very smooth and nice. I would prefer to have maybe some sweet potatoes or even sweet pumpkin instead. I was expecting a sweet nutty flavour but it was clearly missing here, probably could be due to the different species used. 

   Chilled Grass Jelly Topped with Purple Glutinous Rice ~ RM 9

Steamed Chinese-Style Layer Cake
RM 6 (S) & RM 10 (L)

A soft and fluffy texture steamed cake, taste well is quite bland and best eaten with the sesame sauce and the sweeten condensed milk to bring out the taste. I was told that thin layered of the cake are binded together with pork lard. The layered steam cake may look simple to us but takes lots of effort to make it.
Sesame sauce and Sweeten Condensed milk

Well overall, Din Tai Fung fares pretty well in their range of dishes serves from their signature Xiao Long Bao, appetizers, noodles dishes, rice dishes, soups, vegetables to the desserts. Their focus continues to be on healthy and fresh fare, with a light hand on salt and oil to encourage the natural flavours to shine through with the use of imported ingredients.  

So if you looking to try some Shanghainese or Taiwanese dishes with your family and friends, do drop by to Din Tai Fung, "Trip Advisor - Top Chinese Restaurant in KL". Have a dim sum feast savouring their famous Xiao Lung Bao - a Big Deal in Din Tai Fung!

Din Tai Fung currently has 5 outlets located in Klang Valley ~ The Garden Mall, Mid Valley City, Pavilion KL, Empire Subang, e@Curve and One Utama.

Outlets Locations Click here: DinTai Fung Outlets

FaceBook: DinTaiFungMalaysia
Website: www.dintaifung.com.my 

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  1. So if you looking to try some Shanghainese or Taiwanese dishes with your family and friends, do drop by to Din Tai Fung, "Trip Advisor - Top Chinese Restaurant in KL". Have a dim sum feast savouring their famous Xiao Lung Bao - a Big Deal in Din Tai Fung!


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