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Monday 1 December 2014

Delifrance Malaysia Christmas Celebration Menu 2014 @Avenue K Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur

Celebrate The Joy of Christmas with DELIFRANCE Malaysia

It's the time of the year again when the entire world celebrates the joy of Christmas. This Christmas, Delifrance Malaysia have prepared a selection of mouth watering traditional dishes, new cakes, chocolate and bread for its new festive menu specially for its loyal customers. 

Delifrance Malaysia takes pride in serving their customers only quality good food, for every single dish featured in the menu, they make sure its the best version possible, going through strenuous  R & D sessions before it is put on the menu. 

Delifrance Malaysia made its mark here with its patisserie and committed to providing the most authentic French Bakery to all Malaysians dates back in year 1990. As one of the most successful bakery chain in the world, Delifrance is currently serving Malaysian at more than 15 spots across Malaysia, and still continuously expanding and striving to serve their customers better for the past 24 years. 

Festive Indulgence of Christmas Cakes, Chocolates & Bread  

Delifrance's newly introduced cakes for the festive are Santa Play Land Gift Cake, Rocky Land Gift Cake, Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut, Double Chocolate Tea Cake and delightful cupcakes, gingerbread man.

Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut & Double Chocolate Tea Cake 

Double Chocolate Tea Cake 
RM 16.90

Delicious moist and soft tea cake is topped with chocolate chips, it's perfect eaten together with a cup of English tea. Sinful indulgence but great comfort food to fulfil your cravings for some rich chocolate moist cake. Can be quite addictive, you just simply can't stop eating it. Beware! 
Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut 
RM 16.90

Another tasty cake offerings from Delifrance. Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut is topped with loads of chopped walnuts for the added crunch and taste. Best served as an afternoon snack with a cup of aromatic white coffee or perhaps a nice light night snack for a hungry tummy for supper!   

Rocky Land Gift Cake
RM 35.00

Festive cakes from Delifrance includes Rocky Land Gift Cake ~ A special Belgian Chocolate Cake topped with ganache. A smooth and velvety mixture of chocolate and cream pour over the moist tasty chocolate cake. Nothing can get any better than this, yummy! 

Chocolate-lovers will go nuts for this rich, dark cake. Wonderful with just the ganache, the basic cake is transformed into a sensational holiday treat with the addition of Christmas decor and a golden ribbon bow. Truly a perfect Christmas indulgence for your family or friends for this coming festive season.

Santa Play Land Gift Cake
RM 48.90

An all-time favourite cake, this gorgeous Red Velvet Cake makes the perfect gift cake for this season to satisfy your sweet tooth. In a bid to capture the Christmas magic, Delifrance brings back the classic combination of Red Velvet with sour cream cheese topping.

While not as flashy as many other festive cakes, everyone will love its classic simplicity and "just like grandma used to make" nostalgic appearance. Deliciously moist chocolate red velvet cake tastes amazing rich together with the sour cream cheese.

Appetising Delifrance Christmas Set Menu 
(All Sets come with Iced Lemon Tea)

Poached Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce
RM 34.90

Good combination of Poached Salmon fillet drenched with milky white dill sauce, served on a bed of mashed potatoes and fresh salad for a complete well balanced meal of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. An excellent choice for those seeking a healthier option with healthy and nutrient rich salmon dish. 

Provencal Lamb Stew
RM 34.90

Provencal Lamb Stew is an excellent delicious French stew, hearty in flavour but light in consistency, perfect for this time of the year. Traditionally a classic Provencal French stew made with lamb or beef, red wine and hearty root vegetables. Absolutely flavoursome with tender and juicy lamb shoulder coated with savoury brown sauce and served with side salad for a healthy balance. The tasty sauce really goes well with bread or even rice and its good to the last drop! 

Beef/Chicken Lasagna
RM 17.90

Classic and traditional Italian dish. A favourite pasta dish of lasagna baked to perfection with generous layers of cheese, filled with tender minced beef/chicken and thin sheets of pasta in a light tangy sauce, bound to satisfy any crowd and worthy of a special occasion or celebration.   

Cheesy Turkey Pasta
RM 15.90

Traditional spaghetti dish tossed in creamy cheese and mushroom sauce served topped with premium slices of roasted turkey ham for added flavour. A good and simple dish with moist pasta cooked ala-dente making it an easy, comfort food for young and old alike. 

Beautiful Macaroons from Delifrance makes an excellent gift for Christmas. Comes in a pretty box of seven in different flavours of strawberry, chocolate, lemon and vanilla.

So, if you and your family are looking for a nice dining spot to celebrate a joyful Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, do drop by to your favourite French Cafe in Malaysia ~ Delifrance to savour their heart warming, wholesome fare and sweet treats for this festive season. BON APPETITE !

Delifrance Malaysia location with 11 outlets in Klang Valley, 1 outlet in Penang & Taiping and 2 outlets in Johor too. Click here for more info on outlets: www.delifrance.com.my/outlets 

For more information, please log on to their official website at: www.delifrance.com.my or visit the Facebook page: DelifranceMalaysia

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  1. It's the time of the year again when the entire world celebrates the joy of Christmas. This Christmas, Delifrance Malaysia have prepared a selection of mouth watering traditional dishes, new cakes, chocolate and bread for its new festive menu specially for its loyal customers.


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