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Friday, 11 July 2014

Crave Cafe - Ideal Breakfast Place @Oasis Square Ara Damansara

Craving for a hearty big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages or smoked salmon but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket? Or how about the taste of savoury homemade cakes and scent of freshly brewed Australian coffee to help you unwind after a day of hardwork?

If your answer is 'Yes', then head over to a nice, comfy and laid-back cafe called Crave Cafe located at the young and vibrant Oasis Square around Ara Damansara.  

The cafe's concept is simple - modern, chic and fresh, in line with the type of food served. The cafe offers a comfortable lounge area with sofas and couches, comtemporary dining space, coupled with a breezy al-fresco section, prefect for a weekend brunch.

The attractive red brick wall has character and warm tones, help to create a focal point in the space, while the dark wood tables are complemented by black leather chairs. The colours create a relaxed setting that is both chic and welcoming.

This place offers a nice, soothing and casual environment for you and your friends to dine in. A perfect place to catch up with friends for a tete-a-tete or a business discussion over fine teas and coffee.  

Crave's drinks menu together with their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu at a glance

Crave pride itself as being the first in the country to bring in line of coffees and teas from the famous Toby's Estate which is a multi-award winning coffee plantation in Santa Clara, Panama. In 2001, the first Toby's Estate Cafe, Espresso School and Roastery was opened in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Woolloomooloo Blend is a medium roast coffee, less bitter with more flavour and mild fruity sweet. Great for milk coffees while producing a real mouthful of body and a full, rich lively cuppa.  

Cappucino Flat White
Dirty Chai Latte 

This latte is a one shot of espresso mixed with Chai syrup and topped with aromatic cinnamon powder for flavour. I would advised for a double shot for those who like their coffee stronger.  

Hot Chocolate

Take your pick from here from latte, capuccino to hot chocolate drink  

Toby Breakfast Blend Tea

For the non-coffee drinkers fret not, Crave has some fine teas to offer for your morning cuppa.

A premium grade tea imported from Australia, this Toby Breakfast Blend Tea has a pleasing floral aroma. Best taken without sugar to savour the natural flavour of this special tea. Served in a glass tea pot with unlimited refills.

Premium grade teas such as Earl Grey, Organic Chamomile, Japanese Green Sencha and China Jasmine are also available for tea lovers here.

Interesting line-up of Crave's Breakfast Menu which is served all day from 8am to 3pm. Customers can choose from various choices ranging from sandwiches, bacon and eggs, smoked salmon, pancakes to mushroom and cheese omelette.

All meals are inclusive of a fruit juice - choice of apple, orange, mango, guava or ice lemon tea. Upgrade to Toby's Espresso coffee required an additional charge of RM 5-7 respectively. Prices ranges from RM 12 to RM18. 
Crave Big Breakfast Set

Crave Big Breakfast Set consists of  2 sunny side-up eggs, beef bacon, sausages, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms served with ciabatta (Italian white yeast bread). The mushroom is tasty and goes well with the rest of the items but I would prefer pork bacon instead for my big breakfast. 

I found the beef bacon on the dry side, maybe lacking in the layer of fats usually found in pork bacon. Serving size was just average for me. I expected a more generous serving for my version of a 'big breakfast' especially for the mushrooms, baked bean and perhaps, a jumbo meatier sausage thrown in to last me till late afternoon. 

Pancakes With Caramelised Banana & Maple Syrup

This is my personal favourite among the breakfast set served besides the Salmon Scrambles. Surprisingly light. Fluffy pancakes topped with caramelised banana slices and savoury maple syrup. The sprinkles of crushed cashew nuts to add crunch was just wonderful as it gives a different texture and taste to the whole serving.    

Smokey Salmon Scrambles

Looking deceivingly simple, the Salmon Scrambles is a delightful breakfast set with smokey slices of salmon nestled on a bed of fluffy scrambled eggs served with focaccia (flat oven- baked Italian bread). Perfect choice for those who are more health conscious as they can opt for this healthier Omega rich salmon breakfast. 

New on the Menu - Breakfast Set

This is Crave's latest new creation, add on to the existing menu which has not been named yet. Sunny side up eggs with beef bacon nestled on spread of avocado paste served with ciabatta (Italian white yeast bread). Something unique and tasty, you might want to try this if you like avocado with your breakfast.   

Chicken Parmigiana

Moving on to the lunch mains, I went for the Chicken Parmigiana. Rich, flavourful and totally satisfying, I love this dish. Two thick-cut chunky pieces of breaded chicken cutlets baked with Parmesan cheese served with ratatouille ( French stewed vegetable dish) and slices of baked potatoes. Plentiful portions, delicious and filling, this dish can be shared between two person.

The chicken cutlet was succulent and juicy on the inside while still crisp on the outside, accompanied by tomato based sauce, balanced with clean flavours of the potatoes.Well, with everything in place, this dish makes a hearty meal for anyone who loves chicken, cheese and tomatoes.      

Sea Bass with Spicy Sauce

Basically a fish dish where sea bass fillet are coated and deep fried to perfection. Served with buttered herb infused rice along side with long beans and carrot and topped with spicy creamy white sauce. 

Green Pesto Chicken

If you like pasta, then the Green Pesto Chicken is one of the options. This ooey-gooey pasta dish is a crowd-pleaser - think rich and creamy fusilli-and-cheese tossed with chicken and fresh basil pesto sauce. It tasted so smooth and it's so filling, great comfort food for me.

For desserts, there is a variety of homemade cakes to choose from, including Nutella Mille Crepe Cake, Oreo Mille Crepe Cake, Salted Chocolate Cake, Gula Melaka Cake, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake.

Gula Melaka Cake
Nutella Mille Crepe Cake
Salted Chocolate Cake

My choice would be the Salted Chocolate Cake, which is rich and moist with a layer of salted chocolate cream in the middle. Something different, sweet and salty together and yet it does not take away the rich taste of chocolate. 

After a satisfying meal and dessert, you can continue to stay and enjoy the cozy and relaxing atmostphere of Crave Cafe while sipping a cup of specialty coffee or tea.


There is an on-going promotion for Set Lunch where patrons have 7 choices of mains to choose from. Price starting from RM12 onwards inclusive of a fruit juice.

Ramadan Buka Puasa Promotion

Crave is having a special promotion in conjunction with Ramadan for 'Berbuka Puasa' dinner. 

Dinner Set comprising of a home made soup, a choice of Main Course, a slice of home made cake and a glass of Dragon Fruit juice. All these for a price of RM29 nett per set!

Main Course Selection

Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables
Seabass in Spicy Cream Sauce served with Butter Herb Rice
Beef Stroganoff with Steamed Rice

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Crave Cafe 
BG-03 Oasis Square
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya  
Tel: 017-252 8568    
(No pork or alcohol served on its menu)

Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs (8am-8pm)         
                             Fri - Sat (8am-11pm) 

Facebook: CraveMalaysia 

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  1. There is an on-going promotion for Set Lunch where patrons have 7 choices of mains to choose from each costing only RM12 inclusive of a fruit juice too.

  2. Crave is having a special promotion in conjunction with Ramadan for 'Berbuka Puasa' dinner.

    Dinner Set comprising of a home made soup, a choice of Main Course, a slice of home made cake and a glass of Dragon Fruit juice. All these for a price of RM29 nett per set!

  3. Never been much of a coffee drinker.. but the food looks good:) Must check it out soon

    1. Check out the 'Dirty Chai Latte' ... something different!

  4. good shots! :) the ambiance and food looks good too!



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