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Thursday 3 July 2014

IsMe Beauty & Cafe - An Escapade from the Bustling Bukit Bintang @Jalan Padang Walter Grenier

Craving for gourmet cakes with coffee but do not want to add on calories to your diet? Or how about wanting to check out some new Korean beauty products while dining and chilling out with your besties?

 Front Entrance

If your answer is 'Yes', then head over to a quaint little cafe called IsMe Beauty & Cafe located at Bintang Fairlane along Jalan Padang Walter Grenier, KL's thriving city centre.

 Trendy and Stylish Place 

 Comfortable Sofa Seating

Spacious and Cozy Interior

An escapade away from the noisy and bustling city traffic, this cafe offers a relaxing and calming ambience with comfortable blue and white sofa benches. The eclectic, minimalist decor gives a feeling of spaciousness, but manages to remain cosy at the same time.  Great place for a tete-a-tete with family or friends while enjoying your favourite dessert over a cup of cappuccino or latte. 

Cusco catchy tagline ~ Sparkling Jewels for Glowing Skin

IsMe Beauty & Cafe is touted to be the first, one of it's kind cafe opens its door to customers just two months ago. They hope to bring in a new "Two-in-One" concept of dining experience to Malaysian where one can dine while shopping for beauty products. 

Dedicated platform for its Beauty products

Now busy ladies can find out more about the latest Korean Beauty and Cosmetics products at the comfort at (not home) but in a pretty and trendy cafe. IsMe is collaborating with Swarovski to bring in their own in-house brand of skincare beauty product named 'Cuscos' which stands for 'Customised Cosmetics'. Cuscos claimed to be the 1st skincare brand made with 2 carat of Swarovski Zirconia for its special whitening and smoothing effects. 
 All Day Menu 

Menu For the Drinks

As health and beauty comes hand in hand, IsMe Beauty Cafe's menu focuses only on serving nutritious, healthy and low calories food for its patrons. With an in-house nutritionist on hand, each dish is specially prepared with natural and freshest ingredients without compromising on the taste and value.

Mouthwatering Treats: Low Calories Desserts & Cakes 

IsMe Beauty Cafe have its own in-house chef whipped up an array of light snack, desserts and pasta that are not only delightful, but also are low in fat and calories. Here, the food is prepared from scratch with emphasis given to imported ingredients and fresh produce. Diners can take their pick from the available guilt-free menu and indulge themselves with some delicious cakes and desserts. 

Oreo Cheese Cake

My favourite pick of the day was the unassuming, Oreo Cheese Cake. Very smooth in texture, intensely rich dessert cheese, milky and slightly sweet, sometimes with small burst of the choco oreo bites in between. 

 Mango Mille Crepe Cake 

Mango Mille Crepe Cake was a winner too. I loved the light and refreshing flavour of the cake. Not too sweet which something I dread especially when tasting cakes. You can even taste the small pieces of fresh mango in between the soft and thin pieces of the crepe. Best enjoyed  with your favourite cup of coffee!

   Blueberry Cheese Cake

Next came the Blueberry Cheese Cake. Rich cake with the melt-in-mouth cheese topped with blueberries jam. I am not very fond of this type of cake as I do not have a sweet tooth for the topping of the blueberry jam.

Brownie Top up with Vanilla Ice cream

A personal favourite would be this heavenly dessert, Brownie Top up with Vanilla Ice cream. This warm dessert features warm chocolatey brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with hot chocolate sauce that had just the right amount of sweetness.


Affogato literally means 'drowned' in Italian; was one of the outstanding dessert too. This coffee-based beverage comes with smooth vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. Such a simple concept but it tickles all the senses with flavour with contrasting temperatures, and the unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed espresso, unsweetened, of course.     

Light but buttery croissant - Perfect match with coffee or tea


Wrapping up the desserts tasting was none other than Tiramisu, a dessert synonymous with Italian cuisine. Made of light, sweet sponge cake, layered with whipped egg yolks and mascarpone cheese and flavoured with brandy. Strong with a distinctive aftertaste, this is one of the better tasting tiramisu I ever had.

 Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese 

Moving on to the All Day Menu, there are 2 choices of the pasta dishes to choose from. Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese was my preferred choice rather than Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti.

Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese was really delicious, combined with the generous amount sauce, ground chicken, chopped tomatoes and cheese toppings too. I was told that the kitchen own special tomato pasta sauce was freshly made from scratch everyday using only fresh tomatoes instead of the commercial pasta sauce.

The moist, aromatic and flavourful pasta was well cooked, making it an easy, comfort food in terms of its quality and standard and for that, it gets a thumbs up from me!  

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti 

On the other hand, I found the Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti kind of bland and not as creamy as it claimed to be. I was expecting something more creamy and rich milky flavour. A bit dry in fact, lacking in white cream sauce so basically I can't get to taste much of the flavour in the sauce. But I did enjoyed eating the button mushrooms though as they were quite fresh.

What's better than the first sip of a hot cup of coffee made just the way you like it? Well, a hot cup of coffee did double duty as fine art, you would enjoy it even more. At IsMe Beauty & Cafe, customers can relax and kick back over a delicious cup of coffee that's also beautiful.

Caffe Mocha

Many coffee aficionados out there, would come in for the creative handiwork, be satisfy both in taste for divine coffee and taste for the unique temporary art.

IsMe Signature 

One of the amazing coffee designs created by Mr Tarick Tan which is a work of art with every drink.
Hazelnut Latte

A memorable piece of latte art is all about the interplay between the milk foam and the 'crema' of the espresso.

Creating tiny works of art in coffee cups in the form of a cute bear face.  

Caffe Mocha

 Mr Tarick Tan in complete focus creating his piece of art on a cup of coffee  

By preparing both the espresso and milk foam just right, baristas can masterfully move the milk pitcher while pouring the milk into the coffee, thus creating these remarkable design of latte art.

Healthy Gynostemma Tea

Last but not least, if you're not an avid coffee drinker, fret not. You can opt to try out the special herbal tea called Gynostemma Tea. Better known as 'jiaogulan' or 'xiancao' in Chinese, this calming tea is best known as an herbal medicine, reputed to have a wide range of health-promoting benefits such as a powerful antioxidant, anti aging, aids digestive and strong anti fatigue effect.

The traditional way to enjoy gynostemma is to sip it as a tea. It has a slightly sweet, appealing taste and  has long been referred by the many as the "immortality herb". You can drink it in place of tea or coffee for its soothing effect and health benefits.

So if you're in Bintang Bukit looking for a good spot for a great cup of coffee, a charming place to anchor down, and time to enjoy the finer things, look no further. Isme Beauty & Cafe promises to deliver a truly great coffee experience in warm, friendly and relaxed environment.

Bonding time over a cup of herbal tea

Isme Beauty & Cafe
Lot B-1-1 Block B
1st Floor Bintang Fairlane
23 Jalan Padang Walter Grenier
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2110 6191
Email : enquiry@ismecafe.com
(No pork or alcohol served on its menu)

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  1. IsMe Beauty & Cafe is touted to be the first, one of it's kind cafe - "Two-in-One" concept of dining experience to Malaysian where one can dine while shopping for beauty products.

  2. Now can eat without guilt at this place

  3. wow..sounds better..at least I saw low calories...haha...

    Nice to meet you..I'm come from Penang

    1. Great place to relax with friends... away from hectic lifestyle. I also found out the many healing properties of the special herbal tea ~ Gynostemma tea they served @IsMe.

      Does Penang have a place like this?


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