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Tuesday 1 July 2014

TruDtox - Natural Herbal Cleansing Tea, Simple & Effective Way To Detox by FollowMeToEatLa

I was totally thrilled when asked to review TruDtox as I have been looking around for detoxing products in the market for quite a while. I wanted something that is safe to drink yet effective, contains natural products and gentle to my body. I have a few friends that share with me their bad experiences after drinking some detox tea, so I am quite cautious when it comes to choosing for health products for my detoxing programme. I would like to share my experience with you on my very 1st TruDtox Detoxification Program.

I choose to drink my first cup of TruDtox in the morning before breakfast. I brewed my tea bag in a cup of hot water for 20-30 minutes before drinking. It turned brownish in colour and the longer you soak it, the shade will be darker.

The nice smelling aromatic tea tasted like chamomile tea and has a light pleasant herbal flavour. I brewed the tea bag for a second time and it got a lighter taste and smell.

Individual Tea Sachet 

I experienced mild stomach discomfort 4-5 hours after drinking my first cup of TruDtox. It was effective for me as I felt a strong urge to empty my bowels later in the afternoon. I do not suffered from constipation and my bowels are quite regular as I usually cleared my system once a day; every morning right after my light breakfast of coffee with toast.

On the first day, I needed to empty my bowel 3 times in a time span of 6 hours. Phew! The stool went from soft to watery almost like diarrhoea on the last time. I also need to urinate more often within the first hour of consumption. The next day, I felt lighter and it did relieve tummy bloat too.

I stick to a vegetarian diet on the days of detoxification. I took TruDtox on an interval of every two days - 3 times for the whole week, in the span of seven days.
On the third day, a few hours later I experienced the same stomach discomfort and head straight to the toilet. By the way, I also make sure that I am not going out or anything on these detox days, I do not want to run around looking for toilet like a mad woman. After the 2nd time, I felt better and lighter, maybe it’s the toxin slowly exiting from my system.

Fifth day, was the same routine for me. Drank my TruDtox tea on empty stomach before having a light breakfast with Nescafe. This time, the urge came only in the late afternoon around 9 hours later. Anyhow, the stomach pain gone right after going to the loo and I just have an urge to empty my  bowel for 2 times till late at night that day.

Overall, I was satisfied and happy with the product as it aids my body detoxification, works gently and does not not contain any harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency. On the other days, (not on TruDtox) I maintained my bowel regularity to once a day only. I shall continue to use TruDtox on a weekly basis as part of my health practice to cleanse and exfoliate from the inside.

Made from an organic blend of high quality  botanicals herbs and floras that is safe  and gentle to my body, I found TruDtox to be effective in helping me to reduce tummy bloats and digestive discomforts too. Unlike colon-damaging laxatives, TruDtox works on the body gently, naturally and gradually to help you maintain healthy regularity and smooth bowel movement.

Safe and natural, it is not addictive and does not contain chemicals, stimulants or senna (also known as cassia senna). Use one to three times a week, TruDtox is ideal for maintaining results after a cleanse or for overall digestive system.

A light aromatic tea, Swiss-formulated TruDtox is a comprehensive fusion of organically cultivated herbs, floras and teas scientifically formulated to gently rid the body of energy-depleting chemicals, pollutants and toxins. 

TruDtox in Original formula in packs of five bags and 17 teabags are available at Guardian, Watsons, caring, Vitacare, Alpro, Alpha and other pharmacies nationwide, on www.lazada.com.my and on www.plincco.com (receive RM20 voucher upon signing up)

For more information, call 1800 880 488 or visit www.trudtox.com. Visit TruDtox page on Facebook for updates and promotions.      

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  1. Safe and gentle to my body, I found TruDtox to be effective in helping me to reduce tummy bloats and digestive discomforts too.

  2. good news ... check my weight today, went down 2 kg to 58kg now

  3. Aww I cant wait to try it and review in my blog soon! Looks really really good :D

    1. Oh yes, taste great too, pleasant & light. Just remember brewed longer to get the tea well-infused.

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