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Monday 30 June 2014

Royal Gourmet Dim Sum Feast @Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang by FollowMeToEatLa

There is no better time than weekends to have breakfast with your family and friends. It is also the best time to loosen the belt and bond over delicious food. Dim sum is a must-have for most families, especially on weekends when they get to order an array of bite-sized dishes served in small round plates or basket.

Recently, an “All You Can Eat  - Dim Sum Brunch” was offered by Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine at Hotel Premier, promising the ultimate dining indulgence set in an imperial setting. Take the royal culinary journey, choose from their extensive menu and discover the fine art of Chinese dining.
 Steamed Section of  Dim Sum

Deep Fried Section of Dim Sum 

With more than 50 varieties of all-you-can-eat dishes include Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Fish Paste Dumpling, Siew Mai, Phoenix Claw in Sichuan Style, Crispy Cheese Dumpling, Golden Crispy Spring Rolls, Yam Dumpling, Glutinous Rice in HK style, Rice Noodle Roll, Porridge with Century Egg and Mince Meat, Baked BBQ Chicken Puff, Sweeten Shanghai Pancake, Sweetened Mochi, Herbal Jelly, Mango Pudding and even HK BBQ duck, roast chicken and Fried Radish Cake to choose from, one can be spoilt for choice.

Priced at RM58+ per pax and RM48+ for children, Dim Sum Brunch is served daily, from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Currently, there is a ongoing 50% discount promotion especially for weekend diners as they only need to pay half of the actual price.

For an authentic Chinese dining experience, this restaurant offers excellent selections to tempt your palate. Step into this restaurant and you'll be met with tasteful red furnishings, Chinese art paintings and exotic ornaments; Exuding a palace-like beauty befitting its name, this lovely restaurant exudes a luxurious, private and sophisticated dining ambience for anyone to enjoy.

Fresh & Tasty Prawn Dumpling

The signature steamed selections were my favourite that day. I personally liked the Prawn Dumpling. A delicate steamed dumpling with whole shrimp filling and thin wheat starch skin.They are made of ingredients wrapped in a translucent rice-flour or wheat-flour skin.

Fresh and succulent to taste, these tiny morsel were seasoned to perfection with some corn starch fillers to bind and to give body to the texture.The skin was be thin enough to melt in the mouth and without breaking and spilling out the contents when picked up by the chopsticks. I would recommend you to try it out if you like prawns a lot.

"Siew Mai" Dumpling with Fresh Crab Meat

Siew Mai Dumpling is also my must have items  whenever I am out enjoying my dim sum breakfast. But here in Royal Gourmet, I was fooled and forgotten that these Siew Mai are totally halal ones, made from poultry instead of pork. Under the exquisite creations of Executive Sous Chef Johnson, he managed to get the texture right and it was still tasted as awesome as the non halal ones. No bad, well executed.

Rice Flour With BBQ Chicken (Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun)  

Rice and noodles fans can embrace the Flour Roll with BBQ Chicken (Steamed Chee Cheong Fun). Rice flour with chicken was another good choice. The texture was smooth and the thickness was just right. The sauce was mild yet tasteful and the spicy sambal was simply tasty.

Array of  Steamed Dim Sum Served at Royal Gourmet

 Crunchy Starters of Crispy Fried dumplings, Golden Spring Rolls & Cheese dumplings  

Melt in the mouth: Custard Bun

A beautiful marriage of sweet & salty! If I were to choose my top pau or buns dishes, Custard Bun or Lau Sar Pau would certainly be in it. Steaming hot buns with salty & sweet custard oozing out when you take the first bite.... Some prefer them saltier and some prefer them sweeter but this was pleasantly balance!

Appetising Bites: Baked BBQ Chicken Puff

The Baked BBQ Chicken Puff is an enjoyable dim sum treat. It was a delight to look at, as well as savoury when I sank my first bite into the small, fluffy puff. Very delicious! The flaky pastry practically melt in your mouth upon biting into it. The chicken filling was full of flavour and delicious and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Crunchy Delights: Yam  Dumpling

The Yam  Dumpling is worth mentioning too. Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside with the yam filling and the BBQ chicken. I simply love this crispy pastry, fried to a perfect crunch. One of the best I had tried so far.

Tasty Egg Tarts

I can never give egg tarts a miss whenever I see them. These are my comfort food since young when I usually reward myself after a hard day's work. Creamy and soft on the inside with contrasting texture for the outer layer pastry which is crunchy and fluffy. Melt-in-the-mouth sensation upon the first bite, this tart gets the thumbs up from me.   

 Porridge & BBQ Meats Station

 Poultry Selections

 Crispy-Skinned Roast Chicken

 Poached Chicken

Standing Out: Crispy Roast Duck with Chinese Herbs

The duck skin was thin and crispy, while the flesh was juicy. You know a duck has been roasted well when even the breast part of the fowl remains juicy.

Fried Noodles Station

 Fried Kway Teow with Seafood 
Fried Radish Cake

 Simple & Good: Porridge with Century Egg and Minced Chicken Meat

Porridge may be considered a poor man’s food by some, but not for me. I always like my comfort food as it warms the tummy and soothe my soul. The Porridge served with Century Egg & Minced Chicken Meat was a treat on its own and I did not have to add soy sauce or any other condiments to pep the flavour. The congee is smooth and tasty, well cooked.

 Dreamy Desserts

 Chilled Chrysanthemum with Wolfberries Jelly

To end our dim sum feast, I tried the Chilled Chrysanthemum with Wolfberries Jelly. Wolfberries or ‘Kei Chee’ are known to be good for the eyes and the dessert is also visually appealing as the yellow Chrysanthemum flower can be seen clearly in the coloured jelly. Refreshing and pleasant tasting to my palate. this cool dessert was a great way to end my meal.

 Yin Yang Jelly 

This was my personal concoction of the herbal jelly with the chrysanthemum jelly. Great combination as the mild sweetness of the chrysanthemum 'neutralized' the bitterness of the herbal jelly.

Herbal Jelly with Honey Sea Coconut

Another interesting dessert, try the Herbal Jelly for its cooling properties. 

Sweeter than sweet Chilled Fresh Mango Pudding

Chilled Honeydew Sago with Fresh Fruits

We left feeling full and utterly satisfied.  Dim sum was an easy, delicious, comfort food for me and my family any time any day.

Overall, Royal Gourmet is great place to dine if you are looking for an exclusive and private fine dining experience away from the crowd, hustle and bustle and all. Great bonding time with family to eat leisurely while indulging in the delightful treats of Royal Gourmet!

Premiere Hotel ~Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6
Jalan Langat
41200 Klang
Tel : 03- 3325 6868
( Pork Free Restaurant) 

Website    : Premiere Hotel
Facebook : PremiereHotels

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